Thursday, March 09, 2006

Remember to visit Injustice Scotland to see the latest leaflets on the Scottish legal profession !

More leaflets added to the Injustice Scotland website, along with news articles, so, go read now !

These leaflets were designed to be handed out by individuals & or campaign organisations, to make the public aware of serious problems when dealing with lawyers & the Law Society of Scotland ...

Needless to say, these leaflets had a big effect on some parts of business between lawyer & client in Scotland, and over the years since they were made, I've had several emails thanking me for their production, as well as some emails from companies, telling me of similar difficulties with the corporate sector dealings with Scottish lawyers - so much, that on the basis of my campaign, and that of others, it would seem several large contracts with crooked Scottish legal firms have been lost (those firms will know who they are ...)

These leaflets were also destined to be handed out for the Scottish Parliamentary inquiry into self-regulation of the legal profession - because the Justice One Committee of the Scottish Parliament decided not to advertise what they were doing, and were very restrictive as to who could attend their hearings & testify - as well as who could actually input their cases into the inquiry .. which was beset by well founded accusations of cronyism, conflict of interest, secrecy, corruption, etc ....

So, please read the leaflets - and if you are in Scotland - remember to print a few & hand them out - because it helps everyone who has to deal with a lawyer - and as we all know, everyone at one time or another HAS to deal with a lawyer ...
You can download the full sized versions at which are in word or adobe acrobat format - easy for printing !

Remember, these leaflets were designed for everyone to use, and, if you have a particular complaint or case against a lawyer, feel free to adjust the leaflet to your own case. The material is there for everyone to use, so, please use it.
Here's an example of the quite popular fold out leaflet :
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