Thursday, March 09, 2006

A quick trip back to October 1996

As a reader & friend reminded me, I omitted a scan of one of one of the local newspapers articles on my case - this particular one coming from a local newspaper of the time [now sold] the "Jeburgh Gazette", which was written by Mr John Dawson .. so, here it is.

The article is based on the coverage I received in "The Scotsman" article on 11 October 1996, and other media outlets .. when I had sent the actual Law Society report on to Michael Forsyth - the then Scottish Secretary of State - and now a Lord in the House of Lords, with as he recently claims, an interest in why reforms he passed at the time, were never implemented .... only time will tell on the explanation on that one though ... and what did my request to Mr Forsyth gain ? the answer - nothing really ... as usual, the normal snot nosed responses from Scottish Office civil servants who enjoy & joke about playing god with peoples cases & lives ....

Stay tuned tomorrow - for the actual Law Society report on Mr Penman ... the swindle unfolds .. on me, and on many others like me .. and this, is why I am publishing all this info .. because these types of cases are very common, and if at least someone takes notice of this and changes their relationship with their Scottish lawyer to one of being watchful & suspicious of their activities .. then at least, I have helped a person ... as I have always tried to do over the years to the hundreds of people who have contacted me seeking help with their cases, which I have always given if I can, never at any cost.
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