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Drug Running Lawyer flees Scottish Justice to evade sentencing

Some things in the news never fail to amaze me .. and here is one - so here goes today's blog entry ....

Are you a Drug Runner ? Want to escape sentencing in the Courts after being caught red-handed ? ... Join the Law Society of Scotland then before you embark on your nefarious schemes, become a Scottish Lawyer, and you will get off the hook for sure ... and just look at the example of Angela Baillie to prove it !

If it had been anyone else ... anyone .... they would have been thrown in jail immediately .. but that won't do for Scotland's club of crooked lawyers, who have taken steps to ensure that Angela Baillie - the crooked lawyer who was caught & found guilty of running drugs into a prison, has been let off the hook for now by being shipped "south of the border" - to England, to receive psychiatric treatment at an English clinic - out of the reach of Scottish Law for now it seems ....

Of course, I am not surprised at what has happened ... I had heard from contacts as soon as she was found guilty that there were efforts being made to keep her out of jail .. and this is certainly a heck of an effort for sure ... 'bi-polar disorder' ... how many lawyers who are also crooked have that ? all of them ? ... and then how does that bi-polar disorder come into making profits from drug running ? ... or are the profits just accidental ?

Yes, folks, this is who the Scottish Legal Profession really are, - the people the Law Society of Scotland want us to respect and deal with - but in reality, as we all know, Scottish lawyers are indeed, a bunch of lying crooks, who will use any excuse whatsoever to get off the hook - and for them, it works .. but if a client goes against a lawyer, and has any medical disabilities, the crooked lawyer and the gang at the Law Society of Scotland will exploit it to the hilt and make sure that poor person is completely ruined for making a complaint against a crooked lawyer ....

I wonder, if the sinister organisation "Law Care" had anything to do with this flight from Scottish Justice for Angela Ballie ?

"Law Care", as we all know, is run by a very crooked lawyer by the name of James Ness, of Austins Solicitors, Dalbeattie, when I knew him ... Mr Ness represented Andrew Penman of Stormonth Darling Solicitors, Kelso, against my complaint, and he fiddled the Complaints Committee hearing, to make sure that, as you have read in previous posts on this blog - crooked lawyer Andrew Penman got off the hook - to rob other clients of course ... and when it comes to 'caring' for crooked Scottish lawyers who get into trouble - "Law Care" is right up there helping them evade complaints, with excuses of stress and more .. to get them off the hook from the likes of embezzlement charges and much more ....

Of course, it's not always been like this - Solicitor James McIntyre, for instance, was given 3 years for having guns at his home in Linlithgow in 1997 .. which he was alleged to be holding for a 'crime family', which you can read about in Scotland on Sunday here : http://scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com/scotland.cfm?id=229752003

I wonder where "Law Care" were when they bagged James McIntyre, or where were the legal profeesion's big-wigs ? .. well, McIntyre's face didn't fit with the powers at be at the Law Society of Scotland, therefore they threw him to the dogs ... but eventually, he beat the Law Society of Scotland and regained his license to practice ....

....and to compare, there's always the example of Andy Mcardle - someone who went up against the Scottish legal profession, was sectioned to shut him up, no lawyer would represent him against the legal profession, or help in his case (on orders from colleagues within the Scottish legal profession) and he eventually died under suspicious circumstances in jail ... alledged to have been murdered ... which you can read about here: http://sacl.info/3_guardians_of_justice.htm and I could quote a lot more people who have gone up against the legal system and been treated a LOT less with the kid gloves than Angela Ballie ....

so, what is so special about Angela Baillie then ? .. well, she was a partner at Legal firm RIchard Lobjoie in Glasgow, and it seems, having the contacts and ear of the big wigs within the Scottish legal profession - which she obviously has - seems to have paid off, and for now - the excuses of psychiatric difficulties is helping her evade justice while others in a similar situation would have been off to jail ...



'Ill' lawyer stalls drug sentence

A lawyer who smuggled drugs into a jail failed to appear for sentencing because she has been getting psychiatric help.

Angela Baillie, 32, from Newton Mearns, admitted passing heroin and valium to a prisoner in Glasgow's Barlinnie jail.

The High Court in Edinburgh was shown evidence from a psychiatrist confirming Baillie was unfit to leave the premises where she was being treated.

Defence QC Paul McBride said the solicitor has bi-polar disorder. She will be sentenced on 20 April.

Mr McBride indicated he will make a plea for leniency on grounds of diminished responsibility.

He said doctors believe that at the time of the offence, Baillie was suffering "a major depressive episode".

In February, she appeared at the High Court in Paisley and admitted being concerned in the supply of heroin and diazepam.

The Crown said she made £52,556 from drug dealing and steps have been taken to strip her of her assets.


Drug lawyer's psychiatric history

A LAWYER who smuggled drugs into prison had a psychiatric history and was not fully responsible for her actions, it was stated yesterday.

Angela Baillie, 32, had been due to be sentenced for taking heroin and diazepam tablets to a client in Glasgow's Barlinnie jail, but her case was adjourned while she continued to receive treatment for mental problems.

Baillie, of Newton Mearns in Glasgow, admitted at an earlier hearing that she had been concerned in the supplying of the drugs, worth £1,558, in October last year.

Yesterday, her counsel, Paul McBride, QC, told the judge, Lord Kinclaven, that since the previous hearing, Baillie had been receiving psychiatric treatment at a clinic in England. A consultant had reported that Baillie was unfit to attend court.

Mr McBride said the accused had a history of psychiatric difficulties, and she had been diagnosed as suffering from a bipolar disorder. "She is in receipt of medication [at the clinic], which they have found in recent times needed to be changed," he said.

Mr McBride added that his understanding from the consultant was that Baillie met the legal test for diminished responsibility at the time of the offence and, apparently, that had been the position "for some significant period of time".

A second psychiatrist, from Glasgow, who had treated Baillie in the past, supported the views of his colleague from England.

Mr McBride said it had been estimated that background reports would be prepared and Baillie would be fit to attend court in two to four weeks' time.

Lord Kinclaven agreed to adjourn the case to next month.

Baillie had been caught after a tip-off that drugs were being smuggled into the jail

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