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Breaking News : Law Society Chief Executive Douglas Mill who lied to Parliament, pursued 'personal vendetta' against critics - to resign

Douglas Mill, the Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland since 1996 "has decided to leave his position as chief executive of the Law Society of Scotland in October this year" - according to the Law Society of Scotland website.

Douglas Mill, whose term as Chief Executive of Scotland's legal profession has been marked by some of the biggest scandals ever to occur involving solicitors, remains unrepentant over his poor showing as leader of Scotland's 10,000 solicitors and concludes in the Law Society Press Release : "It has been an honour to be the Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland for the past 11 years. It has been a time of much change and there is a great deal more to come. I wish the Society all the very best for the future and look forward to seeing it continue to thrive."

Its a hard habit to break, Doulgas, this whitewash stuff .. and it sounds even less credible when its on yourself ...

Douglas Mill - made ridiculous suicide jibe in the Scotsman after Herald reported the Justice 2 confrontation between Swinney & Mill over interference in claims & access to justice

Douglas Mill - A Lawyer's never loved in his own home land - The Scotsman 15 August 2006

Douglas Mill's term as Chief Executive saw a policy of deep personal attacks develop against clients & campaigners, who dared take issue or criticise the standards of Scotland's legal profession. In as many cases as possible Mr Mill involved himself and intervened to halt complaints against fellow solicitors, even when there were serious allegations of fraud, embezzlement, falsification of files and concerted attempts to pervert the course of justice.

For many though, the memories of Douglas Mill will be that of the man who blatantly lied before the Justice 2 Committee of the Scottish Parliament, when under questioning from Cabinet Secretary for Finance John Swinney, Mill consistently contradicted the contents of one of his own memos, which Mr Swinney exposed as a concerted, and well practiced action to prevent client claims & complaints against leading firms of solicitors from making it to court.

I have reported a few times on Douglas Mill's unbelievable account of the complaints & claims process against negligent & crooked lawyers ... a recent article summing things up fairly well : Law Society boss Mill lied to Swinney, Parliament as secret memos reveal policy of intervention & obstruction on claims, complaints.

John Swinney at the Scottish Parliament Justice 2 Committee questions Douglas Mill over secret memos of intervention against client claims, complaints & compensation against crooked lawyers.

Many in the press will also remember how the Herald newspaper reported the incident, in an excellent report by Paul Rogerson :

Would granny swear by the law society ? (not if granny were still living ...)

The Herald 5 June 2006 - Would granny swear by the law society

Many of you will also remember how Douglas Mill then brought in an English QC to threaten legal action against the passage of the Legal Profession & Legal Aid Bill - a piece of legislation bringing a measure of independent regulation to complaints against lawyers, which I and many others had campaigned for a very long time to have before the Parliament ...

Douglas Mill - Even threatened the Scottish Parliament & Government with legal action if they passed pro-consumer legislation

Holyrood in Solicitor's Sights Octover 30 2006 The Herald

For me, my memories of Douglas Mill will be the man, along with Philip Yelland and a few others at the Law Society, who helped prevent the prosecution of Scotland's most famous crooked lawyer - Andrew Penman of Stormonth Darling Solicitors Kelso before the Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal.

You can read the Scotsman stories on how the Law Society of Scotland and Douglas Mill stage managed the Andrew Penman investigation here : Andrew Penman & Norman Howitt : Lawyer & accountant team up to ruin Cherbi executry estate

Douglas Mill personally hounded me over the years when it came to the Penman case, and the further complaints which resulted from dealings with solicitors associated with the estate of my late father, and later on, the even worse dealings over the death of my mum through medical negligence, where yet another lawyer - Michael G Robson, ruined the case and nothing was done.

Douglas Mill was determined at every step to ensure I would never attain access to justice, and would stop at nothing to ensure I could never get to court or get adequate legal representation to pursue a case successfully

Here's an example of how Douglas Mill personally intervened with my legal aid claim to ensure it failed

Douglas Mill writes to the Legal Aid Board - Don’t you dare give Peter Cherbi any legal aid or else ... good thing SLAB leaked it ...

Douglas Mill letter to Scottish Legal Aid Board demanding legal aid be refused

The Scotsman then dutifully and skillfully reported Mill's insidious intervention as follows

Douglas Mill's vendetta against Peter Cherbi - we have to prevent claims against solicitors at all costs

Scotsman 5 June 1998 Law Society accused of closing ranks as claimi fails

Douglas Mill, not content with fiddling my case, my access to justice, my person, my life, then went on to use an attack on his colleague, Chief Law Accountant Leslie Cumming, as a media excuse to silence all critics of the legal profession and target my blog for closure ... even insinuating it was such criticism of the legal profession which caused the attack on poor Mr Cumming but later it was revealed the attack actually came from within the legal profession itself .. and suspiciously no one has yet been caught for the incident ...

Law Society of Scotland - we must crack down on critics after attack on Leslie Cumming ... maybe blame a few at the same time ? - turned out it was probably a crooked lawyer who made the hit according to the Police ...

Cash link to law chief stabbing

Douglas Mill's roll of shame continued, with his direct opposition to the opening of the legal services market, which campaigners had also been calling for years to be opened up to competition. Douglas Mill was hell bent it seems, on maintaining the Law Society of Scotland's monopoly on legal services ... so much that it took the Which? organisation to launch a "super complaint" to the Office of Fair Trading, resulting in eventual & widely praised recommendations to break up the closed monopolistic legal services market in Scotland.

Although some in the profession may disagree - simply because Douglas Mill has shielded them from transparency, accountability, honesty, customer demands for higher standards, and prevented the need to pay adequate compensation to those poor clients ruined by the legal profession, I would have to say that Douglas Mill has been almost the single biggest obstacle to change at the Law Society of Scotland, given his pursuit of a high profile campaign of vendetta after vendetta against anyone who would dare raise a complaint against one of his colleagues.

Memos of downfall - Douglas Mill intervenes in a claim against lawyers to ensure the client cant get access to justice .. a well practised process at the Law Society ...

Douglas Mill Memo to Martin MacAllister 5 July 2001

Surely now, in the wake of the departure of Douglas Mill - the man who has done probably the most damage to Scotland's legal profession, and brought about the worst standards service, the highest levels of complaints against solicitors, the lowest levels of public trust in the legal profession, and caused interminable suffering to clients by personally intervening in case after case of claim & complaint against armies of negligent & crooked lawyers - the time is ripe, the time is now - to repair the damage Douglas Mill has brought to the relationship between the legal services market, the lawyer and the client, for the good of everyone concerned.

I hope a little more, for the future, and I hope, coupled with a request to Justice Secretary MacAskill today, that truth and reconciliation can now win the day and give back to Scotland the high standards & quality of legal service, safe to use, trustworthy, honest, accountable, transparent and with free choice for the consumer which we as Scots all surely deserve.


Dave said...

Congratulations Peter.A job well done and well deserved.Lets hope they dont put another clone of Mill up as Chief Exec.

Anonymous said...





Poirot said...

I dont think Mill had much choice after you began reporting the Justice 2 fracas with the video clip.Writing about it is one thing - seeing it on the screen is quite another and he has no one to blame but himself at the end of the day.

Take it from me there are many in the profession happy to see him go.

All in all an excellent article Peter.I am sorry you have experienced so many problems at the hands of solicitors.Maybe since you are offering an olive branch its time for us to do the same.

Have a good weekend and email me on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Going by october so he doesnt really want to go does he.Someone give him a push please.

Well done anyway.Hope they dont put another turd in his place.

Peter Cherbi said...

#Dave @ 4.18pm

Yes, I hope not !

#Anonymous @ 4.31pm

A bully's work usually comes back to bite them .. perhaps its a case of that with Douglas Mill.

No thanks on the Justice Minister position. I don't think I would be very popular with parts of the legal profession ...

#Poirot @ 4.42pm

Yes its about time some lawyers got up and did something about the damage caused by Doulgas Mill's policies, no offence indented.

I agree on the video clips from the Parliament.Good thing they were filming that day ...

#Anonymous @ 5.22pm

Yes, I hope not !

Anonymous said...

Douglas Mill doesnt like you very much.How did you get all that stuff about him anyway ?

Id say you should sue the Law Society but you would have to use a lawyer to do that.Anyway they owe you a hell of a lot for what they did to you.Bloody terrible really and its still going on ?

Anonymous said...

Douglas Mill doesnt like you very much.How did you get all that stuff about him anyway ?

Id say you should sue the Law Society but you would have to use a lawyer to do that.Anyway they owe you a hell of a lot for what they did to you.Bloody terrible really and its still going on ?

Anonymous said...

I agree with "poirot" - the video clip makes the story.Maybe if you had published that clip when the Herald did the story Mill might have been long gone by now.Anyway I think you get the credit for this one.Shocking what he did to you and how many others got the same treatment?

Alfie said...

A few people will be asking themselves now if Andrew Penman was worth all this hassle the bad publicity and the cost of it all.I dont think he was.

Anonymous said...

Terrible way you were treated Mr Cherbi.I think something needs to be done about what Mill did and he cant be allowed to slip away

I presume many will feel the same after reading what happened to you and probably others as you say

Anonymous said...

a vindictive man with a big chip on his shoulder against you Peter even cancelling your legal aid and all that other stuff

jail isnt good enough

Anonymous said...

I heard this today and presumed he was getting out to avoid something.I suspect being held to account for what he has done might be part of the plan.
That letter of Mill to slab about you is particularly mean spirited.I can see why you probably dont have much time for lawyers these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kid

if you caused this you are brilliant !

keep up the good work !

Kenny MacAskill should go next said...

Well, you finally did it Peter!

Your nemesis has finally succumb to the pressure of the continual Cherbi onslaught. A job very well done sir. Let’s face it … this man has been the cause of so much misery, heartache and injustice to thousands of Scots through his corrupt and cooked rule of law over the past 11 years, that he really deserves to be hung out to dry now … not in 9 months time.

No doubt the lawyer-loving Scotsman, who are well in bed with those Law Society crooks under Mill’s regime (and MacAskill’s lot too it seems), will give him a glorious tribute and send off – is Jennifer Veitch in bed with them all there I wonder?! Certainly not a paper that can be relied upon or trusted to support the vast majority of ordinary Scottish citizens (especially those who have suffered injustices at the murky hands of crooked lawyers and politicians) seeking to expose corruption and wrong-doing at the heart of the Scottish establishment, that’s for sure.

As everyone says Peter : Very well done sir! Now we just need to get rid of that other well-known crook, and lover of his many pals at Drumsheaugh Gardens, and we might start to get somewhere on having a legal and justice system fit for a “first world”, democratic, fair, just and civilised 21st century Scotland. The crook's name? Why, who else, but Mr MacAskill of course!

Try digging into his fiddles of his Legal Aid claims … and a few other well known, but well hidden, scandals that he and his boss are currently concealing from the UK public … it might just be scalp number two … we hope.

PS. To Poster 2 @ 4:31 PM :

I appreciate, like me, you are obviously pleased that Peter has been successful in ridding Scotland of this evil little man … let’s hope he is not replaced with more of the same though. But … THERE REALLY IS NO NEED TO SHOUT … WE HEAR YOUR REPETETIVE REMARKS …OK OK OK OK OK OK !!!!!! … and another ! for good measure !!!

Anonymous said...

RAT deserts sinking ship....but meanwhile the alliance between, and forced reliance of every Scottish Solicitor upon, a notorious insurance provider forced to admit its 'shameful' and 'unlawful' conduct is allowed to continue.

Well done MacAskill, Salmond-ella et al.

scott said...

This is what happens when lawyers control a country because they can get away with it.

Where were all the politicians when this was going on ?? they couldn't have given a shit about you or anyone else and why was that ???? it was probably because a few of these lawyers were letting them get properties on the cheap or free legal work.

This is just the beginning of a scandal Peter not the end of it.Mill will have had his fingers in many politicians pies and its now time to expose his friends. keep up the good work mate !

Peter Cherbi said...

#Anonymous @ 5.56pm

Yes its still going on.If theres one constant in this, its the Law Society's determination to wipe out anyone who takes issue with it.

#Anonymous @ 6.08pm

I had to wait until John Swinney was in Government to use it .. more effective now he is a Cabinet Secretary.

#Alfie @ 6.33pm

I don't think Penman was worth it for the legal profession - but they wanted to spend the money to defend him, and bring all this on themselves ...

#Anonymous @ 7.00pm

I can assure you Douglas Mill and his colleagues at the Law Society of Scotland have left a great many victims in their wake.

#Anonymous @ 7.54pm

The damage Douglas Mill has done and the people whose cases he has intervened in to prevent progress or access to justice deserve an independent or judicial investigation of exactly what happened and a resolution of the injustice which Mill and his associates have caused.

#Anonymous @ 8.06pm

I had a small part ...

#Kenny MacAskill should go next @8.07pm

Well I agree with you of course and hopefully a change of Chief Executive, while also limiting the term to two or three years at the most rather than Douglas Mill's dictatorial 11 years, together with some constructive wide ranging changes to the Law Society itself, may repair some of the damage between the client solicitor relationship which has suffered the most under Douglas Mill.

I also agree there are yet things to be published regarding Mr Mill's tenure as Chief Executive ... I should know as I am reading some files right now ...

#Scott @ 1.11am

The politicians were all getting fat & drunk at dinners hosted by the Law Society of Scotland, and you are spot on about the properties issue - actually, last year, a firm of lawyers, trusted by a certain politician leaked his mortgage arrangements to the press ... I think, as does one of the journalists involved, the leak was ordered by more senior members of the legal profession in retaliation for the passing of the LPLA Bill in December 2006.

rabbie said...

'I had to wait until John Swinney was in Government to use it .. more effective now he is a Cabinet Secretary.'

Amazing.That was a huge gamble which seems to have paid off or you have a time machine.Share some more of the future please and remember those lotto numbers!

'I also agree there are yet things to be published regarding Mr Mill's tenure as Chief Executive ... I should know as I am reading some files right now ...'

At this time of night? Where are you working? GCHQ?

'actually, last year, a firm of lawyers, trusted by a certain politician leaked his mortgage arrangements to the press'

Not too difficult to believe after reading some of your stuff and I think you hit Mill very hard in this report.I don't see how the man can deny any of it since it seems to be either letters from him or his own words.

Good work.I don't think you need to bother wasting your time on the hootsmon comments Peter - you have a much better blog right here.

Anonymous said...

Shocking ! I bet he did this to many so now you have to gather his victims together.

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Mills actions against you equate to harassment or even stalking.How many more he also did this to.

You should do something about this Mr Cherbi but I can see you have probably already tried and got nowhere.These people will use all the power they have to protect themselves.

Peter Cherbi said...

#Rabbie @ 4.01am

The Scotsman ran many of the stories about Douglas Mill and the Law Society's actions of fiddling the Andrew Penman complaint - so I suppose you could say the Scotsman got the ball rolling on these changes ...

#Anonymous @ 4.22pm

Yes, Douglas Mill and colleagues have left a long trail of victims.

#Anonymous @ 6.03pm

You are spot on with that comment.

Douglas Mill and his colleagues at the Law Society of Scotland have robbed me of several years of my life.They and the other people involved in my late father's executry have allowed, sanctioned, encouraged or committed themselves, acts of continual harassment against me, even using the Police and spreading of false stories to cover up their actions.

I can assure you it happens to many who decide to take issue with their lawyer over poor service on very serious issues.

It all comes down to money.The Law Society believe their solicitors should be allowed to take from clients what they want, and when they do, the Law Society will see they get away with it every time.

Anonymous said...

damn fine writing Peter
better than all that shite in the sunday papers this week
I hope this Mill ends up in jail or has to face all those he has ruined

Anonymous said...

"Douglas Mill and his colleagues at the Law Society of Scotland have robbed me of several years of my life.They and the other people involved in my late father's executry have allowed, sanctioned, encouraged or committed themselves, acts of continual harassment against me, even using the Police and spreading of false stories to cover up their actions"

and to plenty others by the looks of it so there should be some kind of investigation or inquiry into this mob

Anonymous said...

Everything usually does come down to money Mr Cherbi.

I dont think I'd trust any kind of intestigation into Mill and the Law Society.Too many people have too much to lose.How about all these politicians who have stood by and probably cheered him on while he did this to you and anyone else?

Who would or could investigate it anyway? the Police? You say they were used against you by these same people and Ive read it before on your blog that lawyers have used the Police against others who complained because their lawyer had fleeced them.

Really this sounds like a horror story and reading those letters and newspaper cuttings I am in no doubt many other people have probably suffered the same as you or worse.Something really has to be done about this now.

Anonymous said...

Great work Peter.That clip from the debate must have caused this.What will Swinney and the SNP do now?They have to clean this mess up and put right all those nasty things he did to you and anybody else.


Anonymous said...

The story about the attack on Leslie Cumming is no longer on the Scotland on Sunday website.
I am disgusted the Scotsman group would censor even one of their own reporters stories just because the Law Society inspired the piece against you and your blog.
A disgrace a national newspaper was used against you in that way Mr Cherbi when you obviously had nothing to do with what happened.
Anyone at the Law Society who had something to do with that story should be charged and I wonder what else they said to the Police to try and get you into trouble.
Now this is all out in the open there must be demands for explanation.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the comment at 323pm was made by someone who still believes lawyers dont do such things

I think you better wake up.These lawyers are scared stiff of Peter Cherbi and they are out to get him or kill him off and probably anyone else who discovers what they are up to.

Leslie Cumming was investigating a few crooked lawyers himself and as far as I saw in the papers and on google the attack was a hit from another lawyer so if these people attack each other to protect their dirty secrets what hope does anyone have when they write about it in the papers.Maybe the journalist who write thee story now offline was threatened himself ?

Anonymous said...

Shocked to say the least this happened.

You have done for the legal profession what we couldn't do ourselves !

Medal time Mr Cherbi.Many owe you thanks for his departure and many owe you an apology for what happened to you.

Wild Bill said...

You ended it with a request to MacAskill but he is another bloody lawyer and a lawyer lover at that !

Go over the mans head and straight to FM wee ecky and make sure you get Swinney in on this too because he started it all !

Anonymous said...

Hmmm this crooked lawyer thing and Swinney v Mill in your clip is doing the SNP a lot of harm and as I read your blog I see MacAskill was even praising Douglas Mill the other week in the Parliament.

What the hell is going on with the snp on this and why nothing more from Swinney.Is that case he was talking about sorted out yet or what?

Peter Cherbi said...

#Anonymous @ 12.13pm

Well, as I have said today in my letter to Alex Salmond, former SLSO Linda Costelloe Baker, or current SLSO Jane Irvine would make a good inquiry head. We can't have someone planted as Chairman who is/was a member of the Law Society - but we do need someone with experience in the field of regulation of the legal profession.

The Police can of course investigate criminal matters, and I believe there are some, despite what the Crown Office might say to the contrary.

#Anonymous @ 2.58pm

The cards are now with Mr Swinney to play. He is in a way responsible for the time line of events post the J2 confrontation between himself and Douglas Mill. I think he has to now act on this matter and seek a resolution which he himself knows very well would be in the best interests of all concerned.

#Anonymous @ 3.23pm

Yes I know about that. Quite amazing a newspaper would censor its own story but the facts of that story and its origins stand according to one of the reporters.

Just because the Scotsman has now discovered it was fitted up itself by the Law Society to run the story and include me in it by insinuation and perhaps as one solicitor now says, defamation, doesn't mean it can just disappear ... there are plenty copies...

I have to say I've never seen the Scotsman take one of its own stories out of circulation before.Its a great pity, given all the paper has done over the years on this matter, with excellent coverage of problems in the legal profession and how clients were treated. I do hope the story is returned to the online version of the Scotsman for all to read.

#Anonymous @ 7.24pm

I would agree with everything you say, although the intention is to scare no one, rather simply report events, and justice or injustice - seeking of course, a resolution to peoples troubles caused by an unfair and prejudiced justice system ...

#Anonymous @ 12.22pm

Thanks - of course, if solicitors had a vote in what becomes policy for the legal profession, perhaps Douglas Mill would not have reigned in terror for so long as he has.

The lesson for the membership should be - term limits on the Chief Executive (4-5 years at most) and treat the client with regulatory respect when it comes to complaints ...

#Wild Bill @ 4.14pm

A good idea, which I have already undertaken today.

#Anonymous @ 4.51pm

The case John Swinney confronted Douglas Mill with at the J2 hearing has not been resolved yet, and is unlikely to be resolved any time soon - at least as long as the Law Society of Scotland has its way.

I would remind everyone too, that every single case which has been brought to the attention of both the 2001 Justice 1 "regulation of the legal profession" inquiry , and the 2006 Justice 2 "LPLA Bill" inquiry have NOT been resolved - I repeat - all cases brought to the attention of the Parliament regarding problems with solicitors and the Law Society have NOT been resolved.

I think that fact speaks volumes of the issue, and just how powerful the Law Society of Scotland under Douglas Mill has been in preventing individuals obtaining access to justice and resolution of their cases against the legal profession.

This is the time to do something about these cases, and Mr Swinney, like it or not, must come forward and attend to these issues he started the ball rolling on.

We aren't really asking for the moon here at all, we are asking for a resolution of cases of injustice ... We are in 2008 - some of these cases have been on the go for 20 years or more.

Why don't we just sit down and resolve these matters and let everyone get on with their lives. It is surely worth the effort on both sides to do this, and getting rid of this confrontation and 'damn clients all to hell' culture that comes from the likes of Douglas Mill and the Law Society, will hopefully break the mould on what has been a terrible time for clients of solicitors in Scotland.

Mr Salmond & Mr Swinney - over to you for some well deserved help to deserving Scots who have been asking you all for help for a long time now ...

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Cherbi and i now have this blog on rss its so interesting.This Douglas Mill certainly is a character.I am beginning to wonder if the same that happened to that accountant lawyer might have been planned for you.

You may be too far north to notice that Marsh in London want to fire their cleaners who look like they are getting the 'Douglas Mill' treatment

Mills friends in insurance dont seem to know the word compromise.Maybe he can write some memos against the cleaners too !

Anonymous said...

You are correct about the Scotland on Sunday story - its gone from the website but I read your reproduction of it and found another version online.
I think anyone over 6 could see the Law Society ordered that story against you.
In the circumstances the paper should have been less willing to jump on board the Douglas Mill-hate-the-complainer bandwagon and the story itself could have harmed the Police investigation - probably did.
I think its time to report that matter to the Police - you will get a few more headlines and maybe an explanation of why they went for you then pulled the story from their own newspaper.
Terrible really.

Anonymous said...

Mill has a fool out of your lawyers in Scotland.Wouldn't trust one of them ever after watching that video.

I definitely wont trust a Scottish lawyer after reading that horrible story from the paper that is now offline.

Well done and keep up the good writing Mr Cherbi.

Anonymous said...

ah good to see you back on the hootsmon Peter ! and keep these scumbag lawyers on their toes too !!!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Mill hates your guts - you blew the lid off his corrupt empire at the Law Society

Good for you Mr Cherbi.I didnt ever think someone could go up against the lawyer profession this way and do some good but you did.

Erin Brockovich but this time against poisonous lawyers not the poisonous water company !

Anonymous said...

You only scratch the surface Mr Cherbi.If some people knew what these people at the Law Society had done to them I doubt they would simply try to find a lawyer to sue and your man Swinney and the rest of his gang know all this very well.

Anonymous said...

Well done Peter.A friend of mine from the hootsmon called to ask about you the other day.I gave him chapter & verse.

Keep at it mate - your writing is excellent !

Anonymous said...

This is the same douglas mill who intervened in my complaint against a solicitor who had fucked up the sale of our property and purchase of another.Sent a letter saying very much the same as Yelland said to your solicitor david reid.
I can send it to you via email once we scan it and a few more which I am sure you will be interested in.

Don't forget Mr Yelland too - he is as bad as Douglas Mill.Got any video of him to put up ???

Anonymous said...

Which 'Scotsman' story is it that is missing?


Anonymous said...

So when is Swinney actually going to do something about Mills lying ?
He should have reported it to the Parliament and launched his own investigation once he became the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth.
He is in the driving seat now so whats stopping him from taking this insurance fiddle by the lawyers and breaking it ?

Anonymous said...

Are either of these the missing Scotsman news stories?

If so, I suspect that they had their urls changed as part of an internal rationalisation of web content. No black helicopters involved.

Peter Cherbi said...

#Anonymous @ 2.43pm

Yes, I have a few details yet to publish about how people have been treated by the Law Society and their friends - quite shocking stuff.

#Anonymous @ 7.51pm

Email contact in my profile - please send the material to me and I will get back to you.

#Anonymous @ 9.45 & 1.33pm

Ah thanks for pointing out twice the original story on the cash link to law chief stabbing has been put back up. Good to see people noticed that.

Funny story to run though don't you think ? A newspaper being used to try and set up someone for a crime ? No wonder the staff were talking about it ...

#Anonymous @ 1.07pm

Hopefully soon - but you can always ask him too and remind him of his work in this matter !

Anonymous said...

to the poster of 9.45 & 1.33pm

from the paper are you ? knickers in a twist have you ?
that story on the law chief attack trying to put the blame on everyone but the bent lawyers who probably did it is a fucking disgrace
shows you how evil some sections of the press really are
who wrote it anyway ?? the law society ??
cherbi is correct - its fucking odd that a newspaper would get into bed with the lawyers to censor critics of lawyers !
what the fuck is that all about ?

? said...

lol @ black helicopters

Tell us why the law society ran to the police encouraging them to go visit all their critics -just because SoS "said so"

? said...

and another thing

good job you did in that story Peter.Were they trying to get a bad comment out of you I wonder ? but you wished him a good recovery.Good for you mate.Shows a skill the Law Society doesn't have !

maybe the paper should have went to the Law Society for comment when your mum died and asked how they felt (after their party) bunch of bastards the lot of them

Anonymous said...

Mr Cherbi you have a right to be concerned over that story on Leslie Cumming.

The Law Society went to another newspaper giving them the same statement against you, SACL and a few others.However not all in the business are as easily led by the legal profession as some.

Peter Cherbi said...

#? @ 3.56pm & 4.01pm

Yes, I wondered about that myself.

On the subject of the death of my mum, I know very well what the Law Society thought of that - but I'm still here to report on just how terrible clients are treated by them, and document a few more scandals involving the legal profession ...

I wouldn't get too upset though about it as its all on paper as they say ...

Probably the Law Society acting the way they have on this actually harmed the Cumming investigation - I wonder what L&B thought about that ...

#Anonymous @ 5.51pm

I had heard about that but thanks for confirming it.

Anonymous said...

I also find it very disturbing a national newspaper went into that story with the Law Societys fingerpointing the day after the attack when it was clear from the start it had something to do with his role at the Law Society itself.

Anonymous said...

Taking the discussion back to topic for a moment I hope that John Swinney does not let everyone down in this claims business issue.Mr Swinney is in the best position he could be to resolve all these problems and kick Mr MacAskill into touch with reality on how his colleagues have been crushing peoples rights for years.About the article in Scotland on Sunday.Personally I think they were trying to trap you into saying something bad about Mr Cumming but I doubt you would ever fall for such a ploy.Like other comments I am a bit surprised that a newspaper could be used in that way on such a thorny subject they previously ran in your favour! Is it a case of changing sides for the Scotsman group after all those incredible stories done on your case?Good luck Mr Cherbi and please continue your work.

Peter Cherbi said...

#Anonymous @ 6.51pm

Nothing out of the ordinary there, but rest assured the journalist concerned was having none of the Law Society getting their way with the story - which is why it ended up in a much milder form than the Law Society actually wanted.

#Anonymous @ 7.41pm

Yes you are correct and I agree with you entirely.

However, the Law Society has been trying to sour the relationship between the media and critics of the legal profession for years - so the attack on Mr Cumming - (with whom I may add I had a lot of communications which resulted in a change of financial oversight regulations for his office and that of the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman, for the advantage of investment business clients) was just another event for some at the Law Society to exploit, and that is what happened.

Like you I hope John Swinney comes forward and resolves these problems - after what he said in the Parliament to Douglas Mill, it would be a pity to waste such an opportunity to bring the public and legal profession back together, while cleaning up the legal services market so all Scots can have access to justice, which is a good thing surely, and would be a great credit to Mr Swinney if he undertook this path.

Anonymous said...

Clearly John Swinney is your ally in all this but I'm not so sure about the press.Remember they are more interested in their advertising budgets which could be heavily influenced by business with the lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Cant see Swinney doing much now the Tories have the deciding say on his budget.He will be told to suck lawyers arse and make do !

Good you got rid of Mill though.Where is he going anyway? New head of the Scottish Government lawyer service or is MacAskill recommending him for a victoria cross for all the lives he has ruined?

Great stuff this new Scotland aint it laddie !

Anonymous said...

didnt take long for the Law Society to get the knives out for John Swinney.They are passing out his expenses claims - anonymously of course.

Must be feeling a bit bruised at the success of "Team Cherbi-Swinney" and your videos.

Keep in with John,Peter.Hes a good man.

Anonymous said...

I realise its a good story for you but how long will Mill's resignation be news?

Peter Cherbi said...

#Anonymous @ 2.21pm

Yes, I have seen the expenses papers being passed around, but its not just about John Swinney, there are some other SNP MSPs named in documents too.

I think I will leave it to the SNP activists to defend their political members of the Scottish Parliament from the Law Society ... after all I can't imagine the grass roots of the party will let the likes of the Law Society ruin respectable people such as John Swinney - just because a few crooked lawyers want to protect a few more crooked lawyers.

Be a big shame for Scotland if that were allowed to happen and well to me, it just shows the desperation of the Law Society after being caught out by John Swinney - who really is a credit to the SNP and the rest of Scotland for doing what he did against Douglas Mill.

SNP rules ! said...

ok if those bastards are spreading lies about the SNP its time for us to do something about it.Fuck the lawyers - they are NOT the SNP and the dont own the SNP or SCOTLAND.

BTW I completely agree with you about Joh n Swinney he is a fine man and if those scummy lawyers think they can smear him after what he did for you and this lawyer thing then they can go to hell.

Its time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh dear sounds like the Law Society will be feeling the snp cyberactivists soon.Good.If its a choice between John Swinney and crooked lawyers - I vote John Swinney !

Anonymous said...

Cant see Mill being able to do any damage to Swinney even with any expenses gossip.I'd rather see Swinney get the money than a bloody lawyer anyway !!

Peter Cherbi said...

#SNP rules @ 10pm

Well just remember the Justice Secretary was praising the legal profession and Douglas Mill not so long ago ... so there are certainly some 'odd divisions' in the SNP over policy to resolve the matter of crooked lawyers and how they have been protected by the Law Society.

John Swinney however, stands on the side of truth in this debate - as can be seen from the video ...

Oh .. there's more to come soon ...

Anonymous said...

Well Peter I wait to see what John Swinney will do if anything.He looks like he was told to shut up in that video and Douglas Mill was speaking to him like a little schoolboy.

Whats the latest anyway on that case Swinney was talking about and all the cases you mention ? All still in legal limbo I bet because the lawyers have their hands in all the politicians pockets and they can shut them up like it shoulds as if they will do with Swinney over whatever they are putting round about him

Kenny MacAskill should go next said...

Some very interesting comments on your blog, Peter, re Mr Swinney's expenses being leaked. I'm sure Scotland's corrupt INjustice Secretary, MacAskill, will be very pleased indeed about that ... and probably told his crooked pal, Mill, to do it.

It was all the infighting and back-stabbing that led to Margo MacDonald leaving the SNP and becoming an Independent MSP (didn't her then "good friend", MacAskill, leak the news to the media about her parkinson's disease?) and Dorothy Grace-Elder bailing out too.

If they can back stab their own as they often seem to do, what chance the rest of us?!

Anonymous said...

Good one John Swinney but you could have carpeted Mill.Why didn't you ? Don't be afraid of bent lawyers and their pimps !

Anonymous said...

Granny would swear by John Swinney but not by a troublemaking lawyer !

a walk in the park said...

Good clip of Swinney and that lawyer.No one loves a lawyer but everyone likes John so look out lawyers if you try to smear our John !

tba said...

Just to put your story to the test I asked Mill about his memo and he denied even writing it,denied appearing at the parliament and denied he had to resign from the Law Society because of it.
Anyway good to see you nailed him with this and really your blog is so spot on its amazing.Hope others pluck up some courage to write the same about the innards of Scots Law as it really is.

Anonymous said...

Little doubt the video destroyed Mill's credibility probably much more than the Herald story of the same event.