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Law Society boss Mill lied to Swinney, Parliament as secret memos reveal policy of intervention & obstruction on claims, complaints.

Negligent or crooked lawyers in Scotland can be thankful for at least two weapons in their defence against complaints when a client realises they were ripped off.

The first weapon in a dishonest lawyers arsenal against such a complaint, would be the Law Society of Scotland, the legal profession's well known self regulator of complaints against solicitors, who act only as a control point to ensure their members are unaffected by even the largest client frauds, poorest levels of service, and in some cases, criminal charges.

The second, perhaps more sinister weapon a crooked lawyer can always seem to rely upon, no matter how crooked they are, is, Douglas Mill, the Law Society's very own Chief Executive of now more than ten years.

Douglas Mill - The face of the Law Society's hate, rage & intervention against client complaints & claims against crooked lawyers

Douglas Mill, a man who last year threatened both the Scottish Executive & Scottish Parliament that if it did not do as he said, he would take it to court on his own insistence that it was a lawyers 'human right' under ECHR to regulate & control complaints against legal colleagues, has a long and consistent record of intervening in complaints and financial claims made against fellow solicitors, with the sole determination to prevent success at all costs.

While the law clearly does not allow the Law Society and it's officials to intervene in financial claims against crooked solicitors, Douglas Mill has established a regular policy to do just that - prevent successful client claims against the legal profession at all costs, and intervene at-will in complaints against solicitors to guard against the possibility of a claim after a complaints investigation finds a solicitor guilty of poor service or conduct offences towards their client.

Douglas Mill has used the Law Society's policy of consistent intervention in both complaints and financial claims against solicitors many times, and continues to do so unashamedly, in an unrivalled anti consumer, prejudiced, and corrupt policy of ensuring that self regulation of solicitors in Scotland means no regulation of solicitors in Scotland.

During the Justice 2 Committee hearings on the now passed Legal Profession & Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007, an act I would remind you all the Scottish Conservatives tried to stop on behalf of the Law Society of Scotland, Douglas Mill was brought before the Justice 2 Committee to explain his involvement in cases of complaint & financial claims against solicitors.

Douglas Mill explained to the Justice 2 Committee he had no such involvement, and as you can see from the earlier except from those Committee hearings, swore on oath and on his 'granny's grave' he had never intervened in such a case.

Douglas Mill swore on his 'granny's grave' he was a liar ?

The Herald 5 June 2006 - Would granny swear by the law society

However, the Cabinet Secretary for Business, John Swinney MSP, has a different view of matters, which was revealed at that same Committee hearing, when Mr Swinney revealed a secret memo penned by Douglas Mill himself, seeking to intervene & collate information on claims made by Mr Swinney's constituent, Mr Stewart MacKenzie, in a case which has lasted now 22 years and still remains to be resolved to this day.

Douglas Mill, challenged by John Swinney over the content of that memo, had no explanation other than to lie to the Scottish Parliament and deny any such involvement, yet as John Swinney points out, the memo shows Mill's intervention to be the case, and what's more a consistent policy of intervention where none is allowed

John Swinney challenges Douglas Mill over his secret memos, finds Mill's explanations somewhat lacking reality ...

There is little doubt from the evidence of Douglas Mill's own memos in the MacKenzie case, that a concerted & determined policy of intervention in financial claims against lawyers has existed at the Law Society of Scotland for many years, and has been widely successful in protecting a great number of crooked lawyers and the legal profession's insurance scheme from paying out huge damages awards.

Douglas Mill's memos - a policy of interference in claims & complaints :

Douglas Mill Memo to Martin MacAllister 5 July 2001Alistair Sim  to Douglas Mill secret memo intervention in MacKenzie case

It could even be that Douglas Mill learned his skills from his mentor, former Law Society Boss Kenneth Pritchard (now a Sheriff) who himself operated the same policy of intervention against clients claims & complaints against solicitors, even going so far as to order clients solicitors to cease their representation in critical legal cases which I reported earlier in the following story : Law Society intervention in claims 'commonplace' as ex Chief admits Master Policy protects solicitors against clients

Law Society boss Kenneth Pritchard intervenes in a claim, ordering solicitors to cease representing their client who is suing firms of lawyers

Policy is to protect both says Law Society - Kenneth Pritchard

I have of course, felt the wrath of Douglas Mill's direct intervention in my own case against crooked lawyer Andrew Penman, where Mr Mill even felt so spiteful & protective of his crooked colleague, he had to personally intervene in my claim for civil legal aid to pursue Mr Penman and the Law Society for damages over Mr Penman's plundering of my family's assets.

It was simply not in the interests of Douglas Mill, the Law Society of Scotland, and Mr Penman, that I be allowed access to justice or legal services, so they made sure the door was closed on my legal aid funding.

Douglas Mill intervenes with the Legal Aid Board to block legal aid claims

Douglas Mill letter to Scottish Legal Aid Board demanding legal aid be refused

Douglas Mill's intervention in my case to block my legal aid was reported in the Scotsman newspaper here :

Douglas Mill spikes legal aid claim to get crooked lawyers & himself off the hook

Scotsman 5 June 1998 Law Society accused of closing ranks as claimi fails

Not content with ensuring I had no access to justice or legal services, Douglas Mill dispatched Mr Philip Yelland, the Law Society's Director of Regulation, to order my own solicitors not to take instructions from me in any case I wanted to raise against crooked lawyer Andrew Penman or the Law Society itself.

Philip Yelland - Director of Regulation orders a lawyer suing crooked Borders lawyer Andrew Penman not to take instructions from clients

Philip Yelland letter to David Reid ordering him not to take instructions

You can read more about the Andrew Penman case and the Scotsman's coverage of my battle with the Law Society of Scotland over how they failed to prosecute Mr Penman, then went on to obstruct me from getting to court here : Andrew Penman & Norman Howitt : Lawyer & accountant team up to ruin Cherbi executry estate

We are left with no doubt after reading the above, that Douglas Mill and indeed the Law Society of Scotland, operate a concerted policy of intervention against client complaints against solicitors and financial claims for damages, to the point that it is their unashamed policy to ensure complaints against solicitors, and claims for compensation as a result of negligence, dishonest, or other malpractice are obstructed to ensure no success whatsoever and that anyone who tries to raise such a case, or challenges the point of view of the Law Society of Scotland has their right of access to justice, access to the courts & access to legal services denied.

Douglas Mill and the Law Society of Scotland's intervention against client complaints & financial claims against solicitors doesn't stop there though, and reeling from the Scotsman's coverage of my battle with the Law Society in the 1990s over crooked lawyer Andrew Penman, Douglas Mill and others at the Law Society have on several occasions in a now regular policy of intervention with the media, called up newspapers & journalists even in person, to censor newspaper articles before publication and even threaten journalists careers.

Read the following for a run down on how the Law Society handle the Scottish press from time to time : The Law Society of Scotland's policy of censorship towards the media

Then, of course, there was the Law Society's media attempt to close down my blog and silence all critics on the back of the attack on the Law Society's Chief Accountant Leslie Cumming, which it seems was carried out by some of the Law Society's own crooked lawyers ...

John Swinney, the Cabinet Secretary for Business in the SNP's Scottish Government understands and recognises both Douglas Mill & the Law Society of Scotland's concerted policy of intervention in claims & complaints against solicitors to ensure destruction of such client's chances of obtaining a measure of justice, to be the case.

John Swinney knows of such policies only too well. Mr Swinney has viewed piles of evidence, files, papers, media coverage, even revealing evidence in the Scottish Parliament himself, illustrating without a doubt, a general corruption in the Law Society's procedures & attitude against not only clients complaints & claims against solicitors, but also a generally prejudiced and provocative attitude towards & against the public interest.

John Swinney, after all, has a constituent who has been through some of the worst experiences of prejudiced anti client regulation from the Law Society of Scotland, much of it at the hands of Douglas Mill himself.

John Swinney, also understands a great many other people in Scotland have also had their complaints and financial claims against solicitors ruined, as a result of the same policies practiced by Douglas Mill, Philip Yelland, and others at the Law Society of Scotland.

Kenny MacAskill, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, does not accept this to be the case, indeed, Mr MacAskill, an ardent supporter of Douglas Mill, self regulation by the Law Society of Scotland to ensure control of all complaints, and it seems, a supporter of the legal professions such hateful, harmful policies of anti client prejudice when it comes to complaints & access to justice, has went further and condemned anyone who takes issue with the Law Society's own point of view that it must do as it pleases without recourse, honesty, accountability, or transparency.

Why, one may ask, the radical differences between these two Cabinet colleagues ?

Kenny MacAskill is of course, a solicitor, and thus a member of the Law Society of Scotland.

John Swinney is not a solicitor and is not a member of the Law Society of Scotland.

Kenny MacAskill has stated many times it is his aim to defend the profession from anyone who misrepresents it - but Mr MacAskill really means he will defend the Law Society of Scotland against anyone who disagrees with it, for it is not with the general agreement of the unable-to-vote entire Scots legal profession membership that the Law Society of Scotland, and Doulgas Mill, drags it down into the gutter.

John Swinney has stated many times there are significant problems with the Law Society of Scotland's attitude towards handling client complaints and financial claims made against very obviously crooked solicitors. Mr Swinney accepts there are policies of direct involvement & intervention by the most senior Law Society officials made in efforts to thwart a client's access to justice & legal representation, to prevaricate & even destroy financial claims made against crooked lawyers, and Mr Swinney, importantly, does not accept, like most of us, Douglas Mill's so obviously false claim the Law Society has never intervened in cases to the harm & detriment of clients ...

Of the two Cabinet Ministers, which one is correct ? John Swinney or Kenny MacAskill ? Who as the bigger axe to grind to protect his professional colleagues, compared to the bigger axe to grind representing the community at large ?

Clearly, Kenny MacAskill, lacking impartiality, and in such awe of his legal colleagues, has of course, the bigger axe to grind in protecting the likes of Douglas Mill and the Law Society of Scotland from regulatory change in favour of the client ...

Clearly, Kenny MacAskill, a member of the Law Society of Scotland, will always, as he has said himself in the media & the Parliament, defend the Law Society of Scotland and the legal profession against anyone who disagrees with it's point of view.

Clearly, that is a dangerous position for a Cabinet Secretary of Justice - to be so overtly hostile against the public interest in favour of his own professional body who would benefit from no change at all, no reform, no transparency, no accountability, no honesty, no will to review & resolve the sins of the past ...

John Swinney, on the other hand, is doing nothing more than his duty - to represent the community, the wider public interest of us, the Scottish people, and his constituents who sought his help and are receiving it against a monolithic, greedy, corrupt system of self regulation of lawyers which surely must fall, along with anyone daft enough to support it.

John Swinney understands clearly and accepts the need for change to the terrible way in which clients of crooked lawyers have been treated for years in Scotland. John Swinney has campaigned for and continues to seek a resolution to the terrible corruption at the Law Society of Scotland, while Kenny MacAskill seeks to protect it.

Perhaps its now time for Alex Salmond as First Minister, to show his badge of office, and clear up this terrible injustice, terrible inconsistency, and terrible protectionism by an SNP Justice Secretary of a terribly corrupt institution, the Law Society of Scotland.

Justice, fairness, fair play, accountability and trustworthy dependable legal services - it's not much for Scotland to ask and expect, is it Mr Salmond ?


Anonymous said...

You are right Peter.The video of Mill says it all and much better for the story too.He is such a liar when you read the rest of the stuff.Should resign or be kicked out along with his bosom buddy MacAskill.

Anonymous said...

Good article but what is Swinney doing about this? He can't sit back and say he doesn't know whats going on now.How about Swinneys constituent and what happened to the case it was all about?Looks like more do nothing SNP to me if nothings been done so far.

Campaign to oust Kenny "No Justice" MacAskill said...

"Perhaps its now time for Alex Salmond as First Minister, to show his badge of office, and clear up this terrible injustice, terrible inconsistency, and terrible protectionism by an SNP Justice Secretary of a terribly corrupt institution, the Law Society of Scotland."

Hear hear Peter.

And hear hear to the last of the 21 comments on your previous post - Scotland's "Justice" Secretary is not a man to help ordinary Scots seeking justice, but will do everything and anything to protect his buddies in the legal profession. It is indeed time for this "Justice" Secretary (a misnomer if ever there was one) to "fuck off and be a lawyer again Kenny" and continue being the crook he is and has always been:

Yes, indeed: "FUCK OFF KENNY!" ... you are hated by members of your own party and by the thousands out there who can't get access to justice because of your self-serving protectionism of your crooked lawyer pals. And if your boss doesn't waken up to this huge conflict of interest and injustice very soon, well … he can fuck off too!

Merry Christmas Kenny “No Justice” MacAskill … I hope Santa takes you back to Lapland with him … but dumps you into the North Sea en route.

Previous comments are definitely worth a read in full:

And i would urge all readers to email this post to my campaign contact address above.

Many thanks, a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2008 to you and yours ...

And justice to you all.

sombre moment said...

Funny isn't it.When someone uncovers a huge scandal you can always bet there is one player at the end of it and Douglas Mill seems to fall right into that category.

Keep up the good work Mr Cherbi and have a Merry Christmas !

Anonymous said...

What a right mess this is and one which should have been dealt with.

You obviously arent against the SNP after what you said about John Swinney but how will Salmond deal with MacAskill? He can't sack him because the little turd will probably defect to the LibDems or Tories just for spite (lawyers have no loyalties but to themselves as Kenny is showing us in all this) and if he doesn't sack him or replace him it looks like Kenny is running the SNP and not Salmond.What a fucking terrible situation and one I never thought I'd see with an SNP admin.

Anonymous said...

Better story than the hootsmon on sunday.Keep adding the video.It makes those lying bastards look even worse !

Have a good weekend and Christmas - and get some sleep lol !

Peter Cherbi said...

#Anonymous @ 6.32pm

Yes, I agree with you on both points.

#Anonymous @ 7.15pm

Well, to be fair, John Swinney is still chasing the issue for his constituent and the issue of wider access to legal services (as in the leaked letter between John Swinney & Kenny MacAskill article I did here : Leaked letter shows conflicting view of Justice Secretary over legal services market reform

I sure I will be reporting more on John Swinney's work on these issues in the near future.

If you wish to raise issues with John Swinney about the legal profession and it's problems, I'm sure he would welcome further contact from the community at large, after all, he is in Government.

#campaign to oust kenny "no justice" MacAskill @8.44pm

If the shoe fits, Mr MacAskill has to wear it. The problems are of his making, no one else's, and as Justice Secretary, his responsibility to the whole of Scotland, not just his colleagues in the legal profession, to put right.

#Sombre Moment @ 12.33am

Spot on, although Douglas Mill has a few friends in the legal profession who assist his tricks ...

#Anonymous @ 1.30am

Mr Salmond is the leader of the SNP and First Minister.If he can't manage to put one of his own Ministers in order, no matter which faction he is from the party or what possible threat he could hurl well ... what will people think ...

To all : Yes, sorry I forgot to put it in the article, a Merry Christmas to all of you and all my readers. Have a good time over the festive season and let us hope that 2008 brings some cheer to those who suffer at the hands of people who are the subject of this article.

Best wishes to everyone.

Peter Cherbi

keep at it laddie ! said...

Merry Christmas to you too Pete.Damn good stuff you write about and no pulling the punches !

Keep it up and all the best to you for 2008 too.Hope Mill and his lackeys have the worst time possible.

Anonymous said...

More energies could have gone into making the profession work better but Mill chose his own route we are all paying for dearly.

Ajax said...

The Herald story by Rogerson is fairly accurate to the video.Is that why (or one of the reasons) Rogerson is no longer at the Herald?

Anyway it doesn't take too much brains to see Mill has been caught out in a big way - probably he has been doing this on many cases as he looks quite used to it.

Good luck to the campaigning person who wants MacAskill out.Given nothing done about Mill as yet I think that is a must.

reader said...

I read the documents you have and watched the video

No doubt at all in my mind Douglas Mill lied to that Justice Committee and John Swinney.He went so far as to 'lie on oath' so the parliament should have done something about it.They didnt do anything because he is a lawyer and lawyers can lie as they like.
If I have this right.Douglas Mill lied to the Parliament and everyone.He certainly does intervene in cases.He did in yours thats for sure and he did in this other case too.John Swinney knows all this and does what? When is the shitstorm supposed to come from John Swinney or is he just sitting on his arse doing nothing about this?.You said he is still on the case but has that case and yours any others been settled yet because of what Mill said? Obviously not or you wouldn't still be writing about it.Swinney then sends a letter to Kenny MacAskill and you end up with the reply which seems to show MacAskill lied to Swinney too.What did Swinney do about that? or did he USE YOU to leak the letter?What the hell is going on here? Are all these SNP buggers having some kind of stab at each other and waiting to see which one falls first?If Swinney is going to do something he better do it now or he is going to look as bad as Douglas Mill for doing NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

Just wanted to say have a good christmas and take care.Reading your site all this past year helped me resolve a problem with my own lawyer and now I have got rid of him for good - completely untrustworthy as the rest and he wasted no time in phoning round local lawyers to tell them to avoid me in the future.

Sooner you get these legal markets opened the better and take the business away from Kenny MacAskill's friends the better.They are all scum not to be trusted and will sell their grannies long before taking a loss themselves as Mr Mill did in the clip.

Anonymous said...

and people wonder why lawyers are so crooked - looks like they are all doing by Mill's example

So where is Swinney and what will he do now ? said...

Very good report Mr Cherbi and well written.Your evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of convicting Douglas Mill of lying under oath to the Scottish Parliament.

John Swinney appears to be in tune with the matter but its his obligation to see this through to the bitter end.

I see Douglas Mill still 'advises' the Scottish Government on law interests.How about a start Mr Swinney? Sack Mill from any involvement with the Government or consultancies, studies, what have you, and make sure this liar and his dangerous colleagues are no longer allowed to infiltrate the legal system and control it.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant story and the very obvious interference he ran against you in those scotsman stories and the letters - you must have friends to get that kind of material.

"I didn't do it" only lasts for so long before the person saying it looks like a crook and for Mill that time came awhile ago by the looks of it

Poirot said...

Good report as always Peter and even better to see the video along with the story from the Herald.The two together are much more damaging to Mill,the Law Society and the Parliament.

Hope you had a good Christmas.

Peter Cherbi said...

#Ajax @ 5.01pm

I'm not sure why Paul Rogerson left the Herald. He is now editor for the Law Gazette in England I think.

In any case, the stories he wrote are outside those of the Scotsman on my own case, some of the best coverage of corruption in the Law Society of Scotland that I have read.

#Reader @ 8.01pm

As a writer who must respect confidentiality of sources as any journalist would, I couldn't possibly confirm or deny some of that ...

#Anonymous @ 8.34pm

Thanks, and I hope you had a good Christmas too.

I agree with your comments. Scotland will be better served by a fully opened legal services market.

#So where is Swinney and what will he do now ? @ 5.57pm

You should write to John Swinney with those very good ideas ...

#Anonymous @ 1.37am

I agree entirely.

#Poirot @ 2.23pm

Thanks, and hope you enjoyed Christmas too. I agree about the video clips - they are a good addition to the story.

Thanks to everyone else who contacted me over 2007 and my best wishes to you all for 2008.Progress is slow but sure I believe ... good luck to us all and lets all keep in touch.

NTK said...

Assimilated Mr Rogerson did they ? I must write a few anti Law Society stories myself - its good for the career don't you know old chap !

I'm guessing the amount you have written would qualify you for a sainthood !

Anonymous said...

Something of a shock to read this blog but I understand why you wrote it.

Suffice to say I will ensure I never employ a lawyer from Scotland or a to do anything for me.I just don't think I could trust anyone who comes from that system you have there after seeing some of your postings.

Anonymous said...

"Suffice to say I will ensure I never employ a lawyer from Scotland or a to do anything for me.I just don't think I could trust anyone who comes from that system you have there after seeing some of your postings."

Taken a bit bloody long for people to realise that !

Anonymous said...

This guy Mill was over here for a conference.We all thought he had rabies the way he talked.Seems to be the case from reading this!

Anonymous said...

You cant have much of a life after doing all this against the crooked lawyers.They will hound you forever probably make your life a living hell as they enjoy so much.

Its about fucking time people rose up and did something about it instead of taking all this shit from lawyers

Campaign to oust Kenny "No Justice" MacAskill said...

# Anonymous @ 6:06 PM said…

"Its about fucking time people rose up and did something about it instead of taking all this shit from lawyers".

It’s about time people rose up and did something about Kenny MacAskill who is protecting all these crooked lawyers, not least the biggest crook of them all, Douglas Mill.

Start to put the pressure on Salmond and let him know that, by keeping MacAskill in place, he is approving of the huge conflict of interest that exists with this crook at the helm of Scotland’s justice system, and thousands of ordinary Scots being denied access to justice in Scotland as a result.

To give you an idea just how rotten, crooked and corrupt this man is, I would suggest you have a peruse of the comments with Peter’s previous article – it appears the man even covers up terrible abuse cases and his master still lets him become Scotland’s “justice” secretary … and anyone who does nothing about a case of abuse as appalling as that one appears to be, is as bad as the perpetrators of that abuse.

Previous comments are definitely worth a read in full:

And i would urge all readers to email this post to my campaign contact address above.

Peter Cherbi said...

#NTK @ 4.49pm

You will have to take that up with Paul ... but a few more crooked lawyer stories might work a treat ...

#Anonymous @ 7.55pm

If you want to share any details of Mr Mill at a conference, please do ...

#Anonymous @ 6.06pm

I'd say that is an understatement. Take it from me, when you have to deal with crooked lawyers and those who protect them, you are coming up against sheer evil.

These people will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing to belittle or destroy your life and they have had as everyone knows, a good go at me.

The occasional lawyer who heads off to the Scotsman forums, likes to claim I have a 'chip on my shoulder'.Well, as I, and anyone else knows who has been ripped off by a crooked lawyer and the Law Society of Scotland - the chip on the shoulder is with them - for being found out.

Just think how big a chip on the shoulder some lawyers had who arranged the 'hit' on Leslie Cumming last year ... and still no one caught for it.

# Campaign to oust Kenny "No Justice" MacAskill @ 9.18pm

Sounds like a good campaign considering how Scots Justice is going down the tubes even faster than ever.

Keep publicising those issues and anything I can do to help of course ...

Anonymous said...

You seem to have everything covered Mr Cherbi and I can't find anything to dispute you so the whole thing must be genuine.It is a poor reflection on our Parliament that nothing was done on such an obvious lie by Douglas Mill.
This insurance scheme with the lawyers and Marsh.Do you have anything that says you have to use the services of a solicitor to go through the claims process? If so I would be interested to see something like that as others should be.
All that remains to say is keep up the good work as people say and keep writing about these isssues.
I think I can safely say you are the only law writer in Scotland who doesn't seem to be brought to heel by the legal establishment.Long may you remain independent of that bunch.

Peter Cherbi said...

#Anonymous @ 9.34pm

Yes I do have some papers which show that anyone who wants to claim against a solicitor using the Master Policy has to get legal advice and obtain legal services to pursue such a claim and I will present that in a future article.

Douglas Mill's testimony to the J2 Committee is fairly clear in it's inconsistency with the terms of his own memo in the MacKenzie case, and his meddling in my own case.

I assume the Scottish Parliament did nothing about it because Douglas Mill is of course a lawyer. If anyone else had told such a lie in such a spectacular fashion, I'm sure they would have been hauled up before the Committee once again with plenty of publicity.

It remains to be seen what Mr Swinney will do about this issue ... but as Cabinet Secretary for Business, I assume Mr Swinney has much more power now and indeed can do something, rather than simply hope something will be done ...

Campaign to oust Kenny "No Justice" MacAskill said...

# SNP bullshitters should be banned @ 5:49 PM said...

“Salmond says waiting days are over (HAHA) so we have to wait on him and his cohorts fucking us about now instead of London !”

Yep! Especially when it comes to all those Scots who have suffered terrible injustices and wrong doing at the dirty, corrupt and unaccountable hands of HIS Scottish Justice System – or, more specifically, his appointed “Justice” Secretary … whose head is so far up the arse of Douglas Mill, his Law Society crooked friends and the legal “profession” generally, it’s amazing he can still breath.

And let’s face it folks: When you have a First Minister covering up for his “Justice” Secretary, and consequently HIS corrupt party, in a terrible abuse and neglect case like this ( ), then what chance does anyone in Scotland have who is fighting against injustice?

I’m afraid to say that the people of Scotland have been conned by this lot’s main election slogan of: “It is time for a government Scotland can trust”.

Do we trust this man at all now after his track record on all the terrible injustices brought to his attention since coming to power by the skin of his teeth on Friday 4 May 2007?

I certainly don’t … the man’s a charlatan and fraud folks … and the sooner the wider Scottish population waken up to just how big a crook he is, the better.

Mr Salmond: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Was that another of your election slogans!?

Shame on you sir.


A Guid New Year to ane an' a'… to Peter and all his regular readers.

And may 2008 bring justice, peace, prosper, health and happiness to you all...

Lang may yer lums reek.

Anonymous said...

A good effort but wasted in Scotland - to get on in life you will have to escape that place.


dodge city said...

What an adventure reading this blog.You should put all this in a book Mr Cherbi.Fantastic you are brave enough to take on lawyers and the law and expose it in this way.

Keep up the good work like people say and all the best for a happy new year

idiotproof said...

stand up to these lawyers and you will help others to do the same

good work

Anonymous said...

Douglas Mill must have a chip on his shoulder the size of a house against you Mr Cherbi.He cant leave you alone.This proves to me you have to be the greatest threat against these crooked lawyers.
Is this a case of stalking or harassment? Has he tried to harm you or get someone to kill you? With all that interference he runs against you I wouldn't put it past him to do something nasty.The man needs locking up.

Anonymous said...

If you were to hook Mill up to a lie detector it would probably explode !

Anonymous said...

Mill's involvement in claims & complaints may be news to some but not anyone who knows him.

I suggest you invoke a few protesters to take this video and his awful image to the streets,letting people know what he gets up to.

Remember about half of Scotland is not connected to the internet so some hard work & doorstepping will need to be done on this if you are to get the message out.

All the best and don't give up hope on the SNP.We aren't all like Kenny and don't all blindly follow Alex either.

Good luck laddie you are a credit to Scotland!

ev said...

Douglas Mill lied to Swinney and the Justice Committee because he knew he could get away with it.

What has been done about it since ? Nothing. An ordinary person coming out with lies like that would be dragged through the dirt by everyone but this is the boss of lawyers in Scotland we are talking about so nothing is done and I know its been said but I just wanted to say it for myself. Mill is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Intriguing what you write here Mr Cherbi.Did you know this man you are writing about has only said he "wants you dead"

Peter Cherbi said...

Well I think the comments on this story seem to tally with the evidence in the report that Douglas Mill did lie to the Justice 2 Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

I am glad to see that people see that for themselves .. the leader of Scotland's lawyers lying to a Parliamentary Committee and a Scottish Government Minister who bothered to find out for himself just how corrupt the complaints & claims process against solicitors in Scotland really is.

#Anonymous @ 4.38pm

What you say is nothing new.This has been said to me many times, indeed one Scotsman journalist joked I may "end up like Thomas Becket" over these 'death' jibes.

Maybe if he says it to the right person, the Police can attend to the matter.