Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lawyer who took on Law Society for clients ended up as dishonest as those he challenged

One of the more difficult articles for me to write, as this relates to a lawyer, Michael G Robson, who handled the case of the death of my mother at Borders General Hospital, and lied about what he was doing with regard to pursuing a medical negligence action against the Hospital.

Michael G Robson, formerly of Robsons WS, Ratho, had many a famous client who had problems with the legal profession. Iain McIntyre for one, was a client of Mr Robson, who tried to sue his lawyers for negligence, but was blocked from doing so by the then Secretary of the Law Society, Kenneth Pritchard, and his successor, Douglas Mill.

Policy is to protect both says Law Society Herald 1994 Retype

I was but another of those clients Mr Robson happily took on, with an assurance that work would be undertaken, and cases brought to court, among them, an attempt to do something about crooked accountant Norman Howitt & ICAS, an action for Judicial Review against the Law Society of Scotland in their handling of the Penman complaint & their treatment of further complaints filed against other legal firms, and of course, the case of the death of my mother at Borders General Hospital, from medical negligence.

In the end, Mr Robson did nothing on any of my cases, nor it seems did he do much, if anything for any of his other client, and ended up before the Law Society over several complaints from clients, including some from myself, over lack of action on cases and failure to correspond or take instructions.

Solicitor fined for ignorring clients' letters - The Scotsman 7 January 2002

It took the Law Society long enough to do something about it ... they wrote some 90 or so letters to him at his Ratho office, a situation which went on for almost a year. Odd, perhaps, that no one from the Law Society thought to drive a few miles to his office and see what was going on. Law Society officials were however, content to play the situation out for as long as possible, so all of Mr Robson's clients cases might just fall into time bar, thus preventing anyone from being able to claim compensation against the solicitors negligence insurance.

Edinburgh Evening News 31 May 2002 - Edinburgh - Lawyer slammed for lying to client page 1Edinburgh Evening News 31 May 2002 - Edinburgh - Lawyer slammed for lying to client page 2

The Law Society, very craftily handled the client complaints against Mr Robson, finding in the main for a poor standard of service & conduct, and recommending prosecution before the Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal for a number of those 'offences'. However due to the possibility of clients proceeding with negligence claims against Mr Robson for his conduct and citing the Law Society investigation and findings, the Law Society made & pressed charges of their own rather than refer too much to the way Mr Robson had treated his clients, in an effort to stall any negligence claims against Mr Robson which would ultimately have to be paid from the Master Insurance Policy - the solicitors professional indemnity insurance for negligence run by the Law Society of Scotland and Marsh UK - which has seen it's own share of corruption allegations.

Lawyer loses bid to overturn 3 year ban - Evening News  3 May 2002

Mr Robson was duly found guilty and the rest was covered in the media. Mr Robson however, did challenge the SSDT, which was reflected in newspaper reports, and a case which goes on yet to this day, delayed on many occasions of being off to tennis matches or meetings .. how the Court and it's judges sat back and allowed that is anyone's guess, but a good indicator came from a source at the Law Society of Scotland, who claims the intention of the delays is to make my case and any other claim against Mr Robson fall into time bar - the usual practice from the legal profession then.

Such was the complication of the case, and the worry of the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman there may be a 'conflict of interest', my request for an investigation into the way the Law Society dealt with the Robson case was passed to the English Legal Services Ombudsman, who have had to sit on the sidelines and await a ruling from the court before taking up their investigation over 3 years since they were contacted to do it.

Michael Robson complaint - Philip Yelland to Legal services Ombudsman 18 Sept 2007

The Law Society of Scotland's Director of Regulation, Mr Philip Yelland, known to many clients who complain to the Law Society, wrote recently to the Legal Services Ombudsman's office in England, with as useless an explanation as ever, claiming the Law Society was 'powerless' to do anything while Mr Robson pursued the appeal against the Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal.

In reality, Mr Yelland and his colleagues at the Law Society of Scotland, have been only too happy to see the case drag on, and myself be constantly denied legal representation, to delay and destroy any chance of a negligence claim against Mr Robson being raised - the same trick they play on anyone else who tries to claim against a crooked lawyer ...

Following is a list of the Court appearances of Mr Robson, with excuse after excuse .. which usually revolved around playing tennis ... some of the quotes below ...

"Mr Robson was unable to attend as his employers were contracted to provide his services as a LTA tennis coach to West Lothian Council."

"Mr Robson had a tennis training course in the North of England from 15th - 17th May."

"Mr Robson was unable to attend this hearing as he was attending a tennis leaders course. It was the first course to be run in Scotland and he had been committed since June."

What where the Judges thinking of allowing Mr Robson to treat the court like that, amid the ruin and harm he had caused his clients ?.

The Law Society of Scotland's 'prosecuting fiscal' in this case is PA Reid, 'Solicitor Advocate' of Messrs Fleming & Reid, 180 Hope Street, Glasgow - perhaps known to others who have made complaints against crooked lawyers and seen a 'result' in any 'prosecution' before the Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal ...

Michael Robson v SSDT Page 1Michael Robson v SSDT Page 2Michael Robson v SSDT Page 3Michael Robson v SSDT Page 4Michael Robson v SSDT Page 5Michael Robson v SSDT Page 6Michael Robson v SSDT Page 7Michael Robson v SSDT Page 8Michael Robson v SSDT Page 9

Being slightly fed up with the way I was being treated, by the Law Society, the Court of Session, Mr Robson et all, I let slip the information, and at the weekend, the Sunday Mail featured the story.

Surely all this is a good example of why lawyers cannot be allowed to regulate themselves. Only fully independent regulation of the legal profession, will bring a measure of accountability & transparency to the way lawyers handle cases for their clients, and how complaints are handled when inevitably it seems, lawyers undertake very poor legal service.

Shamed Lawyer in Tennis Racket - Sunday Mail 21 October 2007

Shamed Lawyer In Tennis Racket

Oct 21 2007 By Russell Findlay

Exclusive Brief Accused Of Stringing Along Court With Excuses

A SHAMED lawyer missed a string of dates to defend himself against complaints - because he was too busy playing tennis.

Michael Robson gave the crazy excuse to Scotland's highest court after appealing against a punishment for ignoring clients' wishes.

He was disciplined by legal watchdogs in 2005 but the ruling remained secret because he appealed to the Court of Session.

Robson, 55, missed a court date in April last year as he was working as a Lawn Tennis Association coach.

In May 2006, he went on a two-day tennis training course in England and that September he was at a tennis "leaders course".

Client Peter Cherbi plans to sue Robson for failing to act in a medical negligence claim over the death of his mother in 2000.

Mr Cherbi claims Robson's delays may be a tactic to avoid a court case.

He said: "The deadline for my action against Mr Robson is next year when it will become time barred.

"I suspect he is cynically playing for time. It is extraordinary judges should accept a tennis match is more important than a court appearance." In 2001 the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal found Robson had ignored 50 letters from the Law Society, criticised his "cavalier attitude" and ordered that he work under supervision for three years.

In 2002 he was struck off but that was reduced to five-years of supervision on appeal.

He is banned from working as a solicitor as result of the 2005 ruling.

When we called Robson, of Ratho, Edinburgh, he said he would phone back but failed to do so.


Anonymous said...

The man Robson sounds a total loser.This should be on tv!

Anonymous said...

If you weren't involved in this Robson's action would have been thrown out a long time ago.Just another sign how much the legal profession can't stand to see you progress.

Anonymous said...

Serves Robson right.

Similar happened to a friend of mine before the ssdt.He threatened both them & the Law Society with a judicial review. they mucked him about for nearly a year before they let him off.Now he's being investigated for legal aid fraud so he wont get out of that one with the same trick !

Anonymous said...

What a joke.If this had been an ordinary guy not a lawyer the court would have chucked him and his appeal out ages ago.disgusting and did he ever say sorry ? doesnt sound like it.

Archie said...

Hi Pete

Mr Robson is one untrustworthy lawyer ! I wonder who else he did that to.

Keep up the good work mr !

H.Lamb said...

Terrible to read the story of what happened to your mother Mr Cherbi.Mr Robson seems to have only made the whole thing worse.I hope you get justice one day for yourself.You certainly deserve it.

all the best for the future.

Anonymous said...

Any system which allows this to go on has to be corrupt and it will be happening to more than you Peter.These lawyers can argue until the cows come home if they have to go to court for themselves but for anyone else they would have been thrown out on the first tennis excuse or even held in contempt.

Have you written to Alex Salmond about all this? If the SNP are going to help Scotland they will have to clean up this stupid justice system we have.Its terrible!

Sorry to hear about your mum too.The story of it read awful.hope you have recovered from it.

Peter Cherbi said...

#Anonymous @3.47pm

Yes, spot on.I think the judges have been told to let it go on as long as possible and the claims of the Law Society being powerless to do anything are, well, ridiculous as a few have said to me in emails.

#H.Lamb @1pm

Thanks. Yes, terrible for me and anyone else it happens to, and medical negligence happens a lot and gets covered up - or the lawyers mess up the case as Mr Robson did.

My mother's death was seen as a good day at the Law Society though, according to one of their own members of staff, who said that [you-know-who] 'went into party mode' when he heard about it, hoping it would put an end to my own campaign against injustice.It didn't.

#Anonymous @ 5.15pm

Alex Salmond has a lot of people writing to him about injustice and from what I hear they get just as flippant responses as they received from the previous administration.

Don't believe that just because some claim Scotland is in the hands of Scots at last, they will do more to protect their own (us) than the last lot. The knives of injustice can be just as sharp from those who may pretend to clothe themselves in the flag of the nation ...

If injustice is being tackled in Scotland and cleaned up by those we recently voted in, I have yet to see it, as have many others so do you really think writing in will do anything against cases such as Mr Robson ?

Al said...

#Anonymous @ 5.15pm

Concur entirely with your views on Mr Salmond and this “do nothing about injustice” SNP “Government”.

But then, from personal experience with these corrupt Parcel o Rogues, I knew this would be the case long before the Scottish electorate foolishly voted these self-serving liars and charlatans into power.

You just need to have a quick peruse at the McKie Forum to see what Kenny MacAskill, Salmond and this bent SNP “Government” think about injustice.

Keep up the great work Peter. And, as ever, my sympathies over the loss of you mother (RIP) under these very tragic and negligent circumstances – shame on that rogue Robson and shame on Borders General Hospital.

Anonymous said...

A good reply Mr Cherbi and a deafening silence from Mr Robson.
I read in the Herald he tried to make the court the cause of his conduct was being 'under improper influences' which I took it to refer to clients such as yourself,blaming everyone but himself for his own failure.No wonder people dislike the legal profession these days.

? said...

heard that one of your detractors called the office today.

just the usual badmouthing from lawyers trying to cover themselves so that means you are working on a story ? remember to share

Anonymous said...

You said earlier Don't believe that just because some claim Scotland is in the hands of Scots at last, they will do more to protect their own (us) than the last lot. The knives of injustice can be just as sharp from those who may pretend to clothe themselves in the flag of the nation ...

Yes Mr Cherbi I only wish others may wake up from their pre election dream and see we will never get what was promised.

Anonymous said...

How did you get that list of Mr Robson's court appearances ? I have never seen those kinds of papers published before.

Anonymous said...

Robson is a good example of what lawyers really think of their clients
Maybe we should all stop using these bastards who only want to rip us off and when they do theres nothing we can do about it

Anonymous said...

If as you say someone at this law society celebrated the death of your mum they need to pay for that and the rest of it with a lot more than money

Anonymous said...

The story is terrible and I hope you get some justice finally.Ive a feeling my lawyer is doing the same to me so I will be contacitng you soon for help

best regards

unhappy client of a lawyer

Peter Cherbi said...

#Al @ 5.15pm
Thanks.I wonder how many days need to pass before the Scottish 'Government' become an accessory & purveyor of injustice rather than a healer of injustice...Maybe time is already up ?

#Anonymous @ 12.47pm

It sounds like you are referring to Simon Bain's stories on Mr Robson in the Herald a couple of years ago.

Yes, Mr Robson blamed everyone but himself for his actions, but at the end of the day he had the duty to his clients to do the work, and as you can see from the Sunday Mail's report, and the earlier ones in the Scotsman, Mr Robson did nothing at all. Liars will say anything to get away with it, or do I mean Lawyers ?

# Anonymous @ 5.11pm

I got that list of court appearances, from the reluctant Law Society of Scotland.

#Anonymous @ 2.35pm

Email me the details of your case whenever it suits.

Lastly. There have been a few comments & emails relating to how Mr Robson and the legal profession in Scotland treated me and how some were happy at the death of my mum.Thanks for all your comments & wishes. This is not a unique instance I can assure readers from unpublished comments & emails I have received on this kind of thing. It almost sounds as if a few at Drumsheugh Gardens spend a few hours a day wishing their enemies dead. Well I don't wish anyone dead, I just wish them to answer for the injustice, suffering, intimidation, ruin, and hurt they have caused many people.How they answer for that is up to the Law, and the way people campaign on such issues for the law to change to ensure that those who commit injustice, thrive on it, and profit from it, are held to account as they should be.

Anonymous said...

point taken Peter but your stuff of restraint isnt for everyone
why should people roll over and let these fucking lawyers ruin their lives take their possessions houses everything and get away with it and put up with all the shit you have had to for all these years
if lawyers let lawyers off for what they do we shouldnt

Anonymous said...

The problem with that Peter is the lawyers control the law so no matter how much people sometimes shout its difficult to change things as you know yourself.

The legal profession must have taken half of your life and a good measure of many other people.Take some back and focus your campaign on compensation and getting people freed from this form of abuse which must make lawyers the biggest abusers in the country.

Anonymous said...

Wise and well chosen words Mr Cherbi.I can see why your critics in the legal profession cant stand to see you in print.

Keep up the good work.

I♥NY said...


I spent a lot of time tonight reading your blog Mr Cherbi and really have to say I will never come to Scotland again after seeing the way your legal and political establishment treat the rest of you.

What a disgusting evil set of people must be in charge of things over there to allow this kind of behaviour to go on and not do anything about it.I really hope you get some justice as people say you deserve and for anyone else affected by these legal abusers you write about.

If you ever need liberated maybe we can help you out !

A friend said...

# I love NY @ 4.19am

Too right!

Who the hell would want to live in a country where the ruling (SNP) government allows all that injustice to go on?! Of course, they have many vested interests to protect – not least MacAskill and Salmond I am told – so little surprise all that injustice continues to this day.

I’m so glad I don’t live there either, and others seem to be in full agreement with us on that:

KG, Edinburgh said...

All I can say is I'm horrified to read what happened to you Mr Cherbi and how the lawyers treated you over the years.From what you say and what I read this is all too common and people are entitled to feel aggrieved over how they have been treated.

Anonymous said...

I've just been reading what you said in the Scotsman today on the single survey story.Your comment sounded like people had been conned in a survey on a property.
This firm of surveyors in the Scottish Borders you are talking about.Is it Allied Lorne Browne by any chance ?

Anonymous said...

keeping a close eye on this blog as i cant stand lawyers either.

good work Mr Cherbi keep it up and update soon !

highland lass said...

Thank you Peter for giving me the determination to keep going - corruption and mistakes being covered are too common amongst Scotlands legal profession. Complaints get hushed up too frequently - time complaints were investigated by folk other than solicitors and dealt with like any other crime, in court by a jury. The actions are criminal, should be investigated and dealt with as such. No coverups, findings published in the papers like other court cases usually are.
Make them accountable, not to the Law Society but to society in general, pay proper recompense when found guilty of crimes.
A mistake is one thing but continual, recurring lying is something else and should be dealt with accordingly.
Sorry about you mum, keep fighting for the truth and justice.

digger said...

Very interesting the Office of the Legal Services Ombudsman is involved in this case although you are clearly in Scotland.

The OLSO is very corrupt you know,probably a lot worse than your version of it in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cherbi,

Sorry about your mum, the system as you well know is designed to protect doctor's and lawyers. People by and large are powerless against these professions.
I am a joiner and am a better person then these crooks will ever be. If I went to play tennis to avoid court I would be jailed. This lawyer evidently has friends in high places. I support you fully in your campaign for legal reform.

Peter Cherbi said...

# Anonymous @ 5.57pm

Yes, I agree .. and I note the Law Society fiscal who prosecuted Mr Robson has just been promoted to a part time sheriff's position ... which I will be reporting on soon.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cherbi,

I am sorry about your mum. I am not surprised the way you were treated. No wonder you set this website up, I wish you every success.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cherbi,

Judges allowing this guy to play tennis to facilitate the time bar principle shows three things:

Their sympathies are with the tennis playing lawyer.

They are protectors of the Law Society Master Fund.

They are making a public mockery of the legal system.

If a taxi driver failed to attend court a warrant would have been issued for his arrest. Seems to me they just do what whey want, because unlike the rest of us they are not accountable for their actions.