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One more ex-cop for anti-client Scottish Legal Complaints Commission as Justice Secretary hands out five year quango jobs at £212 per day

SLCCScottish Legal Complaints Commission to get more ‘lay’ board members after MacAskill say-so. KENNY MACASKILL, Scotland’s Justice Secretary has today announced three new lay member appointments to the board of the scandal hit, anti-client Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, the law complaints quango which was set up in 2008 to clean up on Scotland’s massed ranks of ‘crooked lawyers’. The appointments, one of which contains a soon to retire Grampian Police Superintendent, were made in consultation with Scotland’s Lord President, Lord Hamilton, who must give a wink his approval for the posts to be filled.

The new ‘lay’ members to join the board of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission will bring the number of former Policeman on the SLCC to three, with Superintendent Iain McGrory, who Mr MacAskill states is “about to retire as a Superintendent from Grampian Police after 35 years service”, now joining Tayside’s former Deputy Chief Constable Ian Gordon and former Chief Superintendent Douglas Watson to make three former senior Police Officers as ‘lay members’ on the board of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission.

Like his soon to be ‘ex-cop’ media famous colleagues already on the SLCC’s board, Superintendent McGrory also has some media fame, although this time possibly in a more positive light, for investigating disciplinary matters involving Police Officers, as a Sun newspaper article reports, HERE and a Press & Journal article mentions HERE. The two other SLCC ‘lay member’ appointments announced today are filled by, Fiona Smith, the former HR Director with NHS Orkney, and Siraj Khan who trained as a Barrister.

Lord Hamilton 2Scotland’s Lord President, Lord Hamilton must be consulted for approval of latest recruits to extravagantly funded SLCC board member positions. The three new ‘lay members’ who are supposed to ‘balance’ up the Law Society tilted Scottish Legal Complaints Commission will be happily receiving a very wallet friendly £212 per day for the next five years, for a remarkably little time commitment of up to six days per month, along with the usual expenses claims, which currently average out to a massive £10,000 approx per SLCC board member and the many other perks associated with being on what one msp called “A front company for the Law Society of Scotland.”

Interestingly, an earlier attempt to recruit additional lay members to the SLCC’s board in 2009 backfired, after one of the current SLCC lay members threatened to resign then had second thoughts. I reported on this in an article in July 2009, here : SLCC appointments scandal 'humiliation' for Justice Secretary as MacAskill forced to abandon new lay member recruitment

The three latest appointments to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission come after Mr MacAskill appointed Maurice O’Carroll, the Scottish Government’s own Junior Counsel to fill a ‘lawyer only’ position on the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission’s board, after no other member of the legal profession applied to join the tainted law quango. I reported on that story in an exclusive, here : Poisoned Chalice : MacAskill forced to parachute Government’s own lawyer onto Scottish Legal Complaints Commission after Advocates shun job offer

While the SLCC are portraying the fresh appointments as an attempt to improve its ‘Called to the Bars’ anti client image, it was revealed earlier this year in the SLCC’s 2010 Annual report that it has been so unsuccessful in doing its job, the quango which was started with a whopping two million pounds of public money has only upheld one single complaint in its three years of existence. You can read more about these revelations here : ‘One complaint upheld’, 928 more sent back to Law Society & £1.8million spare cash : Scottish Legal Complaints Commission's 2010 annual report

Today’s announced three ‘fresh faces’ to join the SLCC currently hold no other public positions, unlike the rest of their soon to be colleagues at the SLCC, a concern which was expressed by one Scottish Government insider after I featured an earlier report on the many jobs of other SLCC board members, here : More ‘jobs for the boys’ than action on ‘crooked lawyers’ : What it takes to be a Board Member at the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

The announcement from the Scottish Government :

MacAskill tight lippedAppointment of three new lay members to Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

The Cabinet Secretary for Justice today announced the appointment of three new members to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission.

The new members Fiona Smith, Siraj Khan and Iain McGrory.

Fiona Smith was until recently HR Director with NHS Orkney, with a wider strategic management contribution as a Board Executive Director, particularly through strategic planning, governance and organisational development skills. Previous roles with Standard Life Edinburgh have included three years as a customer services manager; 2 years as a marketing developing project manager; and four years as organisational development manager responsible for the operational and strategic management of a range of HR functions across Standard Life. Ms Smith brings governance, consumer handling and complaint resolution skills and knowledge to the Board.

Ms Smith does not hold any other public appointment.

Siraj Khan trained as a Barrister and was called to the Bar in March 2010. He is currently a research student reading for a PhD at the Department of Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, University of Edinburgh in the area of Islamic Law, Human Rights and Scriptural Exegesis. He has worked as an Immigration Consultant, an Advisor to students and staff at Brunel University and as a private clerk for a Judge at the Immigration Appeals Tribunal in London. He has represented clients in court in immigration, consumer, criminal and other matters and has around two years experience in arbitration and negotiation. He was appointed as the National Outreach officer for a national muslim youth association and since moving to Edinburgh has been appointed as the Deputy Regional Officer for Scotland and currently serves in this role on a voluntary basis. Mr Kahn brings complaint handling experience and a strong analytical capacity to the Board along with a clear understanding of diversity issues.

Mr Khan does not hold any other public appointment.

Iain McGrory is about to retire as a Superintendent from Grampian Police after 35 years service. He was appointed Head of Professional Standards at Grampian Police in May 2002. He held this post until June 2010, when the was seconded to the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS), Professional Standards Business Area, where he has led a small team to deliver proposals for new Police Complaints and Misconduct procedures. Mr McGrory brings extensive experience in complaints handling, and experience in good audit and internal control.

Mr McGrory does not hold any other public appointment.

These appointments will run for five years from a date to be arranged.

These posts are part-time and attracts a remuneration of £212 per day for a time commitment of up to six days per month.

The SLCC was established by virtue of the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007. Its main functions are to resolve complaints alleging inadequate professional service or negligence by legal practitioners, to refer complaints which allege professional misconduct or unsatisfactory professional conduct to the relevant professional body and to promote good practice in complaints handling.

This Ministerial public appointment was made in accordance with the Commissioner for Public Appointments in Scotland's Code of Practice. All appointments are made on merit and political activity plays no part in the selection process. However in accordance with the original Nolan recommendations, there is a requirement for appointees' political activity within the last five years (if there is one to be declared) to be made public. There is no political activity to be declared.


Anonymous said...

Nifty.Its fast becoming the Scottish Legal Police Commission if you also count Jane Irvine's term between 2001-05 as HM Lay Inspector of Constabulary.

Next year they might claim to have upheld a "whopping" two complaints against solicitors!

Anonymous said...

£212 per day for a few days work a month and £20,000 expenses ???? anyway what work is it they are doing if they only allowed 1 complaint in 3 years ????

Anonymous said...

Police pension not enough ?
I thought these jobs were being offered for people with consumer experiences ?
Couldn't they get anyone else ?

Anonymous said...

So this makes 3 ACPOS members or officers who worked at it on the SLCC.Just who is pulling the strings here ?

Anonymous said...

I hate cops as much as I hate lawyers, MacAskill's SS there to protect the oppressors of the Scottish people.

Anonymous said...

How can a country claim to have equal rights for all when these bastards are in charge?

What a sick country Scotland is.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry.Now they are on the SLCC they will be offered LOTS of public positions and plenty more salaries for a few days a year

Anonymous said...

Scotland’s Lord President, Lord Hamilton must be consulted for approval of latest recruits to extravagantly funded SLCC board member positions.

You approve them Arthur old boy, after all you and your profession are a cohort of criminals who are above the law. So approval of cops and lawyers will reinforce the strategy of the SLCC as a taxpayer funded protection racked for lawyers. You are no different from Al Capone.

Anonymous said...

Do not complain about any lawyer in Scotland. You are wasting your time.

Post the name of the scum on the internet, public policing of these bastards is the only way to go.

MacAskill only sees his colleagues as valuable, he would order executions of clients if he could get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Very revealing as always Peter.

I am now left wondering what motivated these three people to rush to join the discredited SLCC..

Anonymous said...

Why does Scotland's Lord President have to give his consent for lay members positions if they are supposed to be independent of the legal profession ?

Anonymous said...

Now the obvious question.Why are you not on this SLCC Mr Cherbi?

Anonymous said...

3 Policemen apply for jobs on one quango and get them ? I think something is amiss here.Whatever happened to 'Diversity' ?

Anonymous said...

"The SLCC was established by virtue of the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007. Its main functions are to resolve complaints alleging inadequate professional service or negligence by legal practitioners, to refer complaints which allege professional misconduct or unsatisfactory professional conduct to the relevant professional body and to promote good practice in complaints handling. "

Rubbish as Peter has already exposed the fact the SLCC only upheld ONE COMPLAINT IN THREE YEARS

Anonymous said...

MacAskill conveniently announced it on the last day of Parliament too so no one would pay any attention to it.

I think as someone has already pointed out we should be looking into why these people wanted to join the SLCC and who they are.

Keep us informed Peter as I'm sure you will.

Anonymous said...

Why should the public support the police with information when the police retire and oppress the public.

Perhaps you could give your opinion Peter. Is it worth voting in the May elections at all?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Police pension not enough ?
I thought these jobs were being offered for people with consumer experiences ?
Couldn't they get anyone else ?

22 March 2011 16:50

Obviously not!

Anonymous said...

The SLCC must be right up the SNP's hooter as I saw their ad on the Gathering website here :

Scottish Legal Complaints Commission
Why visit our stand?
Is your organisation an information provider?

If the answer is yes, the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission or SLCC, can help you to help your clients about making a complaint about a legal practitioner (we not give legal advice).

The SLCC provides a single point of contact for all complaints about legal practitioners operating in Scotland. We are a neutral body, operating independently of the legal profession and we aim to resolve complaints quickly and effectively.

Our Gateway Team respond to all initial enquiries and will explain how the complaint process is likely to operate, based on the information given by your client.

The SLCC can order work to be re-done, fees to be reduced and we can also award compensation. We are impartial, accessible and independent. Using our service is free.

We want to raise awareness of our work to organisations operating in an advisory role. We want to help you to help your clients.

The SLCC can provide speakers for staff training sessions, explaining the complaints process and how you may be able to directly help your clients.

If you would like further information about the SLCC or would like to discuss training for your staff, contact the Head of Communications on 0131 528 5111.
Our details
Contact person: The Gateway Team
Email: enquiries@scottishlegalcomplaints.org.uk
Phone: 0131 528 5111
Website: www.scottishlegalcomplaints.org.uk

They dont bother telling anyone they only allowed one complaint in 3 years !

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The SLCC must be the Law Society's wet dream

Anonymous said...

No wonder your msp called it a front company for the Law Society!

As long as the SNP are in power there will be no justice for anyone against crooked lawyers.Maybe other avenues should be explored?

Anonymous said...

Keeping it all in the Police lawyer family eh Kenny ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Cherbi you might be interested to know someone who works for the SLCC threatened my wife on the telephone about our complaint I can send you the details if you have an email please Mr Cherbi

Anonymous said...

Grampian Police dont have a very good disciplinary record and here's 2 from the Sun (one you've already linked) to prove it



Published: 05 Jan 2010

POLICE bosses have launched an investigation after officers used a patrol car to give two off-duty colleagues a lift home after a night out.

It's claimed the vehicle's blue emergency lights were switched on during the unauthorised trip.

An internal probe is under way at Grampian Police and the four cops involved could face disciplinary action.

Tory councillor Allan Donnelly said: "This is a misappropriation of police equipment. I don't expect officers to be doing this.

"They should book a taxi and wait for it to arrive like everyone else would have to."

The two officers are said to have picked up their two off-duty pals following a night out in Aberdeen last month.

They are also accused of switching on the patrol car's blue lights, which should only be used when responding to an emergency.

So far the identities or ranks of those involved have not been revealed, and no one is thought to have been suspended.

The force's head of professional standards, Supt Iain McGrory, said: "Preliminary findings indicate an incident took place.

"It is inappropriate for police vehicles to be used in this way and those involved appear to have fallen below standards expected."

When the investigation is completed, a report will be passed to Deputy Chief Constable John McNab, who will decide what action to take.

Tory justice spokesman Bill Aitken said the incident was a clear breach of police rules and should be dealt with accordingly.

He added: "One wonders what would have happened had that car been required to attend a serious incident.

"The public would have been deprived of police support at a vital time."

Anonymous said...

and another

Pee C dodges jail after rigging test


Published: 01 Oct 2009

A CROOKED cop who diluted his urine sample to dodge a drink-driving charge escaped a jail term yesterday - because he has lost his lucrative pension.

Sgt Ewan McHardy was convicted of tampering with the evidence following his arrest by colleagues.

Elgin Sheriff Court heard the suspended officer now faces losing his job of 23 years and missing out on pension pay-outs worth "several hundred thousand of pounds".

Fining him £6,000, Sheriff Ian Abercrombie told him: "I gave serious consideration to imprisonment. However you will also be punished by having to relinquish your pension." He told McHardy he didn't want to "incur extra cost" by caging him and said the size of the fine reflected "the severity of the offence".

Dad-of-one McHardy, 42, was stopped by Grampian Police colleagues who spotted him weaving across the road in March 2005.

They could smell alcohol and saw two cans of lager and a kebab lying on the passenger set of his motor.

After his arrest, he gave a breath sample which was three times the limit but said he couldn't provide two more samples because of a cold. A doctor came to take blood, but McHardy claimed he was scared of needles.

The officer, of Aberdeen, then gave a urine sample which was separated into two sealed containers - one for him and one to be sent for testing at an Aberdeen laboratory.

He sent his own sample to a different lab but was quizzed when "discrepancies" were found between the two. Further tests revealed McHardy's sample had been diluted.

Robert Cruickshank, defending, said McHardy would now lose out on a pension worth half of his £30,000-a-year salary. He added: "The impact of the conviction is huge, both in a social and financial sense."

Anonymous said...

What a surpise, more jobs for the boys - from a certain background.

Do NOT vote SNP.

Anonymous said...

If any client thinks this lot will protect their interests they are insane.

Lawyers are allowed to steal from clients, that is the bare faced reality, the state condons legal theft. If you lose the rag and turn to violence, the cops charge you, crooked procurator fiscals take you to court and the trash that ruined your business in the first place jail you.

Don't seem like justice to me.

Anonymous said...

and even worse look at this yet MacAskill claims McGrory was Head of Professional Standards at Grampian Police

GP must have slipped a lot since he joined ACPOS


Grampian Police complaints and race crime reports rise

Grampian Police has been told to take action after a large rise in complaints against officers and reports of racially-motivated crimes.

Complaints against officers increased by almost 70% from just under 300 in 2006/07 to almost 500 in 2009/10, according to a new report.

The number of reported racially-motivated crimes rose from 449 to 879.

However, detection rates improved from 59.9% in 2006/07 to 69.3%, above the the Scottish average.

The Accounts Commission and Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary for Scotland compiled the report.

It said Grampian Police and the joint police board performed well, but that more progress could be made.

The report said that the force considers members of the public are more prepared to make complaints because they have confidence in its willingness to deal with them.

It said that evidence suggests that the force was meticulous in recording complaints and this, coupled with changes in recording processes, may have accounted for some of the increase.

The report revealed an overall reduction in recorded crimes since 2006/07 and crimes of violence, indecency, dishonesty and reckless behaviour were at their lowest level for seven years.

Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, Andrew Laing, said: "Grampian Police force is performing well and demonstrates many of the elements of best value.

"Levels of public satisfaction are high and improving and, overall, crime rates in the area are falling.

"However, it is unclear why recorded instances of racially-motivated crime and complaints against the police have increased and the force should make further efforts to understand and explain this."
'Excellent report'

The force and the board are to produce an improvement plan to show how they intend to address the findings.

Chief Constable Colin McKerracher said: "This is an excellent report that acknowledges the tremendous effort that has gone into our strategy for delivering the highest quality of policing for the people of the north east of Scotland.

"Over the past few years we have seen our officer numbers rise, crime rates across the region fall to a seven-year low and with detection rates for violent crime at their highest level over the same period."

The force said it recognised and acknowledged the areas for improvement

Anonymous said...


Lawyer wife covered up scam

By Russell Findlay Sunday Mail 07 Feb 2010

A STUNNED home-buyer's £24,000 deposit was swiped by a mortgage broker whose lawyer wife then covered it up. Jim Wilson gave the money to Nigel MacFarlane, of Ideal Mortgages, but the adviser stole it and spent it. It then took 19 days for Jim's solicitor Catriona MacFarlane, 49 to tell him that the thief was actually her husband. Despite the deception, MacFarlane was not struck off by the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal. Instead she was fined £2,500 for professional misconduct.

Jim, from East Kilbride, said : "She had her knuckles rapped. Yet for almost three weeks, she hid the fact her husband had taken our money."

MacFarlane referred to her husband as "the broker” during the property purchase.

The SSDT found that MacFarlane's delay in revealing the truth deprived her client of independent legal advice.They also ruled that MacFarlane, a solicitor for 27 years, had acted "very irresponsibly" and that her actions were "contrary to the standards of conduct expected".

Suspicious Jim found out the truth when he confronted MacFarlane at her then employers, Glasgow firm Hasties. Jim said : "She put her head in her hands and admitted it. I had to take out an emergency loan."

Nigel MacFarlane visited Jim at his home and vowed to repay the cash, which he did.



Anonymous said...

On BBC news tonight I saw a man with a wife & child saying he didnt know if he could go on killing himself at work to make ends meat yet these PEOPLE on THESE QUANGOS are taking all the public money for themselves.



Peter Cherbi said...

Thanks for your comments on this article so far.

# Anonymous @ 22 March 2011 18:04

Serving on the SLCC is incompatible with my status as a journalist. Besides, it is clear the SLCC is the Law Society by another name.

# Anonymous @ 22 March 2011 20:46

If you would like to contact me via scottishlawreporters@gmail.com with further information I will look into your case.

Thanks to the person who posted several articles regarding Grampian Police ... I will look into those issues further ...

Some comments were not published due to their content ... however the sentiments are noted.

Anonymous said...

Some comments were not published due to their content ... however the sentiments are noted.


Anonymous said...

Hmm Grampian Police dont come out of this very well so as the other comment already asked where does this leave its former Director of standards ?

Anonymous said...

Yes typical politicians bury this on a hot news day and then there's the budget later on today now so no coverage but I'm sure the Law Society will find some willing east cost rag to give the SLCC another glowing write up a rag which no one bothers to read or believe any more

Anonymous said...

From what I've read of your blog I'm sure you expected this all along Peter.
Just the way the Law Society had always planned it to happen and it fits in with your earlier coverage & predictions.Carry on the good work!

Anonymous said...

Cops on complaints quangos, petitions closed to end self regulation and educate kids about the trash that lawyers and cops are.

Is this turning into a police state, next public dussent, will that be crushed.

No dissent no politics. The MSP's are low life traitors worse than the scum they protect. Theyt have closed these petitions because they do not want kids told what corrupt scum they are.

If it takes 100 years, the state will fail. Sweeping a problem under the carpet does not make it go away.

I stopped a man in the street the other day, and said "excuse me sir, are your kids safe from lawyers"? The conversation became hostile when I said the Law Society do not want your kids to know how lawyers steal, attempt murder, and ruin clients lives. The bastard was a lawyer, and his reaction was instant. Try it yourselves, tell everyone you meet what out loyal MSP's are. It is our duty to warn the public, the state want everything covered up.

Anonymous said...

sounds like the SNP are appointing all the ones they expect to give them support because all that stuff at the end of MacAskill's statement is rubbish - we all know these are political appointments no matter how they try to spin it

Anonymous said...

I found your posting about these jobs last year and from the terms of their ad I think they were hoping to snare you !


"As a non lawyer member you will have the ability to apply objective and impartial judgement to the resolution of disputes, have the ability to offer guidance on one or more of the following Commission activities: regulation, consumer rights, consumer advocacy, consumer needs and have the ability to contribute to an effective team.”

Good to see you stayed away from it because this SLCC is as crooked as the Law Society.

Anonymous said...

What would you say to someone thinking of putting up on You Tube a copy of a recording of an unnamed senior law official being very insulting of those of us forced to deal with his organisation ?

Anonymous said...

Kenny MacAskill has announced three new stooges for the Scottish Stooge Complaints Commission!One more reason to avoid the StoogeNP

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mr Cherbi you might be interested to know someone who works for the SLCC threatened my wife on the telephone about our complaint I can send you the details if you have an email please Mr Cherbi

22 March 2011 20:46

Was it a man or a woman ?
I think I've had the same treatment.
Who do we report this to ?

Peter Cherbi said...

# Anonymous @ 22 March 2011 23:44

Thanks ... I read all comments of course and note the sentiments expressed which many will doubtless agree with.

# Anonymous @ 23 March 2011 00:49

Yes I'm sure they will ...

# Anonymous @ 23 March 2011 12:42

I think the term "non-lawyer" has little meaning in the world of regulation of the legal profession. Perhaps "malleable" or "easily persuaded to see the Law Society's view" may hit the mark better ...

# Anonymous @ 23 March 2011 13:41

I'd say "Do it" and provide other media outlets with a copy at the same time ...

Clearly whatever the content of the recording is, it is certainly in the public interest it be disclosed ...

You might want to take into account the example of the video footage of Douglas Mill & John Swinney ... which had been reported in a newspaper although Mr Mill's resignation only came about after the video/audio footage was published ...

Anonymous said...

Its all so bare faced really and yet allowed to happen - Scotland's banana republic justice system at its best!

Anonymous said...

Nah I think the SNP will get back in because the rest of the parties look like crap and MacAskill will be Justice Secretary all over again along with the same old faces in their same jobs in Salmond's garden shed cabinet.Face it Peter Scotland is ruled by thugs who only get on because most of the population cant be bothered to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

The word regulation and the phrase legal profession are mutually exclusive.

The Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal stating not one lawyer prosecuted since the SLCC's inception proves that the SLCC are passing complaints to the Law Society for burial.

It also proves that the SLCC staff love lawyers and hate clients. The only logical conclusion we can draw from this is that lawyers are more dangerous now than they ever were.

The educated derelict at the SLCC who referred to Law Society Suicide Victims as "frequent fliers" is a nasty piece of work and representative of this low life profession.

Trust no lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Any profession who treats clients like dirt and expects those victims to be passive need their heads examined.

The Law Society is a union dedicated to ruining clients, and lawyers reputations are suffering for it. We clients are tenacious, defeat if not on the agenda, we will destroy the reputation of all lawyers, by warning others of the evil who enjoy ruining clients and heap insults on us for fighting back.

Anonymous said...


A family doctor described as a 'deviant' for downloading child-sex stories has escaped being struck off.

Dr Nicholas Spicer, 55, read the paedophile fantasies on his home computer between 2003 and 2007 while working with children as a GP. He was hauled before a General Medical Council disciplinary hearing, where he was described as 'a sexual deviant with an interest in children'. But he was cleared of misconduct and banned from practising for just six months 'on grounds of health'.

He was removed from NHS Herefordshire's list of GPs but is free to return to work in another area of the country from as early as July. Spicer, who worked at the Nunwell surgery in Bromyard, Herefordshire, has also evaded criminal charges because the stories are legally available on the internet. Child safety groups and even Spicer's wife yesterday condemned the GMC's decision not to strike him off the medical register. Spicer's disgusted wife Patricia has started divorce proceedings.

She said: 'People and professionals that I have spoken to are mystified about the decision. 'The GMC's mission statement is "protecting doctors, protecting people", but they are not living up to it.' Spicer is unrepentant and claims his behaviour was down to a medical condition.

He said: 'I have never been accused of being a paedophile, but it is obvious that people might wonder. 'I was examined by seven experts in the field of child-sex offences and six out of seven concluded that I'm not a paedophile. 'They concluded that I was suffering from a mild, well-capsulated medical condition, exacerbated by domestic problems.'

Michael May, spokesman for sexual abuse charity Survivors UK, said: 'I'm appalled by the actions of the GP and the response of the GMC. 'I find it extremely concerning that an educated professional, with intimate access to the most vulnerable members of our community, has been able to exploit a shameful loophole in the law.' At the hearing, Jason Macadam, solicitor for the GMC, branded Spicer 'a sexual deviant' and said the material was 'abhorrent and repugnant'.

Anonymous said...


Two doctors who left a trail of damaged and abused women during careers that lasted decades were allowed to continue practising because of a culture of complacency, separate inquiries reported yesterday. The scandals of the disgraced gynaecologist Richard Neale, who botched operations on women over more than a decade, and the GP Clifford Ayling, who was jailed for sexually abusing his patients over 30 years, have gone down in the annals of medical dishonour as among the worst in memory.

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Mr MacAskill,

You are good at regulation, I see you on the TV News acting as a front of a justice minister, but your kind of justice is what the SLCC have done since it's birth.

You are doing what I expect, keeping your lawyer colleagues safe and I hope you get a pasting in May.

The Law Society or the University of Glasgow will provide a post for you.

Anonymous said...

A funny thing happened on the way to the office - a colleague who read your blog all last night agreed the Law Society and the SLCC should be axed because both are self serving organisations who care nothing about consumers or the best interests of the legal profession.
Think about it Peter.Self interest and self preservation is more of a priority for the LSoS and the SLCC than the interests of those they claim to represent.

Anonymous said...

The three new ‘lay members’ who are supposed to ‘balance’ up the Law Society tilted Scottish Legal Complaints Commission will be happily receiving a very wallet friendly £212 per day for the next five years, for a remarkably little time commitment of up to six days per month, along with the usual expenses claims, which currently average out to a massive £10,000 approx per SLCC board member and the many other perks associated with being on what one msp called “A front company for the Law Society of Scotland.”


Anonymous said...

Yes I'm sure the quango positions will start flowing in for these new additions to the gang.In fact I bet the SLCC already have them reading Peter's report on their appointments.Hello SLCC I hope you are reading my comments and all the others here.Do you want to tell us why you are letting all the crooked lawyers off the hook ??

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog you have here Peter.Great to see someone ripping into the legal thuggery which goes on all around us.Taking apart this ridiculous image of lawyers being picture perfect is one of the best ways to educate the uninformed those who use justice to prey on people are the worst of the worst.

Peter Cherbi said...

# Anonymous @ 23 March 2011 22:03

Thanks ...

Of course, the blog like a part of any campaign is a collective effort on the part of myself and all of you who comment, those of you who suggest ideas, cases to investigate or ask for advice.

With regards to a comment received this evening at 8:18pm which cannot be published, I will look into the case if you forward some details to me via scottishlawreporters@gmail.com

# Anonymous @ 23 March 2011 21:37

The SLCC and apparently Jane Irvine actually do read the comments section, apparently with some vigour ... to the point they pay a company to monitor this blog. I will feature more details on this in a future article ...

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to say Peter although I think you are in a bit of a unique position to write the way you do and expose these legal thugs for what they are - trash

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

# Anonymous @ 23 March 2011 21:37

The SLCC and apparently Jane Irvine actually do read the comments section, apparently with some vigour ... to the point they pay a company to monitor this blog. I will feature more details on this in a future article ...

Yes Peter it is in their interests to read your blog and lets face it they would want self regulation ended if they were in our shoes. They do not care if it does not affect them.

Lawyers are bad news and so are those who protect them.

Anonymous said...

Peter they read your blog because it reflects the reality of the situation, your blog exposes lawyers and also those like MacAskill, a lawyer politician who believes we owe his chums a great debt. MacAskill is a bum justice minister, selective in who he thinks should be prosecuted.

He is on television at times but he never mentions a Diary of Injustice because it reflects the truth, not the coverups behind his and his predecessor who wanted to use the legal system to silence SACL. The SLCC Law Society protect lawyers behind a veil of corruption.

Anonymous said...

# Anonymous @ 23 March 2011 13:41

I'd say "Do it" and provide other media outlets with a copy at the same time ...

Clearly whatever the content of the recording is, it is certainly in the public interest it be disclosed ...

If this is the Montgomery/SLAB recording I am looking forward to hearing it

Anonymous said...

Very good Peter I'm glad to see the move to buy you off with an SLCC post didn't achieve its unstated aim.
Keep giving my former colleagues as many headaches as you can manage.

PS.Hi Jane.If you are reading!

Anonymous said...

We all know what happens to clients when self regulators receive complaints.

The greater the power of any profession the greater the need for independent policing of the profession so as not to create tyranny.

The latter reflects the current situation. As I always tell people Ms Irvine, TRUST NO LAWYER. Then I give them a list of internet sites and tell them Peter's blog, SACL, solicitorsfromhell.co.uk. Have a read I say, and think twice DO YOU NEED A LAWYER? Only criminals self regulate, and those that protect them are worse.

Au revoir ma cherie.

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An Earlier Article of Peters.

A legal insider today advised people making a will to make sure they left some form of second copy with a trusted source other than their lawyer, (SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT THE INTEGRITY OF LAWYERS) as it is now becoming increasingly popular due to the recession and ever decreasing profits of law firms for Scottish solicitors to abuse the contents of a deceased client’s will (GRAVEROBBERS) and pocket the money themselves, with the tactics used by Karus, telling one beneficiary it had went to charity, and informing the charity a new will had been discovered, becoming commonplace.


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Stuffing a complaints quango with ex cops and lawyers doesnt do much for its claim of 'independence' and remember clients are ultimately paying for this lot.Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info in the first comment,I hadnt realised Jane Irvine was Lay Inspector of Constabulary.
Given the poor performance of the SLCC I wonder what good any of these people including those currently on the board have actually brought to consumers?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter.I hear you were being discussed today at the SLCC..
I dont think they like you too much..

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment about putting recordings of SLCC operatives threatening clients on ytube, as I have a similar problem with sheriff court corruption on the grand scale and complaining to the sheriffdom business manager and offering up all the recordings (seven in all) has only led to an internal cover up. Quiet frankly any more harassment from them and I will give you a disc Mr Cherbi so their identity and crimes can be immortalised on ytube for ever.

Anonymous said...

MacAskill made a big mess of this SLCC although with things the way they are in the legal world and Peter the only one reporting the point of view of us consumers or clients the whole thing could have been set up to fail from the beginning.

Good thing you had nothing to do with this bunch of apologists for 'crooked lawyers'.I'm sure someone with your experience knew it was going to be a failure from the start anyway.

Keep up the good work Peter

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

same ex-cop..I wonder how secure the information really is haha..


Drug deal police girl jailed for two years


Published: 04 Jun 2010

A DRUG-dealing police worker who also nicked a stash of secret crime files was caged for more than two years yesterday.

Scheming Laura Young, 22, of Aberdeen, was caught selling cocaine to a woman at her home.

She was nabbed after being suspended from her job as a police custody and security officer for copying reports from Grampian Police HQ.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court was told how she even showed one confidential file to the person it had been written about.

And she also obtained a list of names of 40 people arrested in Operation Lochnagar - which aimed to clear drug dealers off the streets.

Young - who was sacked - admitted breaking data protection rules on five occasions between March and May last year and selling cocaine in April.

Yesterday Sheriff James Tierney jailed her for 28 months and fined her £1,250, saying: "The supply of cocaine is the scourge of many communities."

Afterwards, Supt Iain McGrory said: "We are satisfied appropriate measures are in place to ensure information held by us is as secure as possible."