Monday, March 26, 2012

‘Fear of the front page’ provokes Crown Office condemnation over media’s publication of SCCRC Lockerbie miscarriage of justice report

COPFS Bonuses Lord AdvoccateCrown Office hit out at media publication of report alleging miscarriage of justice in Lockerbie trial. AS surely as night follows day, Scotland’s institutionally inept and always-willing-to-hide-a-judge’s-criminal-record Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) have hit back today at the Sunday Herald’s publication (yesterday) of the Statement of Reasons issued by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) in connection with the case of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, in which the SCCRC appear to have sided with the vast majority of legal and non legal minds over the conclusion Mr Al Megrahi may well have been unjustly convicted by an unjust Scottish pantomime court based in the Netherlands.

Within the Crown Office statement, issued earlier today, it was stated “It is not appropriate or helpful to seek to try a case in the media. The only place to determine guilt or innocence is in a court of law. The trial court accepted that this was an act of State sponsored terrorism and that Megrahi did not act alone.”

Shooting the messenger is a favourite tactic of the Crown Office, particularly when any resulting publicity portrays Scotland’s prosecution service as anything less than perfect.

Therefore, news reports of the Crown Office being institutionally racist, instructionally corrupt, institutionally vindictive, or just plain paying themselves tens of thousands of pounds in bonuses, or covering up millions of pounds of legal aid theft by solicitors and seeing to it no one is prosecuted, and of course, more recently, concealing the criminal records of members of the judiciary, some of whom seem to have been giving the Lord Advocate’s PF’s their desired verdicts in trials, are not welcome in Chambers Street, and certainly not welcome in four feet high headlines in the press.

Clearly in the case of the Lockerbie Trial, the media, and campaigners are more interested & motivated at getting to the truth of what happened over Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988 than the Crown Office, or indeed the same discredited justice system which originally convicted Abdelbaset Al Megrahi in 2001, and which, we are now told by the Crown Office, should be relied upon once more to determine guilt or innocence.

Of course, it is a given that any appeal in connection with Mr Megrahi’s conviction must be decided by a Scottish court. However, as we have seen time & time again in Scottish courts, a very prejudicial venue where the Crown Office & their Procurators Fiscals seem to have the run of the playground, the question Scots may now wish to ask themselves is, can any of our judges now be trusted to come clean over the growing feeling their colleagues brought about a serious miscarriage of justice in the original Lockerbie Trial, and went on to cause many more miscarriages of justice to cover it up ?

The Crown Office Press Release attacking Scotland’s Sunday Herald :


The Crown notes the publication today by the Sunday Herald of the Statement of Reasons of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission in the case against Megrahi.

The Commission was working to facilitate the publication with appropriate protection for all of the persons named in it taking account of their human rights [articles 2 and 8] and issues of confidentiality. The unauthorised publication by the Sunday Herald today does not deal with any of these issues which rightly constrain all public authorities by law.

We have become very concerned at the drip feeding of selective leaks and partial reporting from parts of the Statement of Reasons over the last few weeks in an attempt to sensationalise aspects of the contents out of context.

Persons referred to in the Statement of Reasons have been asked to respond to these reports without having access to the statement of reasons and this is to be deplored. Further allegations of serious misconduct have been made in the media against a number of individuals for which the Commission found no evidence. This is also to be deplored. In fact the Commission found no basis for concluding that evidence in the case was fabricated by the police, the Crown, forensic scientists or any other representatives of official bodies or government agencies.

Other matters of significance are:

1. The SCCRC found nothing to undermine the trial court’s conclusions about the timer fragment, namely that it was part of a timer manufactured by a Swiss company, MEBO, to the order of the Libyan intelligence services.

2. The SCCRC report confirms that Tony Gauci was paid a reward by US authorities only after the first appeal.

3. No inducements or promises of reward were made by US and Scottish Law enforcement prior to his evidence being given.

4. At no stage was he offered any inducement or reward by Scottish authorities who acted with complete propriety throughout the case

5. The SCCRC recognised that Tony Gauci was not motivated by money and that he had allegedly been made an offer to go to Tripoli and be rewarded “by Libyan Government officials”

With regard to the differing accounts by Megrahi the Commission noted that:

i. There were inconsistencies and differences in account between his statements to an investigative journalist, his defence team and the SCCRC in matters of significance.

ii. He had “personal relationships” with various members of the Libyan intelligence services, including Senussi and accepted that he had been seconded to the Libyan intelligence services (JSO) and that Said Rashid was his superior in the JSO.

iii. Senussi was involved in his secondment to Libyan intelligence services (JSO).

iv. He had travelled with a Colonel in the Libyan intelligence services (JSO) on a false passport in 1987

v. Megrahi gave the Commission conflicting accounts of his connection to the Libyan intelligence services (JSO)

vi. Megrahi confirmed he had knowledge of a man in Spain who was assassinated because he was allegedly an American spy

vii. Megrahi has given a number of different explanations to his lawyers and the Commission about his presence in Malta and use of a false passport on 21 December 1988

viii. The SCCRC believed “there was a real risk that the trial court would have viewed his explanations … as weak or unconvincing” “In particular, the Commission notes the unsatisfactory nature of aspects of their (Megrahi and Fhimah) explanations and the various contradictions which are apparent both within and between their accounts.

Although it is possible there are innocent reasons for these deficiencies, they do lead the Commission to have reservations about the credibility and reliability of both as witnesses.”

The commission's role is to conduct an investigation and determine whether there may have been a miscarriage of justice. It does not follow that there was a miscarriage of justice, only the Appeal Court can decide that. It should be noted that not all referrals by the SCCRC result in convictions being overturned; less than half of convictions referred to the Appeal are overturned.

In preparing for Megrahi’s second appeal [which followed the Commission's report] the Crown had considered all the information in the Statement of Reasons and had every confidence in successfully defending the conviction in the Appeal Court for a second time. Although it is entirely a matter for the Commission if the case is referred again to the Appeal court the Crown will defend the conviction.

It is not appropriate or helpful to seek to try a case in the media. The only place to determine guilt or innocence is in a court of law. The trial court accepted that this was an act of State sponsored terrorism and that Megrahi did not act alone.

Investigations will continue to bring the others involved in the murder of 270 persons to justice. As a result the Crown will be making no further comment on the evidence in the case and on the Statement of Reasons.

Notably, the First Minister welcomed the Sunday Herald’s publication of the SCCRC’s statement, more on which can be read at Scottish Law Reporter Crown Office ‘misled court’ : SCCRC statement on Lockerbie Trial reveals possible miscarriage of justice over conviction of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi


Anonymous said...

Maybe the crown office will arrange a few crooked judges to look at the appeal..

Anonymous said...

All these corrupt Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service employees including Numerous Corrupt Lord Advocates should be immediately arrested and prosecuted, they have for decades perverted the Course of Justice, and allowed Crooked Lawyers, Advocates, Judges, Sheriffs, MSPs, MPs, Police, Senior Government and Local Authority Crooks to get away with Crime, Money Laundering,Drug Dealing, Paedophilia, Child Abuse, Property Theft, Murder, Child Kidnapping. Have Persecution, Harassed and Prosecuted Whistle Blowers who had evidence of Law Enforcers involvement in Crime and Criminality get away Scott FREE. Refused to Investigate Massive Fraud on the DWP, have been involved in covering up murder, allowing those guilty of Murder in Scotland to escape prosecution. The Judicial System in Scotland is proven to be INHERENTLY CORRUPT. Numerous Justice Ministers in Scotland have refused to take any action against all those concerned, when various Lord Advocates have written to those that have sent them evidence of Fraud, Corruption, Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering, to be told that your evidence HAS BEEN NOTED, was and has never been investigated, as the fraud, corruption, criminality, Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering was perpetrated by the Law Enforcers and Masonic Lodge Crooks in Scotland, who are all free from investigation and prosecution by our Corrupt Civil and Criminal Justice System. The thousands of Scottish victims of crime and criminality including theft of property which our corrupt Police say is a Civil Matter, cannot find and honest Civil or Criminal Solicitor and Advocate that will take on these cases that would expose this inherently CORRUPT SCOTTISH CESSPOOL OF SEWAGE. The Civil and Criminal System in Scotland Protects all these Criminal Scum. Our Scottish Police are 10 times more Corrupt than the totally discredited Corrupt Metropolitan Police ever were, and to see a Police force 10 times more corrupt that the Metropolitan Police is quite remarkable, but true, and they are getting away with these crimes, and who investigates an INHERENTLY CORRUPT POLICE FORCE, IT IS INVESTIGATED BY THE SAME INHERENTLY CORRUPT POLICE FORCE THAT IS COMMITTING THE CRIME AND CRIMINALITY. The big Scottish Criminal Joke System. And who also helps them get away with these crimes, the COMPLICIT SILENT SCOTTISH GUTTER PRESS, WHO ARE AS ALWAYS SILENT ON THIS FRAUD AND CORRUPTION.

Anonymous said...

Such a vitriolic press release from the Crown Office on such a well known miscarriage of justice (bribed testimony fiddled evidence etc) shows they are completely unfit to do their job or be trusted by the public.

If it happened to Megrahi the same has happened to hundreds possibly thousands of Scots in our own courts.

Anonymous said...

Salmond's statement is as bad as this one from the Crown Office.They have turned him into their puppet just like MacMuppet the Justice Minister.

These people make us all sick!

Anonymous said...

'The only place to determine guilt or innocence is in a court of law'

The problem with this statement from the Lord Advocate is that fewer and fewer people are listening because it is a fact that the Scottish Judicial System is a corrupt lie.

There is good reason why the Lord Advocate has not wanted this report to be made public until the weight of public pressure has demanded it.

That is it would reveal just how corrupt the Judicial System in Scotland is.

The Lord Advocate goes on to claim 'Scottish authorities who acted with complete propriety throughout the case'

This is a desperate statement still clinging onto the false belief that he and the corrupt judiciary are 'above the law'

Within his stinking statement you can see a thinly veiled threat that there is no prospect of any Megrahi appeal at the Appeal Court being allowed to be granted, despite the damning evidence to the contrary.

This will ultimately bring down Scotland's corrupt Crown Office and Judiciary and with it all of the other miscarriages of justice like the Hollie Greig case.

Scotland's People are fed up of lies and deceit being carried out in their name by those who insist they are 'above the law'

Anonymous said...

I love your description of Camp Zeist - "Mr Al Megrahi may well have been unjustly convicted by an unjust Scottish pantomime court based in the Netherlands."

This is exactly what the Scottish Courts are - a pantomime of the worst calibre.

Like you I'd rather believe the Sunday Herald than the Crown Office.

Anonymous said...

Salmond on damage limitation maneouvres yet again - why is no-one surprised I wonder.

Anonymous said...

It is alarming that the Lord Advocate harbors the misapprehension that Scotland's People believe a single word uttering from his lying mouth.

His actions over the Megrahi scandal is nothing short of a national disgrace.

He does not represent The People, instead seeking to help to protect his crooked friends.

If he is not actively involved in the solution then he is definitely part of the problem.

His utterances saying that the Scottish Authorities have acted always with propriety is akin to a schoolboy with a forefinger in each ear screeching, 'blah blah blah blah, I cannot hear you...'

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the previous posters on this news article.

The crown office acts like a criminal gang.

There is a very simple reason that the Megrahi show-trial was tried under Scot's law rather than English Law. That is that, the Scots system is completely corrupt.

It is a lie to say that it was due to the Scot's having jurisdiction, after all one of the Glasgow fire-attack airport terrorists was charged in a London court!