Monday, May 31, 2010

Law Society welcomes new President, firm has links to dishonest Borders solicitors who mishandled wills & executry estates

Law Society of ScotlandLaw Society of Scotland gets a new President, business as usual. JAMIE MILLAR, a partner with Edinburgh Law Firm Lindsays has taken over from Ian Smart as the new President of the Law Society of Scotland after what has been seen as one of the most problematic periods yet for the Scottish legal profession, who are facing everything from eventual regulatory reform to increased competition in the still-solicitor-monopolised legal services sector.

While the Law Society of Scotland have been kind enough to publicise the change of presidency by focussing on the usual self congratulatory messages, what Drumsheugh Gardens chose not to reveal was regulatory record, or the amount of client complaints made against the law firm of Mr Millar.

Scotsman coverage of some of the stories relating to Andrew PenmanLindsays bought up Borders law firm linked to Law Society-Penman scandal. Lindsays, who, on their website describe themselves as “ a highly-regarded Scottish law firm. We combine high levels of service with legal expertise to tailor the best possible outcomes and results for you, your business, or your family.” purchased a law firm based in Jedburgh, named Turnbull Simpson & Sturrock in early 2007 which were heavily involved in the maladministration of my late father’s estate by Borders solicitor Andrew Penman of Stormonth Darling Solicitors, Kelso, which used to be a partner firm to Turnbull Simpson & Sturrock until the Scotsman newspaper began reporting on the Law Society cover up of my complaint against Mr Penman.

Philip YellandThe Law Society’s Philip Yelland personally handled complaints against Penman & Sturrock. As the Scotsman continued to report on the Law Society’s whitewash of the complaints against Mr Penman, Turnbull Simpson & Sturrock’s senior partner, Mr David Sturrock took over the administration of my late father’s estate, only to make the actions of Mr Penman and the accountant/executor Norman Howitt (still working as an accountant at JRW Group) much worse, resulting in several more years of financial damage & negligence which was carefully swept under the carpet by the Law Society of Scotland in the true cover up style we have all come to expect from lawyers investigating themselves.

Turnbull Simpson & Sturrock JedburghJedburgh based Turnbull, Simpson & Sturrock – Complaints of poor & negligent service to clients were whitewashed by Law Society of Scotland. Equally many other complaints made against Turnbull Simpson & Sturrock by locals in Jedburgh & the surrounding area received a similar whitewash treatment, but as with many Borders firms, they only continue to survive because locals have no one else to use when it comes to legal services, hence you can get a situation where one day, someone brings a large ornate gold mantle piece clock into a jewellers for valuation, allegedly owned by a solicitor, but which in reality was stolen from a house of a deceased client whose will was being handled by that very same solicitor who claimed to own it .. and nothing done about the incident (& many others) by the Law Society or the authorities, although in the case of the clock, it was apparently returned to the family after the conscientious jeweller told the relatives of the deceased … (details ring any bells ? – PC)

So, don't expect any changes at the Law Society of Scotland this coming year which might benefit consumers, clients of solicitors, or anyone seeking redress or justice against ‘crooked lawyers’ … its more a case of ‘business as usual, burn the client for as much as you can, and if you do anything bad we will let you get away with it' but you expected me to say that anyway, because its always the case with the Law Society … business as usual …

If you are in the Borders looking for legal services and want any recommendations, well .. I wouldn’t recommend any legal firms in Jedburgh – simply, you’d be much better off just opening your front door and letting the burglars walk into your house .. because you can expect the same treatment if you take on any of the town’s law firms as your legal representatives …

The Law Society of Scotland’s announcement of their latest President, Mr Jamie Millar :

New President of the Law Society of Scotland

Jamie Millar, a partner with Lindsays solicitors, has become the President of the Law Society of Scotland.

Mr Millar (61) has been vice-president since May 2009, and was the Society’s Treasurer for three years before that. He has been a member of the Council for six years and served as a member of a Client relations Committee for seven years from 1997.

A trainee with the then Tindal, Oatts and Rodger, Mr Millar qualified in 1973. He was a partner with the firm from 1975 to 1986. From 1986 to 2006 he was a partner at Bishops and from 2006 he was a partner at Brodies.

Jamie has over thirty years experience as a corporate lawyer specialising in acquistions/mergers, joint ventures, trade associations and corporate governance.

“The Legal Services Bill has been the major focus for the Society in the past year and will continue to be in the coming months as the Society looks at how it could regulate the new business models as well as supporting the profession during their introduction.

“The Society is continuing its modernisation programme to meet the profession’s needs now and into the future, and with that the profession continue to be consulted and asked for feedback as we develop services which will support them during this challenging time.

”Scotland’s solicitors play a major part in Scotland’s economy and I would like that to be recognised. The Society will continue to promote the profession to attract business to Scotland and enhance our economy.”

One of the key areas of work the Society is focusing on is the implementation of its review of education and training in 2010-2011.

Thursday 27 May

To sum up the latest President, his own quote seems appropriate : ”Scotland’s solicitors play a major part in Scotland’s economy and I would like that to be recognised. The Society will continue to promote the profession to attract business to Scotland and enhance our economy.” - Yes they certainly do, although not always in an honest manner, as the complaints statistics over the years have & continue to illustrate ...


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming this is one of the reasons he got it.After all name me one law firm which isnt linked to crooks (within or outwith)

On the basis of what you've written I don't suppose you will ever recommend Lindsays to anyone now !

Anonymous said...

"A highly regarded Scottish law firm" says Mr Millar !

Don't make me laugh.Anyone with an ounce of sense knows to keep well away from doing their legal business in Scotland.Pity the unfortunate locals as Peter says who are forced to use your legal colleagues for a pickpocket experience!

Anonymous said...

Mishandling wills & executries seems to be a good money spinner for LLB qualified criminals

Even a friend of mine who works for RBS told me just as you have said to avoid making a lawyer executor in a will because as they put it its a license to steal

Keep exposing the crooks !

Anonymous said...

You know Peter,we might be better campaigning for the introduction of Sharia Law when it comes to dealing with legal thieves.
In Sharia Law,with the greatest respect to those who use it,one of the punishment for thieves is amputation of hands.

I'd like to see how the legal thieves cope after having their hands chopped off !

Anonymous said...

As a Law Society member of many years experience Jamie Millar, former Treasurer of the Society, can be relied upon to do what is expected of him.

For example, several years later there is still no progress in identyfying who attempted to murder the accountant investigating financial dealings relating to the Law Society.

Anonymous said...

Anyone buying into a firm of bent lawyers would be suspect in my mind so thanks for letting us all know.

I certainly wont be using Lindsays and will spread the word for you as I dont like crooks getting away with robbery.

Anonymous said...

I liked the story about the stolen clock being returned to the family after the lawyer was found out.It involves one of the lawyers in this post,right ?

Keep up the good work kid !

Anonymous said...

Lindsays don't have a good track record so this doesn't surprise me one bit.

Anonymous said...

I know someone who had a lot of problems with Lindsays so would not recommend them either.As seems to be typical the Law Society also refused to do anything to help the client concerned.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about the buyout in 2007.Why they would taken on such a firm escapes me.TS&S will never be remembered as one of the greats as you seem to point out very well.
I think there is still some link with Stormonth Darling there so you may want to check that one out.

Do continue to keep us on our toes Mr Cherbi !

Anonymous said...

Very good Peter
I can see why the Law Society hate you so much with all this information you have.Its a pity though that so much money has been diverted to fight you and the reforms you brought in while I'm sure most of it could have been settled by striking off Mr Penman a long time ago as he should have been.

Anonymous said...

You stirred up a hornets nest with this one Peter.LSS doing their nut about you exposing their shiny new President as a has-been!

Anonymous said...

A relative of mine has their will with Lindsays so I printed off your blog and let him know.He called this morning to say he is cancelling it after what Sturrock and Penman did to yours

Anonymous said...

New President what is the saying, "birds of a feather flock together"

Lawyers and trust are mutually exclusive, unless the trust is between lawyers of course.

Penman's career was more important to the Law Society of Scotland than Penmans clients. Now the Law Society has facilitited the campaign so that the public see Penman in every lawyer and you fools want this organisation to keep representing you. Personally I adore the Law Society because they are the ones who have ruined all lawyers through their cover ups. We can only highlight corruption if it is there, that is why you lawyers are in a mess now.

Anonymous said...

If it has LLB after its name combined with a Law Society practicing certificate beware. 99% of lawyers are corrupt and they give the rest a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Performance related pay, lawyers get paid whether the client wins or not. Where is the incentive to win the case?

Lawyers screw legal aid, and clients and Law Society and Legal Aid Board cover it up. The pot of gold is shared so they protect each other. No wonder they want to keep self regulation.

The reality is that by reading for a certain degree, people can enter professions where criminal conduct is an accepted way of life, where if you do wrong more wrongdoers cover everything up. Self policing and corruption go hand in hand, it is about money and continued condoned injustice towards clients.
I urge all MSP's to end this now?

Anonymous said...

A letter from Stuart Usher states sacl/info named and shamed on their website Lawyers, sheriffs, procurator fiscals, judges, Law Society personnel and not a single one of them ever denied it.

Well Stuart there is omnipotent power in the truth. Look at the child abuse in the churches, MP's expenses, lawyers, the day is coming when every member of the public will look at a lawyer and say there is a criminal. I tell my children Stuart lawyers are allowed to steal their money, because the people who watch what they do allow this to keep happening. I tell their friends the same, truth has formidible power. Lawyerw will never take their accusers to court for two reasons.

Elevating the issues in the public arena.

They would be using the law to attempt to silence victims. They would be crushing free speech. Dissent Stuart through your campaign, Peter's, solicitors from Hell, and many other websites is growing. Dissent on the periphery becomes more mainstream and challenges established ways of thinking. Self regulation is a result of evolution in the professions, and ideology that encourages injustice. Your websites are doing what the Law Society of Scotland have NOT been doing, exposing criminals within their ranks.

Best wishes to you and your family Stuart, and thanks for your website and hard work. Victory to the dissidents.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A relative of mine has their will with Lindsays so I printed off your blog and let him know. He called this morning to say he is cancelling it after what Sturrock and Penman did to yours
It is posts like this that make my day, this strategy will supercede the Law Society. Uncontrolled power is dangerous.

I also applaud any local or national newspaper who will report on these issues, those editors have guts and are worthy of respect. Editors (some of you have) join the campaign to end legal dictatorship in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

From personal experience I warn the public that this profession are very dangerous. Get educated from the dissidents to try and avoid becoming a victim.

Douglas Mill is quiet at the moment, do you still support ending self regulation Douglas? Why don't you tell the Justice Committee that? I think in many ways you will be a decent man Douglas (lets be fair) but you were not fit to receive complaints about fellow lawyers. Fight to end self regulation Douglas, there is a radical idea for you. Truth always crushes injustice Douglas, that is why you had to resign.
You know as well as we do complaining to the Law Society about a lawyer and expecting fair treatment is like a physicist attempting to reverse gravity.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

The story about the clock makes me wonder what on earth the Police were doing when all this was going on.Where they told to look the other way or were they out eating doughnuts ?
If a clock went missing I am supposing a lot of other stuff went the way of the lawyer's pockets so why did the Police not do something about it or are they all in each other's pockets down there ?

Very fishy Lindsays then bought up such a dishonest company.Its enough to make you wonder how honest they are as someone already pointed out.I certainly wouldn't go near them with a barge pole after reading all this and if their boss has been made President of the Law Society well there's a description for that : Chief R*t fits my conclusion although I'm open to debate !

Anonymous said...

After reading Mr Millar's 'interview' in the Scotsman today I'd say the last comment is about right.Clearly you dont rise to such a position unless.. well I think the term "enough said" fits very well!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

After reading Mr Millar's 'interview' in the Scotsman today I'd say the last comment is about right.Clearly you dont rise to such a position unless.. well I think the term "enough said" fits very well!

7 June 2010 20:09

You just need to look at who are & have been in charge of the Law Society all these years - definitely a few people you wouldn't let your children go anywhere near if you had any sense.