Saturday, September 20, 2008

A silent walk for justice – a chance for everyone to do something against injustice in Scotland

It is painfully obvious to many in Scotland the Government, even our so beloved SNP Scottish Government, our own people, are not attending to the needs of the country when it comes to Justice and Law.

What we have been so used to complaining about for years under previous administrations, continues under the present Government with little or no change at all .. in fact, some would say, the levels of injustice are rising, as the present Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, seems unwilling or unable to put a first foot forward and do something for his fellow countrymen and women, a simple little thing, which would be to resolve cases of injustice, and bring reconciliation to thousands of people who have became victims of Scotland’s failing justice system.

A proposal has come forward for a ‘silent walk for justice’ which I believe we should all support.

It is surely in our best interests as a people, to bring to the attention of the rest of Scotland, the fact there exists a terrible scar on the face of our country – our failing justice system which now only serves to protects itself against the many mistakes it makes, and many victims it creates.

The proposal, which I hope all of you will become involved in some way, and attend :

Dear All of You.

People are innocently put to jail, while the criminals walk free. Families are fighting for years and years to get crimes that were committed to their loved ones investigated, but in vain. There are victims of crimes that are not compensated and cared for. People are robbed by the council, of the Common Good Land that was donated to them ages ago. There are violence against women and sexual abuse against children, lawyers cheating their clients, authorities withholding information and covering up, and so on. The list could be long and all of you reading this have your own severe cases to add.

A well functioning justice system is one of the foundations of a human and civilized society, and that is what we want this great country, Scotland, to be. Living in a democracy we also have the right to chose those who are to represent us politically. And we also have the right to express our selves when we are not content with their job or the conditions of society.

Therefore we are writing this letter to all of you suffering from injustice. Let’s come together and make our voices heard. We suggest that we make “A Silent Walk For Justice” to show politicians, media and the public of Scotland that we are not satisfied with the current justice system and that we want a change, now.

Let´s walk the Royal Mile down together from the castle and stop outside the Parliament. All of us bringing pictures of the ones, or what, we are fighting for and candles to lit outside the Parliament in the dark. Let us also put a short text together where we ask for justice for all of us, that we all sign, and hand it over to The Minister of Justice Kenny MacAskill, or who could be willing to meet us outside.

We want this walk to be absolutely peaceful and silent and let our pictures and candles speak for our mission. Our suggestion is that we make The Silent Walk for Justice one afternoon the first week in December, since we then will be in Scotland for the anniversary of my daughter Annie Borjesson’s suspicious and unsolved death. We will get back with day and time for the Silent Walk for Justice as soon as Mr. MacAskill has replied to what day he can see us.

Please write to let us know if you will be able to attend or if you have any suggestions about the walk. We also need one man and one woman to speak for us when handing over our request.

Hope to hear from you all. Remember that one and one we may be weak, but together we will be strong!

Guje Borgesson and Maria Jansson.


Anonymous said...

Yes I'm all in favour of it Mr Cherbi.

Maybe some people who actually want to do someting will show up.Good luck to all.

MacAskill is corrupt ... get the crook out today said...

Whilst this is a very laudable idea by Mrs Borgesson (which I am willing to support and attend), I fail to see what changes there will ever be for injustice victims in Scotland when we have such a crooked and corrupt ruling SNP "Government" in power who are turning a blind eye to and, in certain very well-known cases highlighted repeatedly on this blog, even causing the injustice against THEIR OWN SCOTTISH CITIZENS.

So long as the "Scottish Nazi Party" remain in power, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE ... unless we can oust our crooked, rotten and corrupt "Justice" Secretary and show Salmond that we will no longer tolerate the many obvious injustices under HIS MISRULE today.

Count me in for the "Silent Walk For Justice" ... and to have a word or two with MacAskill too ... though, I doubt he wants to see me somehow ... or anyone else who attends!

You can always catch him at his constituency office, the parly, St Andrew's House or at Bute House every Tuesday too ... now, there's a splendid idea folks!

I'm sure MacAskiill, Salmond, Sturgeon (Swinney, Hyslop, Lochhead) et al will welcome all injustice victims who attend and have a few quiet words in their ears......

Anonymous said...

You are a fearsome man Mr Cherbi encouraging all these protests.
Can't you give these poor Scottish Nats in the trough a break?

Peter Cherbi said...

# Anonymous @ 4.29pm

Thanks and please attend if you can.

#"MacAskill is corrupt ..." @ 5.10pm

Yes, well its up to the people to do something which the Government is clearly not willing to do - despite shouting about it for so long in opposition. Pity the country when the Government of our own fails us ...

# Anonymous @ 6.50pm

Well at least I'm doing something. The more people who raise injustice and decide to do something about it, the better for us all.

Michelle Fleming, Edinburgh said...

Well done Peter for giving this request some attention.I hope Mrs Borgesson gets as many people into that march as possible for all our sakes!

Anonymous said...

Good idea.Hope it gets a following

Anonymous said...

I'm all in favour of protest because if we don't protest about something we never get anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Is this walk about all injustice or just a particular theme?

Anonymous said...

I am all in favour of a march on Salmond's Office, but to get the most from this I beleive it must be made known to the foreign press and TV stations, as out own 'independent' press in 'the cradle of democracy' have time and again shown themselves to be a thoroughly selfish and spineless lot - and we must not forget PR that can be gained on the internet.

Anonymous said...

This Silent Walk For Justice will get you nowhere I'm afraid.

You are handing your cases of perceived injustice (and Annie almost certainly committed suicide - very sad, tragic and painful to accept and hear as that will be I'm sure) to the very man who has created all Scotland's current injustices in the first place. He is simply too close to the legal establishment (and establishment generally) in Edinburgh and Scotland to do anything for you all or to care a jot either.

My advice is to go straight to Salmond's door and demand MacAskill is sacked, as he is the one who is perpetrating all the injustice in Scotland today. Get rid of him and that will be a part of your injustice problems gone.

I am very very sorry for Mrs Borgesson and the premature loss of her daughter, Annie. But sometimes it is just far too painful for a mother to accept the loss of a child under tragic circumstances like this and she looks for other reasons beyond what is now becoming more and more obvious to many who previously considered foul play in this case.

I know these are not words that will be easy to read, but it really is time to accept what the Scottish authorities are saying in this case now and try to get on with the rest of your life. I'm sure Annie would have wanted it that way too.

If this Silent Walk For Justice does go ahead in December, I wish you well with that. But, like I say, you really need to focus your sights elsewhere in Edinburgh and a bit higher up the ladder than Mr Injustice MacAskill. You are wasting your time going to him, that's for sure.

My sincere condolences for the premature loss of your child and no malice intended in this message to you whatsoever.

Good luck for the future.

(Please delete previous if it reached you - probs with web).

Anonymous said...

I am firstly sorry for your loss. I support the idea of a silent walk but it mmust be properly organised to have proper effect. I will attend and will encourage all who can to attend.

"Justice, Integrity, Compassion, Wisdom"... said...

"Justice, Integrity, Compassion, Wisdom"...

These, of course, are the four words inscribed on the Mace at the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh.

Trouble is, I certainly don't see Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond; the INjustice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill; or this SNP "Government" living up to any of these fine words - nor ANY Scottish politico for that matter.

I mean, what have they done to tackle your injustice? Have they really helped you and taken on the authorities on your behalf? Have they really ever challenged the local authority, local constabulary, legal profession, Law Society, judiciary or any of Scotland's institutions for you? I mean really and properly challenged any of these institutions? I doubt that very much.

The reason, quite simply, is that Scotland's politicos are too in bed with Scotland's legal establishment and institutions to do anything for you. The whole political and legal system is so incestuous, rotten and corrupt it's akin to any Banana Republic on the planet.

Good luck to everyone out there seeking the truth and justice. But you will NEVER find it amongst those 129 charlatans at Holyrood, and that's a fact. That reminds me: What do you call 129 MSPs at the bottom of the North Sea? A good start!

On a serious note, my best wishes and good luck to all of you out there seeking the truth and justice for yourself or your loved ones.

Believe me, in Scotland, you need it ... cause the "justice system" is one of the most corrupt on the planet ... especially when Scotland's politicos are so in bed with those legal masters.

It's as rotten, corrupt and incestuous as you will find anywhere in the world.

True or false? I think we all know the answer to that... !

I wish you all well in your pursuit of justice in Scotland.

Justice, Integrity...

Anonymous said...

Gandhi who was a great man said that injustice must be made visible

That is just what we can come together and do at the SILENT WALK FOR JUSTICE.

A very important thing is that some of the persons that has answered and wants to join us all in the silent walk. "They fight alone" they have no campaigners or friends or even family to support them. This must change!

My heart cries out and I remember how that felt, we were fighting alone and knew only a few persons in Scotland. But then when we came in contact with organisations and campaigners they all showed us that they cared and they all reached out their helping hand and we were graced, not only with good advices and names of others to get in contact with we also found new friends.

There is also cases that is "darkened" and those perticularly can grasp this oppurtunity to join.

So by joining forces we also reach out a helping hand to each other-and we also reach out our hands to those who until now have fought alone.

And the injustice will be visible.

The authorities can easily put out the fire if we are alone but when we come together they can not turn a blind eye to all the different injustice cases!!

We must raise our sight higher and work together since all of us have the same goal, namely to get Truth and Justice. Therefore we must not judge each other and each others cases. All people are equally worthy when campaigning for our loved ones or for our own case.

What a corrupt little country Scotland really is.. said...

Sat 22.11.2008 11:29pm

"What a corrupt little country Scotland really is.. "

"In response to the previous posting …

The problem you have with politicians being held accountable to the electorate is that, once they are voted into office, you can never really hold them to proper public account until the next election - unless they are involved in some major criminal activity or other scandal ... and get found out and exposed. So, in the case of the politicos at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh (Holyrood), you have them in office until May 2011, like it or lump it - and 2010 at the UK Parliament in London (Westminster), where it seems probable the Conservative Party will regain power, having been out of office since May 1997.

The politicos in the Scottish Parliament, under the then ruling Scottish Labour Government (First Minister Jack McConnell), were the ones to set up the Scottish Public Services "Ombudsman" (Alice Brown) in October 2002. But they are more concerned with protecting Scotland's public service organisations than they are the Scottish public, and the politicians have done nothing to abolish this sham organisation and start again ... probably because there are just too many vested interests at play.

The politicians in Scotland are also too close to the lawyers and, to a large extent, very much in the pocket of the Law Society of Scotland (the lawyers ruling body in central Edinburgh), so there will be no major legal reforms and the status quo will remain ... especially with an SNP Government in power and a former lawyer (Kenny MacAskill MSP) in charge of Scotland's "Justice" Department - who himself is undoubtedly in the pockets of his lawyer colleagues and as corrupt as they come.

So, there will be no change for those seeking justice in Scotland with MacAskill, Salmond and the SNP in charge of things ... and the sad thing is, Scotland's 5 million souls are stuck with this bunch of crooks until May 2011 and can do nothing about it. Now, that's what I call a democracy ... and "justice".

I certainly think there should have been a Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) into Annie's premature tragic death 3 years ago, and that may have given her family some of the answers they still seek. But this SNP Government (MacAskill and Salmond especially) and their re-appointed Lord Advocate (Elish Angiolini) and her Crown Office have refused to grant an FAI ... and never will now.

I would caution all Swedish nationals (and all foreign nationals for that matter) from ever moving to Scotland to live ... or even just to visit. After all, if this is the way the country is ruled and governed, and the way those rulers treat their own fellow Scots, just how might they treat foreign citizens who decide to visit or live there? Isn't the shabby treatment by the Scottish authorities of Annie's tragic case and her family a prime example of how they treat those who dare to ask questions of those in authority?

I wish Annie's family well and I hope they can find some peace of mind in the very near future and can somehow get on with the rest of their lives ... and leave corrupt little Scotland to continue as it always has and always will ... especially whilst this rotten and corrupt SNP Government continues to rule ... and the poor deluded Scots who voted this bunch of impostors into office continue to let Salmond, MacAskill and the SNP fool them as they have since scraping to power 18 months ago in May 2007. God help Scotland with this bunch of charlatans in charge.

Annie. Your mother, family and best friend have done you proud ... but the Scottish authorities have miserably failed you - and your family and best friend … just as they continue to miserably fail thousands of others who seek the truth and justice for cases of criminality, corruption and wrong-doing at the hands of the various Scottish authorities.

What a corrupt little country Scotland really is … and people should stay well clear of it if they have any sense.

There is simply no proper truth and justice to be found there ... for those who dare to challenge the corrupt ruling authorities."