Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Justice Secretary 'lacking leadership' over independence of legal complaints commission

The bitter battle over who controls the 'independent' Scottish Legal Complaints Commission continues as spokesmen for the Justice Minister confirm that public sector staff from the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman are effectively to be left in the cold on salaries and workplace opportunities.

This is in stark comparison to staff from the Law Society of Scotland who are transferring over to the 'independent' SLCC with larger salaries (up to £18,000 more) and apparently greater prospects for career advancement and promotion, and all because it seems, the Law Society of Scotland says so.

As I revealed in an earlier report on the latest round of problems to hit the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, moves were being undertaken by the Law Society with the tacit approval of the Scottish Government's Justice Department to 'force out' staff from the former Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman's office, who have for years, investigated the way in which the Law Society of Scotland has so poorly investigated complaints against lawyers.

You can read my earlier article on this issue here : Law Society target ‘outsider staff’ for exit at Complaints Commission as lawyers undermine attempts at independent regulation

The Law Society of Scotland, frustrated by the fact there will be members of staff from the Ombudsman's office working at the new Complaints Commission, want the SLCC staffed entirely by Law Society staff, many of whom, of course, will still be members of the Law Society of Scotland itself. Hardly a fair arrangement to plant one's own staff into a new, allegedly 'independent' regulatory body, with the sole intention of undermining its independence from the very start ...

One of the main fears of the Law Society is that the former Ombudsman staff will be outwith the control of the legal profession, and most probably feel no blinding loyalty to report home on cases and investigations into crooked lawyers which are in progress .. and more worryingly for the Law Society, the former Ombudsman staff may at times be prone to blowing the whistle on whitewashes of client complaints, which have been standard at the Law Society for nearly two decades.

The Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill commented further late last week on the difficult circumstances which staff at the new Scottish Legal Complaints Commission find themselves :

Law & Courts Directorate"Staff from the Law Society of Scotland and the office of the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman are eligible to transfer to the Commission under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE) and the Cabinet office Statement of Practice on Staff transfers in the Public Sector (COSOP) respectively. Staff consultations are still underway in both organisations and decisions on whether or not to transfer will be taken by the staff involved once this process has been completed."

So ... while the Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) regulations seem to be protecting the staff from the Law Society quite well .. it seems from background reports, the Ombudsman staff are being frozen out of discussions and decisions, in the hope they wont transfer over, and the Law Society can get its wicked way, stuffing the new Complaints Commission solely with its own staff !

Kenny MacAskillMr MacAskill continued : "Once the Commission is established, a harmonisation exercise will take place involving senior management and staff representatives from both former SLSO and former LSS staff who will discuss differences in employment terms and conditions and proposals for their resolution. The timing of this harmonisation is for the Commission to consider in due course."

However, with no foreseeable increases in budget .. which the SLCC will have to work within, and the rich pickings of the SLCC members at £300 plus per day of attendance, it seems unlikely there is any great wish to match the £18,000 extra which Law Society staff will be demanding from the new Commission against those public sector employees of the former Ombudsman's office.

An insider at the Scottish Government when asked for comment stated "There has been significant lobbying from the Law Society on the issue of their staff transferring to the new Commission and the Justice Department team either don't understand or don't accept the importance of having the former Ombudsman staff on board".

A good and cunning plan then, to force out the poor Ombudsman staff, and see the Law Society of Scotland gets its way, ensuring that what was to be a new broom of independence in dealing with complaints against lawyers in Scotland, is staffed and controlled by the very people who have always been dealing with complaints against lawyers, and that is .. more lawyers.

A source within the Law Society yesterday confirmed that plans were still going ahead to force out the Ombudsman staff from the new Complaints Commission, reporting to me in a stark comment : "It is being seen as vital the profession keep control over regulation of complaints at all levels in the new Commission.These Ombudsman staff cannot be trusted to tow the line if a conflict between the Law Society and the Commission arises".

So there we have it - the Law Society can't allow anyone else to handle complaints against lawyers because if such a thing were to happen ... Scotland would find out just how corrupt some solicitors have become or have always been – as some could well attest to.

However, Scotland might also find out the histories of some of the Law Society staff who intend to transfer over to the new Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, and there is no shortage in information now coming out about what some of those individuals have been up to over the years.

Indeed, the Law Society has become so concerned of revelations concerning the complaints handling records of their members of staff transferring over to the new Complaints Commission that a block has been put on naming and identifying those individuals, even by the new Commission itself.

This secretive move by the Law Society is being seen as an attempt to prevent members of the public from finding out that Law Society staff who have ruined and mishandled so many complaints in their present positions will transfer over to the new Commission with the likelihood that once in place, they will revert to the old ways of whitewashing complaints against colleagues in the legal profession, or worse still, report back to the Law Society on every case they are handling at the new ‘independent Complaints Commission.

Perhaps when clients are making complaints to the new Complaints Commission about their solicitors, they would also do well to ask about the complaints handling records of those Law Society staff who have been mishandling complaints for years in their former jobs at Drumsheugh Gardens ... and what a sordid tale of disclosure might be revealed.

So, over again to the Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, who did of course say, he would protect the legal profession at all costs, even at the cost of public sector jobs it would seem !

Kenny MacAskill : A dangerous game of protecting the interests of the legal profession above the public interest …

How about changing that attitude, Mr MacAskill ? and giving Scots a fairer deal in the legal services market, and make sure independent regulation of legal services is exactly what it means, rather than follow the legal professions line of no independent regulation and no consumer protection from crooked lawyers ...

Being seen to do the right thing goes a long way to restoring public confidence and consumer protection … especially when it is so obviously needed as it is in the public’s dealings with the Scottish legal profession …


indigenous angel said...

Can't say I'm bothered about who gets what salary but as you say its hardly fair the Law Society get to plant all their staff into this new commission.

how do we get you onto this thing Mr Cherbi.I wouldn't trust it one bit unless you were there !

Anonymous said...

Clearly self regulation - whether by the Law Society, its proxy the SLCC, or the Faculty of Advocates -must end.

It is equally obvious that Messrs Salmond, Swinney and MacAskill et al will do nothing to alter the staus quo.

It is therefore long past the time for Which Magazine, the Scottish Consumer Council and the OFT to finish what they began and insist that the Competition Commission immediately enforce all previous recommendations.

Only then will the Scottish Public receive any meaningful and proper access to the law, something long since denied them by the very profession which claims to serve and protect it.

Anonymous said...

I agree Kenny MacAskill shouldn't be letting the Law Society run the SLCC as it wants.
A ministerial let down for the nation ?

Anonymous said...

I foresee an interesting scenario developing here where Jane Irvine ends up Chairman of a Commission populated entirely by the Law Society.

How is she going to feel about that and will she remain as a figurehead' to give it undeserved credibility ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kenny has taken yet another leave of absence!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you still on the case Peter.
How about turning up the heat on the Faculty of Advocates too.They are just as crooked you know maybe even more so!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this up Peter.Brilliant expose again

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you - the Justice Secretary should get his hands dirty for once and clean up this mess.Anyway why are the Law Society allowed to put their staff into this new independent body with the still serving Ombudsman as its boss.It sounds ridiculous the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Staff consultations are still underway in both organisations and decisions on whether or not to transfer will be taken by the staff involved once this process has been completed.

Implying just what ? the Law Society or Ombudsman staff might not wish to transfer ?

The timing of this harmonisation is for the Commission to consider in due course

Really ? The Commission is weighed down with the Law Society stooges so that means Law Society staff get all they want and anyone else is out the door.

Thanks for nothing Kenny.Would you work under the same rules I wonder ?

Anonymous said...

Now that gives the word "independence" a bad name and if this is MacAskill's version of independence I'd be a bit suspect of independence under Kenny and his friends!

Anonymous said...

This seems mad the whole thing allowing the lawyers bar association there in Scotland to get away with this.Have all your media outlets been censored too?

Peter Cherbi said...

# Indigenous Angel @ 3.16pm

Under the present circumstances I'm glad I'm not on it ! Can't work with a bunch of people who have caused so much client abuse, even taken the occasional life.

# Anonymous @ 4.11pm

I agree with all your points and I think you are correct - change will have to be forced on Scotland because we can't seem to manage it ourselves - so its up to the OFT, Which? and others to lend a helping hand.

# Anonymous @ 4.32pm

Yes .. it seems so.

# Anonymous @ 4.52pm

Yes, a good point. I too wonder if Jane Irvine would stay as Chairman of the SLCC if all her staff from the Ombudsman's office fail to transfer over ...

# Anonymous @ 5.29pm

Oh yes, I wont forget the Faculty of Advocates ...

# Anonymous @ 6.06pm

Yes, putting it that way does shine a torch of reality onto the situation.

# Anonymous @ 6.35pm

If your point is that Mr MacAskill's words are 'ambiguous' as per his explanation of events .. I would agree ...

# Anonymous @ 6.58pm

Yes I agree to a certain extent. Of course, the situation could be resolved by correcting the problems at the SLCC - but that would take the Minister to show some leadership to do that .. and none seems to be showing ...

# Anonymous @ 8.40pm

A journalist friend of mine said the other day there would be more hope of reporting the Law Society's shenanigans in a Chinese newspaper than in Scotland ... so what does that say about matters ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting story Mr Cherbi and interesting comments.

If I were Jane Irvine I'd bail out of that quango before my name turned to mud with the rest of them.

Good luck with your work exposing this shower.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read of your experience Mr Cherbi.

Would you say Scotland is a safe place to do legal business ?

Anonymous said...

MacAskill's explanation is stupid.Its down to him as the Justice Minister to see this Commission or quango or whatever it is really IS independent and not stuffed up by lawyers as you report.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure everyone is making a lot of money on the backs of poor people in this affair and it will be the money aspect which keeps your justice Minister from doing anything about it.

Its always about money Peter.Money lines their pockets and they want to keep it all for themselves.Stepping on anyone to get more of it is just part of their daily routine.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what does the law society have over MacAskill to make him allow such a shambles to proceed.

Clearly all respect he has ever had should now diminish.

Get out MacAskill while the going is good.

Lets hope someone does something about this fiasco before its inception

Anonymous said...

MacAskill wouldn't know independence if it jumped up and bit his face.

Seems Bill Aitken could do a better job

Anonymous said...

The salary does not matter what matters most is that the public are being fobbed off once again with no independent complaints body.

Fairness demands this and if MacAskill is not willing to go against his colleagues then he should be out on his ar-e.

Any future Justice Secretary should not be a Lawyer

Anonymous said...

I might have thought MacAskill was too out of the loop to stop this from happening but after watching your you tube clip and reading the letter for myself I feel he should intervene in this complaints quango and sort out the Law Society for trying to control it.

Anonymous said...

To the person who made the comment at 4.52pm regarding Jane Irvine ending up as boss of the 'new' Law Society - I don't think she will stay on but if she does her name will be mud !

Anonymous said...

Good to see you report this Mr Cherbi.

Those employees from the Ombudsman's office are public sector workers.They should inform their union of these problems and make as much noise as possible with you and anyone else who is prepared to listen.

If it falls to be they feel they are being treated inequitably by the Commission they could take legal action with the help of their union to try and resolve the situation to their satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Clearly an attempt to undermine the legislation which created the SLCC but as you have reported long ago the Law Society was always out to do this.

You will have to continue to be a thorn in the side of them to keep the rest of us up to speed on their skulduggery.

Anonymous said...

That is an interesting evaluation of the new complaints commission Mr Cherbi and I have to agree with you it does look like it wont be independent after all if the Government don't intervene and correct these issues.

Anonymous said...

Corruption seems to be out of hand under Kenny MacAskill.

Did he give the lawyers a white card to do as they want ?

Anonymous said...

Brave man writing about lawyers but you have a point on all you say.

Good luck with your campaign.

Anonymous said...

Nice letter from the Scottish Government proving they don't give a toss about jobs.
Maybe you should have headlined it "Justice Secretary wants to make people unemployed so lawyers can get their jobs"

Just a suggestion you understand !

Anonymous said...

Mr Cherbi I have been writing to the Law Society for 3 years about my complaint where our lawyer walked away with our house titles.
This Mary McGowan and Philip Yelland have done nothing for us and the lawyer is still working but we still cant get our title deeds back all because he wants our property I think.
PLease can I contact you or get you to help us

Peter Cherbi said...

# Anonymous @ 9.36pm

Yes, as others suggest in their comments, it would be interesting to see if Jane Irvine does stay on if the SLCC becomes staffed solely by the Law Society of Scotland.

# Anonymous @ 10.22pm

No. I would say Scotland is not a safe place to do legal business. There is effectively no regulation, no standards of service, and no safety net for clients when their litigation frequently goes wrong. I would not recommend doing legal business in Scotland at this time.

# Anonymous @ 11.07pm

I agree with your comment. Responsibility for ensuring the SLCC is independent lies with the Justice Secretary. The problem is, there seems to be no Ministerial responsibility being shown here, or leadership ... which is why the Law Society are doing as they please.

# Anonymous @ 11.46pm

You have made good points, which I agree with.

# Anonymous @ 3.18am

I would imagine something pretty heavy, or dirty. Perhaps a tabloid could oblige with publication when the need arises ...

# Anonymous @ 3.19am

I'm not too sure Mr Aitken could do much of a better job ... he is a Justice of the Peace, has worked in the insurance industry in firms connected to the Law Society's Master Insurance Policy, and is a stated admirer of Douglas Mill, the person who has probably caused the most damage to Scotland's legal profession in it's history.

# Anonymous @ 3.22am

I agree entirely ... a Justice Secretary should not be a lawyer, particularly in the present circumstances.

# Anonymous @ 8.57am

I agree with what you say although Mr MacAskill still chooses to do nothing ...

# Anonymous @ 3.01pm

I agree, although they may find difficulty getting access to legal services since the Law Society itself controls that.

# Anonymous @ 4.30pm

I will try my best.

# Anonymous @ 4.43pm

Lets hope they do intervene, or we get someone in the justice portfolio who can.

# Anonymous @ 5.06pm

Possibly .. although a 'friend' in the Scottish Government suggests Mr MacAskill is on a short leash from the Law Society anyway.

# Anonymous @ 6.58pm

Perhaps you are correct, I may revisit the issue again depending on what happens next.

# Anonymous @ 8.10pm

If you could contact me via my profile page or make a comment marked "do not publish" I will see what can be done.

Thanks for all your comments and emails today. I do appreciate them and am trying my best to get through as many as possible.

Anonymous said...

"No. I would say Scotland is not a safe place to do legal business. There is effectively no regulation, no standards of service, and no safety net for clients when their litigation frequently goes wrong. I would not recommend doing legal business in Scotland at this time."

A sweeping statement but in view of your own experience I would agree with you.

Thank you for your honesty.

Anonymous said...

Its fairly easy to see Mr MacAskill has to do something about this unless he hs already abdicated his responsibilities as Justice Minister

Anonymous said...

One of the Scotsman's own lawyers described you as a very determined person who was incredibly wronged by his profession.He told me yours was the worst case of a 'crooked lawyer' he had ever seen.Small consolation for what the Law Society did to you but proving to me you do have sympathisers on the other side of the argument.

No justice in Scotland under Salmond and the SNP said...

Hi Peter

Just thought i'd update you and your readers on the outcome to my previous post - linked below this with your excellent comment.

As i say above, there is simply no justice in Scotland under Salmond (MacAskill, Sturgeon et al) and the SNP ... FACT.

Once again, here is the proof:

Newsdesk / Press Release

Thursday 21 August 2008

Please find below (and attached) an appeal to the First Minister Of Scotland, Alex Salmond MSP / MP, in relation to the very sad, tragic and appalling case of a brain injured victim whose case has been whitewashed by the Edinburgh / Scottish authorities over the past 2 decades.

But Mr Salmond still fails to take any positive action and help in any way whatsoever... some 18 months on from the first letter to his office appealing for his help and intervention, and 2 weeks on from the last letter (No.20) – which he just ignores and does nothing about.

So, theft of a family’s property, conspiring to defeat the ends of justice and a flagrant abuse of power and office by Scotland’s First Minister over the past 2 or more years in this most appalling case … and still nothing is done.

Conclusion : Do not waste your time and energies going to Alex Salmond looking for the truth, justice and reconciliation – especially if the case involves his close friends who he appointed into his Cabinet in May 2007 (in this case Kenny MacAskill MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Injustice; and Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Depute First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health). He will do all in his abusive power to cover up the case and censor it from the wider public. FACT.

Please contact me should you require further information.

Your time and interest is appreciated.


Alex Salmond MSP / MP
First Minister of Scotland

The Scottish Parliament


EH99 1SP

Wednesday 6 August 2008

Dear Mr Salmond,

Request for the return of confidential photographs and files from the SNP - Letter No.20 (Since 12 February 2007) Requesting Same

Further to my last three letters to you of 5 and 19 May and 23 June, I am writing to request of you once again the return of all case files documents and photographs currently being unlawfully withheld from my family by your Mr MacAskill. I have copied my last three letters to you to Mr MacAskill, but he completely ignores these requests and is obviously not prepared to release these files to my family.

Given you instructed me to contact Mr MacAskill about this very serious matter and he clearly is ignoring these requests, I can only ask of you once again to personally intervene in this very serious case of the terrible abuse, neglect and ill-treatment of my son over the past 19½ years – as I have been asking (begging and pleading with you in effect) over the past 18 months, since my first letter of 12 February 2007.

Thank you for your time and full co-operation.

I look forward to hearing from you personally in early course.

As with all previous letters to you, this letter will be copied to both your constituency office and the Scottish Parliament – and hand delivered to Bute House

[Resent Wednesday 6 August 2008 – cc: Kenny MacAskill MSP, Cabinet Secretary For Justice (By post to parliament and by hand to constituency office)]


My previous post:


Peter's comment:

# "I shaft my fellow scots" @ 11.57pm

Thanks for your comment, and yes I agree it is disgusting of someone in office to ignore or refuse to help a person suffering from a disability or illness or someone who suffers an injustice ... such people have no place in power or a right to rule over us in any moral superiority as they have none.

If Mr Salmond is troubling himself enough with the problems of Scotland to read this blog and these comments, please do the right thing and help this person.


As ever Peter, my sincere thanks for all you try to do. Truly one of life's good guys.

All good wishes to you and yours.



Anonymous said...

I have many letters back from MacAskill's office telling me they weren;t interested in complaints about lawyers.I will send them onto you with my letters to them and you may use them as you wish Peter.

Anonymous said...

I found it interesting you suggest finding out the records of the Law Society staff who are transferring over to the Commission.From that I wonder if you know things you are not telling us yet ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Peter.I am writing a story on the slcc myself and from what I can see of your findings there will be no independence on it.

Good luck for the future.

Anonymous said...

famous man.My lawyer stopped pissing me about the minute I mentioned I was going to call you in to sort out the mess he has put us in.keep up your good work Mr Cherbi

Anonymous said...

My company is currently with Balfour & Manson in Edinburgh.A matter has arisen whicn I would like to discuss with you.If you could tell me how to contact you please.

Anonymous said...

Not safe to conduct your legal affairs in Scotland Mr Cherbi ? I'm not surprised after reading some of what you have been through.

I wouldn't touch a Scots lawyer with a ten foot pole never mind sit in one of their offices.I will make sure I stay the hell away from them and anyone else who asks me.

See ya.

Anonymous said...

So the same people who are messing up complaints against lawyers at the law society are going to transfer over to this independent commission and make sure its not independent while Kenny MacAskill sits back and allows it to happen

Disgusting and utterly corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else I think I will try and avoid using a lawyer now!

mystic Tom said...

It looks to me as if the Law Society has just bypassed MacAskill and sent its workers into this new quango.Maybe it all happened while he was asleep and he does't even realise it

Anonymous said...

I dont think any of these characters are interested in being seen to do the right thing Peter.Too much is going into their back pockets for that.

No justice in Scotland under Alex Salmond and the SNP said...

Hi Peter

An addendum to my previous posting below this message...

I will let your readers know if Mr Salmond replies ... and if he is prepared to meet the family and / or other concerned parties at Bute House as formally requested.

It may well be that some of your readers and yourself would like to arrange some gatherings at Bute House, No.6 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh in the very near future ... to press upon Salmond that the Scottish "Justice" system under his INjustice Secretary, MacAskill, is simply not fit for purpose and is miserably failing 5 million ordinary Scots under their charge.

I certainly have no fear of going to Bute House any day, any time, to have a word or two with Mr Salmond about the many injustices in Scotland today ... under HIS INjustice Secretary, MacAskill, HIS appointed Lord Advocate, Angiolini, and HIS (mis)ruling SNP administration...

Let me know if any of your readers are willing to take up my suggestion (which i also suggested on your blog last year!) and we can arrange a gathering of the many victims of the Scottish INjustice system (under MacAskill's biased, dubious and unjust stewardship) at Bute House at the earliest opportunity.

No doubt i'll hear from you Peter.

All good wishes to you and yours.



Newsdesk / Press Release

Letter to Alex Salmond MSP / MP, First Minister Of Scotland

Friday 22 August 2008

Please contact me should you require further information.

Your time and interest is appreciated.


Alex Salmond MSP / MP
First Minister of Scotland
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
By email to:
[And by snail mail to the usual addresses]

Thursday 21 August 2008 (20:35)

Dear Mr Salmond

As you are well aware, i first contacted you over two years ago in connection with a certain case (details below and attached), which you, Mr MacAskill and Ms Sturgeon decided to bury from the outset.

Here is the latest Press Release in connection with that case [with my previous post], which i'm sure you will find of great interest.

Perhaps you would now be kind enough to set up a suitable time, date and venue for the requested files to be collected and a personal unreserved apology to be issued by yourself and / or your "Justice" Secretary, MacAskill, at the same time. Bute House (on any Cabinet Tuesday, where you and MacAskill would both be there at the same time), SNP HQ or the Scottish Parliament would be fine for meeting you.

I can be contacted at the usual family address and landline phone number (provided with the last 20 letters to your office), or for quickness to my email address and / or my mobile number below.

Many thanks for your time.

I look forward to your reply in early course.

Yours sincerely,

(Just down from Bute House)

[Including links to]

No justice in Scotland under Alex Salmond and the SNP


A Diary of Injustice in Scotland


Anonymous said...

No big surprises the lawyers have infiltrated this new quango because as you always write they have to keep control of regulation or their whole house of cards falls down.

Make it fall down please.

Anonymous said...

No Law Society staff should be allowed into this new organisation and those who have already jumped ship should be thrown out because they will side with their own as they always do.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cherbi
I have a big problem with my lawyer who told us a trust fund we had set up to look after our disabled son who suffers from multiple schlerosis had been lost due to the poor conditions of the financial markets.We have been asking for a full accounting of the fund since October last year and got nothing byt excuses so yesterday I called him and said I was calling the Police and today a letter arrives saying he no longer acts for us and he wont give us any paperwork until we pay a fee he is yet to give usI believe he has stolen the money as do all my family and would like your help exposing him and to get the Police involved.How can I contact you

Anonymous said...

So a scumbag sicko lawyer is stealing money from an ms victim by the sounds of it.

I hope someone is going to do something about that!

Anonymous said...

When you get it please print the name of that lawyer involved in the comment where he is stealing the sons trust fund along with the robbers picture and address of the legal firm.
over and out.

Peter Cherbi said...

Thanks for all your comments. There will be more on this story soon.

# Anonymous @ 7.43pm

Regarding what you have said, could you please contact me via my profile page or make a further comment marked 'do not publish' and I will get back to you and we can see what can be done.

Anonymous said...

I am behind you but they win because I am broke. there is so much corruption and I get no support. they have turned family memebers against me for years saying things that aren't true. I didn't know I had other sibblings other than my brother and sister wes and janice. I have been a victim but there is nothing I can do. I am living in emotional bondage becuase of all of this and there is nothing I can do. cr

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to get help to sue. they are going to justify their actions for the rest of my life. I can't find anyone who can win against this coruption can you? I need organizations posted on your site that are commited in fighting against them. I live in Brooklyn, ny. That would help. cr. I am willing to fight, go to prison, whatever it takes, to get help, but I don't know where to start.

Anonymous said...

I asked my brother wes for help because I was really getting scared. I don't know if he will though. I am not sure what to do. It's all a nightmare. It takes all I have not to fall apart everyday from all of this I have had to carry. I have had no legal help what so ever. so if I was ruined it was behind my back. I never ask for nor got any legal help. I think alot of your site and postings. I would like to take action though but I can't get out from the coruption. so please post places I can go to for help and you will see action!