Friday, April 27, 2007

Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers campaign for the Scottish Parliament Elections on Thursday 3rd May 2007

With the approaching elections for the Scottish Parliament coming on Thursday May 3rd 2007, we can be sure of only one political party which will listen to those people who have experienced injustice at the hands of Scotland's legal profession, and other self-regulating professions & public bodies who refuse to tackle incidences of corruption within their membership .. and of course, that party & well known campaign group I refer to must be - Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers


Love them (as many who have fallen at the hands of their crooked lawyers do) .. or loathe then (as many members of the legal profession do), SACL have scored numerous successes over the years against the legal profession, and brought the issue of crooked lawyers and corrupt practices of self regulation into the public eye. Indeed, the very phrase, crooked lawyers, has certainly been more widely used since SACL came into being !

Myself, having been a long time campaigner on these same issues of a dishonest legal system & legal profession in Scotland, since the early 1990s, kindled by my own experience at the hands of Scotland's most famous crooked lawyer - Andrew Penman of Stormonth Darling Solicitors, Kelso ... I can sympathise with anyone or any group which seeks to end the domination of our legal fraternity over issues such as access to justice & legal representation, and interference in our political system ...


While the other parties barter with some of the most hated & most crooked members of the legal profession for donations & agreements of cooperation after the elections are over ...SACL have certainly maintained their stance on issues which sooner or later, affect everyone in the land, as we all need to use legal services at some point in our lives, or have access to legal representation - which currently, many are not getting because the Law Society of Scotland's membership either can't get enough legal aid to fill their pockets for your cases - or simply don't want your case to proceed through the courts out of some professional or personal interest.

So, next Thursday, decide for yourselves where to place your vote, but remember those who campaign for issues such as accountability, transparency, honesty, and use your vote wisely as you decide yourself - after all, it's your right, it's your vote !

2007_Election_Trailer SACL_Lamppost_Poster

.. and a reminder for you all .... If you have experienced poor treatment from the Law Society of Scotland in a complaint or lost money to a crooked lawyer and nothing was done about it, Please sign Petition PE1033 and begin the campaign for redress and resolution to the way clients have been discriminated against by crooked lawyers & the Law Society of Scotland under their decades old prejudiced self regulatory complaints system .


Ken said...

and good luck to them against that mob of crooks at holyrood

whatsinaname said...

Peter - you should have been standing in the elections after all this effort and your success on the legal reforms.

TM said...

gave my vote for SACL :)