Monday, October 23, 2006

Scottish Accountants get a General Counsel well versed in whitewashing the crimes of his colleagues

As if to prove in today's Scotland .. that the crooked go further than the honest in society... ICAS, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, have appointed none other than Dr Tom McMorrow, their in-house lawyer, to the position of General Counsel.

Dr Tom McMorrow has been the Director of legal services for ICAS, for several years .. then was made executive director, regulation and compliance ... but after having experienced his abilities first hand, his job title should read Chief of Cover ups .. because that's certainly what he did when I made a complaint against one of his crooked colleagues, Borders accountant Norman Howitt of Welch Accountants, Hawick & Galashiels

What did McMorrow do for my complaint against his crooked colleague ? well, he conveniently covered up a lot of evidence in his first investigation of Howitt .. which made no mention of Howitt stealing my mother's pension book & bank books ... and trying to take every penny she had in a dirty scheme involving a crooked Hawick lawyer - Nigel Hall of Haddon & Turnbull, Hawick ... and McMorrow made sure Howitt got off the hook ... making sure there would be no claim for damages against his criminal actions. McMorrow even covered up the fact that Howitt made fake claims to the Police to try and mask his thievery .. and the idiot Borders Police fell for it at the time .. only later realising they had been 'had'.

McMorrow has his own chequered history though .. and twice was thrown off the investigation into Norman Howitt for personal attacks on me, because of my inquiries into a former business partner, an Advocate, who embezzled tens of thousands of pounds of her clients money .. Jennifer Carpenter .. and Advocate who bought McMorrow's legal practice in Falkirk .. and McMorrow certainly didn't appreciate the likes of me inquiring into what happened ... and why the Law Society of Scotland exhonerated him of any involvement .. before anything had even been alleged it seems.

You can read more about how Tom McMorrow covered up for crooked accountant Norman Howitt of Welch & Co Accountants Hawick & Galashiels, here : Norman Howitt - A Crooked Borders Accountant strikes against my family .. and here's a warning on how the crooked accountancy profession in Scotland want in on the act of handling wills & probate services for clients ... after the example of Norman Howitt ripping off my dad's money & getting away with it :
Scottish Accountants try to amend LPLA Bill for their own benefit - but refuse independent regulation safeguards for the consumer

This says a lot for Scotland these days ... where crooked professionals are running key services & industries .. these people often being referred to by their colleagues as the 'great & the good' .. but they are very far from that .. they are nothing more than crooks put in place to save colleagues when they get caught with their fingers in the 'till.

Read the article, from the Herald Newspaper, here :

ICAS names regulatory guru McMorrow general counsel
PAUL ROGERSON October 23 2006

Dr Tom McMorrow, in-house regulatory expert at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, has been promoted to the position of general counsel of the Edinburgh-based body.

He will work closely with Anton Colella, the new chief executive, on all legal, disciplinary and contractual matters affecting the institute and its 16,000 members.

McMorrow takes up the position three years after being installed as executive director, regulation and compliance at ICAS.

The institute said: "The growing demands of regulators and the increasingly complex international relationships that ICAS is involved in has meant that the legal resources at the institute need to be supplemented."

McMorrow said: "There is no doubt that the legal demands on the institute are greater than before and the monitoring role we have is becoming ever more complex. I'm delighted to be working closely with Anton as general counsel, which allows me to advise him on every aspect of our legal responsibilities." Colella said: "It is fundamental that Tom and I work closely together and this new role allows us to do that.

"The institute needs to continue to be an effective regulator, operate our regulatory function with transparency and ensure that our statutory obligations are fulfilled to the satisfaction of the public and our members. Tom's experience and know-how of the legal obligations and requirements of the institute have never been more important."

Regulatory issues with which the institute is grappling include helping the Treasury to clamp down on unregulated "accountants" who may be involved in money laundering.

The 16,000-member body has been asked to consider sending its monitoring teams into practices staffed by people who call themselves accountants but are not properly qualified.


JacktheLad said...

You certainly burst his bubble then !
Good expose on this stuff, Cherbi

Bert said...

Well I don't think much of anyone in these kinds of positions so it's no surprise what you say about McMorrow.

Quite sick that stuff about Howitt taking your mothers money and obviously McMorrow left it out of his 'investigation'. How on earth was he able to fix up that trust without anyone knowing about it ?

Anonymous said...

It's a great pity that a lovely small country like Scotland has allowed a corrupt minority to run it for their own profit.
I don't think I would deal with any scottish lawyer or accountant after reading all this stuff.

Keep reporting the corruption, Mr Cherbi.

Anonymous said...

nowt like the truth to start the day !

Anonymous said...

McMorrow covered up for Howitt, that much is sure.

He will have done the same to others in similar circumstances ...

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you get a politician to take this on for you ?

Shirley McKie has had plenty support from msps, which is why she ultimately got paid off by Slippery Jack.

Celia Khairandish said...

Hi Peter - I didn't read all yr comments cos v busy - but just want to state :
I must be the only Scottish woman who has never broken the law yet been subject to 2 dawn raids.
1st one, my husband and stepson were not there - but 5 months later they came again, put my husband in handcuffs, dragged my stepson who was sleeping up and put them into separate vans downstairs - would not let me go and comfort my little one - direct to Dungavel - next day to a camp down south - and 3 days later on a plane to Austria. It was farcical - they had been here for 3 and 1/2 years, my husband married with me for 1 1/2 years but the Home Office had to do what they had to do. I almost became friends with the official in Croydon, pleading, sending our support letters from every spectrum of political parties in Scotland, from huge numbers of my family and friends all pledging to support them here - but NO the law had to be done. We had a hellish year - but Austria granted them Asylum within 3 months (it would have been quicker, but on my first vistit to see them the Austrian police came to pick them up - lucky I was there - they asked why he came there - we explained - he didn't come there, but was sent by Home Office from UK - they no longer had records of my husband and child who had transitted thru Austria and been fingerprinted - but 4 years later they had scrubbed that from their records. The police were insistent: why did u come here - I had to tear upstairs to their bedroom and get the "removal" papers and explain that they were forced back to Austria by UK Home Office. (We had been unaware that they did not know all this background and thought my husband's case was being processed in Austria. After that, I spoke to a few officials in Austria and his case got on the right tracks. 3 months after that he had a hearing - and was granted asylum instantly. With an Austrian passport for my husband and stepson, we were able to apply for a visa for them to come back and join me. --- so what all the great expense of the Home Office in the first place sending them away - they're back & hubbie at last allowed to work. Has a shop and is paying Council Tax, NI contributions, VAT on sales and income tax - what a waste of Government time and taxpayers money - he could have been doing this 4 years ago, if allowed. It's stupid whitewashing of the Asylum seeker figures - incredible disruption and heartbreak to our family - I am still working on stabilising my little stepson into a natural life, after the mega upheavals and heartbreaks in his life.


Anonymous said...

I know Tom McMorrow, but I find this all quite sick.

Just goes to show the two faces people put on for the rest of us.

James / Boston said...

I read what you said in the Scotsman underneath the picture of your gallant cops dragging off the woman in cuffs.

What a xenophobic land of hate Scotland has become.

Are you dishing out the red armbands & swastikas over there yet ? How about handcuffing and deporting the tourists too, and anyone else who isn't an indigenous Scot (whatever that means)

I think I'll look around and see if there's any Scottish migrants here who need deporting, then you all can have a rant at us while the feds kick your asses out.

Keep your Scottish corruption to yourselves too. Don't export these thieving attorneys over here I keep reading so much about.

Scotland the land of the hate.

Peter Cherbi said...

Hi Celia Khairandish

That's been a horrible experience for you & your family. Sorry to hear about that

I wonder how some Scots would fair if they were treated like this in other countries. It may make them more aware of what's happening in our own land.

I wonder how many times what happened to your family has happened to others. Quite shocking, and there goes Jack McConnell wanting to bring people to Scotland ..

James from Boston .. I think your comments were more meant for the Scotsman site than here, but if you read what I said here :
I was of course protesting the dawn raids ... so have a go at others, not me.

In defence of Scotland (sigh), there are others who think this is a disgrace, and people have mobilised themselves in campaigns to stop these 'dawn raids' & deportations .. even a group of children from Drumchapel School organised such a campaign against these kinds of deportations .. you can read about it here :

Not all Scots are xenophobic .. but there is a vocal minority who are I'm afraid, I know this all too well from my own experiences .. and don't think they limit their hate to migrants .. the english, religious minorities,and just about anyone else who doesn't fit into a particular mould, gets it these days.

A little compassion from some people would go a long way to stop these kinds of things. Sadly, those who stirr the pot are bereft of even a small touch of humanity it seems.

James - if you have any crooked Scottish lawyers working in America .. let me know please !