Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blackmail and strike action pays off for Scottish legal profession in the way of increased deal from the Scottish Executive for legal aid fees.

A quick word about the Sheridan case, which I commented on last Friday.

Over the weekend, I was introduced to some 'documents', of which I barely read, but could see their significance, even in my poorly focussed view of them.

It is not my fight, but of course, as a person who has broken many scandals over the years, and used the newspapers in Scotland to great effect to do it (even if I am lurking in the background on a story) ... I take an interest in such things of a political nature.

I have, of course, given articles to the News of the World from time to time. Of course, that was when David Leslie was in Glasgow .. along with Peter Laing who used to be at the NotW before moving on to Scotland on Sunday .. and beyond.

In any case, the NotW does a lot of good, from my point of view .. breaking the stories on crooked Britain ... and believe me - there's a lot of crooks here .. especially in the legal profession, as I continue to reveal .. and of course, in the accountancy profession - where some of the people who run it, are themselves, crooks. Crooks - get it ? they are crooks ... made myself clear, did I ? Good.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that the dark art of political manipulation is at hand here, where some don't seem to have the maturity to realise they are being played off against each other in order to kill off their party, as luck would have it, just before next year's Scottish Parliamentary elections - where some of the current major players in Scottish politics just might end up with bloody noses at the electoral counts ... (unless they fiddle that too, of course - like what seems to have happened in some local council elections both south and north of the border.)

As for my own views on it, well .. a good friend at one of the Sunday Newspapers gave me a piece of advice - to keep out of the mess .. and that, is one good piece of advice, so, no more emails from journalists please to me on what I know or don't know ... simply not interested now - got other steaks to roast thanks - but if you want to cover some articles on crooked lawyers, or crooked accountants, or crooked politicians, well, that's another story .. isn't it !

Anyway, amidst the burning of Arthur's Seat earlier yesterday, here in Edinburgh and the continuing fall out over the Sheridan v News of the World case conclusion ... Blackmail is back in fashion .. with a success for our crooked gang of Scottish lawyers gaining more money from the public purse to line their pockets ... only because they went on strike.

Whatever happened to the days when strikes were broken by the British Government ?

Remember how the Miners were all but wiped out by Margaret Thatcher ? ... and the rest of the unions marginalised ?

Well, it certainly didn't work with the lawyers, did it ... and just who is to blame for that one ?

Easy answer - the same people (the Government) who allowed this self-regulating monopoly of legal services to exist through the years, stage managed by the famously corrupt Law Society of Scotland. ... and since there's no one to take the lawyers place in the courts ... of course they are going to get their wicked way, holding the country to ransom, for a few pieces of silver.

I have to say, reading through some of the newspapers, Scotland seems almost an upside down country these days, where leaders of strikes & boycotts which allow criminals back onto the streets to continue their raping, pillaging and murdering sprees, get great write ups in the press - paid for, and influenced by sweetners from the legal profession.

What kind of journalism is that ?

Aren't such people who delay or desert justice for those who deserve it, at the virtual point of a gun,, no better than the crooks ?

How about a child molestor gets his trial delayed, or even trial deserted, because some lawyer bent on getting more money for his latest convertible calls a halt to legal aid cases ?

Does that really deserve praise in the media ?

Seems a bit iffy to me .. in fact, it almost seems as iffy as a journalist at a newspaper I know, who seems to be too busy snorting coke these days to cover the injustices of what professionals do to the public, but not too busy to alert those same bent professionals that contacts have been made on certain cases in the hopes of raising publicity ... but in the twisted world of administration of the professions, the people who are warned of those maligned clients seeking publicity .. have recorded the conversations .. not trusting the journalists either .. after all, who trusts a traitor ? or a junkie ?

Nasty stuff, isn't it ... even nastier when it gets blown out the wrong way and implicates others.

My goodness .. if the Nazis were in power in Scotland, would this lot be doing soft focus profiles on Hitler ? perhaps ... but remember, I didn't name any newspapers .. so .. work that one out for yourselves, readers.

Well, read on for the view from the legal profession, printed in today's Scotsman newspaper, link at :

'Patch up' deal on legal aid ends court crisis - for now

THE bitter legal aid row which had threatened to bring chaos to Scotland's courts was settled yesterday, amid warnings that the "patch up" deal may not prevent a dispute in the future.

Solicitors had threatened to boycott legal aid cases involving alleged sex offenders in pursuit of their pay demands with ministers.

But in an emergency meeting in Edinburgh yesterday, the Law Society of Scotland accepted a package from Hugh Henry, the deputy justice minister, that will increase their payments by up to 12 per cent.

The rise in legal aid fees, while significantly above the rate of inflation, is only the second increase in 14 years, leading some solicitors to brand the Executive's offer "derisory". One solicitor said last night the conflict over legal aid fees was certain to be revived next year, when the way solicitors are paid is changed.

Vincent McGovern, chairman of the Hamilton Bar Association, said: "The problem has not been solved, it has been patched up with this agreement.

"If we had this level of dispute over a system of payment that is due to be scrapped, it does not bode well for relations between solicitors and the Executive when the new payment system comes in next year."

The deal means legal aid rates for solicitors in the most serious cases - known as solemn work - will rise to around £70 an hour for court appearances and around £49 an hour for other work.

The dispute arose after solicitors accused the Executive of dragging its feet over legal aid reform and the introduction of block payment for work, although that is now likely to come in next year.

In a statement yesterday, Oliver Adair, convener of the society's legal aid (solicitors) committee, said: "I consider that the amended offer [by Mr Henry] reflects a renewed commitment by the Scottish Executive to fair remuneration.

"It also reflects the minister's appreciation of the work done by the profession in ensuring the effectiveness of the Bonomy reforms in the High Court.

"I will continue to work with the profession to ensure that solicitors are properly remunerated for the work which they do."

However, Mr Adair hinted later that a further dispute over legal aid pay was almost inevitable.

He said: "As far as the society is concerned, this agreement means we can resume our place at the negotiating table to ensure fair remuneration for our members when the pay structure is changed.

"This deal is an interim solution to an on-going problem."

A spokeswoman for the Executive said: "We welcome the decision of the Law society. This was a generous and considered offer from the deputy justice minister at a time of great pressure on the public purse.

"We hope that this will lead to the removal of any local threats to disrupt court business."

Mr Adair confirmed last night that the society's "policy on non-co-operation with the Scottish Executive and Scottish Legal Aid Board on criminal matters will be reversed".

It appeared last night that threats from individual bar associations across Scotland to boycott sex cases had also been lifted by the agreement.


Anonymous said...

name of the coke head please ?

Anonymous said...

good stuff.reminds me never to go over the bloody border again.

scribe said...

good point on the lawyers strike.
these bastards would let out rapists and murderers just to get more money. they should be in jail themselves.
great blog kid.

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stopped buying the scotsman ages ago due to 'sponsored' stories
i can see its still the same along with the rest of the scottish papers after reading your blog these many weeks.

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who gives a shit about the sheridan thing. stick with the legal stuff - much more interesting.