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Law Society of Scotland ‘deliberately failed’ to report mortgage fraud solicitor to Crown Office as cosy Tribunal deal allows lawyer to escape justice

copfs & LssWill Crown Office act after Law Society & SSDT covered up mortgage fraud case solicitor ? THE CREDIBILITY of the Law Society of Scotland's self-regulation of solicitors along with poor disciplinary procedures and cosy, secret deals in the murky world of lawyers regulating their own colleagues has yet again been brought into question after it took revelations in a Scottish newspaper of a solicitor involved in a criminal deception of a mortgage fraud to bring the case to the attention of Scotland’s Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) for an investigation.

The actions of the solicitor, who falsely overstated his income to obtain a mortgage, have in previous circumstances, led to ordinary members of the public being brought before the courts and given stiff penalties for exactly the same kinds of criminal offences.

It was reported in the Sunday Mail newspaper earlier this month that former Dickson Minto solicitor Alistair Cowan (37) was ‘prosecuted’ before the Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal (SSDT) late last year after a complaint was made to the SSDT by the Law Society of Scotland relating to a case involving MORTGAGE FRAUD. Mr Cowan was accused of inflating details of his his annual salary as a solicitor employed at Dickson Minto to obtain a higher mortgage from the Halifax PLC. The solicitor went onto use the loan from the Halifax to purchase a £445K flat in Edinburgh’s New Town, however Cowan, now with HBJ Gateley only suffered a ‘slap on the wrist’ with a three years supervisory work order after a Law Society investigation which led to him being found guilty of professional misconduct by the tribunal late last year.

Even though the solicitor’s actions clearly amounted to offences considered criminal in law, no report of the case or of Mr Cowan’s conduct was ever made by either the Law Society of Scotland or the Discipline Tribunal to the Police or Scotland’s prosecution service, the Crown Office, raising more questions over why the dark world of self regulation of Scottish solicitors, administered by the Law Society of Scotland & Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal appear to consistently avoid any reporting of offences of a criminal nature committed by solicitors to Scotland’s prosecuting authorities.

Some have now also questioned by, even with the Law Society of Scotland being represented at the tribunal hearing by its ‘Fiscal’, part-time Sheriff Paul Reid who is also a solicitor in private practice of Glasgow Law Firm Fleming & Reid, and receives a daily fee paid out of public finds of around £583 for each day of service in court.

Sheriff Reid, who recently featured in a Scottish Law Reporter investigation which reported on his role as a solicitor in defending Scots QC Desmond Cheyne from claims of unpaid building work debts, is known to have a record of stiff sentencing of members of the public in all manner of criminal trials, however no report of the case involving the mortgage fraudster solicitor managed to filter through to the Crown Office from anyone connected with the SSDT hearings including the Sheriff himself. This was confirmed when Crown Office admitted to the newspaper they had no record of the case.

Asked by Diary of Injustice for a statement in the light of media coverage of the SSDT case and the apparent mortgage fraud, a spokesperson for the Crown Office said : “Following media reporting the Crown was made aware of the allegations against this individual. As the matter is now under consideration it would not be appropriate to speculate on the possibility of any future proceedings.”

The full report of the SSDT decision can be read online here : Council of the Law Society of Scotland v Alistair Lindsay Cowan

It is unclear what level of guidance if any exists from the Judiciary of Scotland for their members (judges & sheriffs) who appear in what are effectively closed door ‘private prosecutions’ brought by the Law Society of Scotland before the Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal. However if a member of the Judiciary of Scotland has knowledge of a criminal offence, certainly it would be expected of them to report the matter to the appropriate authorities, something which did not occur in this case.


In at least two previous instances this year, Scotland’s Crown Office released statements to the media relating to similar cases where individuals had lied about their income to obtain mortgages, resulting in confiscation orders being made by the courts :

£35,000 Confiscated from Mortgage Fraudster

At Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court on 28 February 2012, a Confiscation Order for £35,000 was made against Anzelika Trifonova (DOB 01/02/1980 or 01/12/1980). Trifonova, a Latvian national living in Rosyth, had previously pled guilty to a common law mortgage fraud. She was sentenced to 250 hours community service. Trifonova was found to have made £86,000 from the mortgage fraud.

Lindsey Miller, Head of the Serious and Organised Crime Division (SOCD) and the current POCA champion, said : "Anzelika Trifonova lied about having a job in order to gain a mortgage worth £85,500, and in doing so, made a significant amount of money from crime. The Crown takes mortgage fraud extremely seriously, and will seek to recover any money made in this way using its powers under Proceeds of Crime legislation. Ms Trifonova is the latest in a long line of criminals who have discovered that they will be forced to pay back the money they make through crime. This should act as a warning to others considering committing crime. The money recovered from Ms Trifonova will now be added to the millions of pounds taken from criminals via the Proceeds of Crime Act, and will be reinvested in activities for young people through the CashBack for Communities programme."

£75,000 Confiscated from Edward Lyons

At Glasgow Sheriff Court on 1 february 2012, a Confiscation Order for £75,000 was made against Edward Lyons (DOB 14-02-1958). Lyons, from Glasgow, had previously pleaded guilty to two mortgage frauds and transferring criminal property. He was sentenced to 300 hours community service. The mortgage frauds were committed when the accused obtained two mortgage loans by falsely claiming that he was self-employed and in receipt of a salary well in excess of his actual earnings. The transfer of criminal property took place when he used money gained through the mortgage fraud to give a £30,000 gift to his daughter Ashley Lyons.

Lindsey Miller, Head of the Serious and Organised Crime Division (SOCD) and the current POCA champion, said : "Edward Lyons committed two mortgage frauds and transferred criminal property, both of which are serious offences in themselves.Transferring criminal property is classed as a "lifestyle offence" under the Proceeds of Crime Act - allowing the Crown to investigate his income over the six years preceding his arrest. The court found that £148,793.71 of his income during this time could not be accounted for legitimately. We are satisfied that the £75,000 confiscation order represents the amount of money available to us from Lyons at this time. We can also apply to the court to vary the amount of the order should further funds become available, and we intend to make full use of this power. Mortgage fraud and the subsequent laundering of the associated free proceeds is often seen by criminals as an easy way to make money. This case should act as a reminder that the Proceeds of Crime legislation is wide-ranging and by committing lifestyle offences under POCA, criminals throw open their entire financial dealings over six years to detailed investigation by forensic accountants, lawyers, and ultimately the court."

The Crown Office have previously said in cases involving confiscation orders served as a result of a conviction for mortgage fraud :

A Confiscation Order is an order made by the court following criminal conviction, to pay a fixed sum of money from the proceeds of crime. An application for confiscation is one of the tools at the disposal of the Crown under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and Proceeds of Crime (Scotland) Act 1995. The Serious and Organised Crime Division works together with colleagues at the Civil Recovery Unit, and other law enforcement agencies, such as the Scottish Drugs Enforcement Agency, UK Police Forces, HM Revenue and Customs and Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) to identify and recover the proceeds of crime.

Proceeds of Crime legislation is also used by the Civil Recovery Unit acting on behalf of Scottish Ministers. The Civil Recovery Unit investigates and recovers the property realised through criminal activity of individuals, in the civil courts without the need for criminal conviction. Money recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act is invested by Scottish Ministers in community projects aimed at alleviating the effects of crime. To date, more than £60 million has been invested in a range of activities for young people through the CashBack programme.

Commenting on comparisons of case of the solicitor who was found guilty at the SSDT, and those made public by the Crown Office, a Scottish Government Justice Department insider told Diary of Injustice : “It would be reasonable for the public to expect the exact same application of the law to any solicitor who has also engaged in a mortgage fraud.”

Asked if a proceeds of crime confiscation order should be applied in any cases of mortgage fraud no matter the profession of the individual charged with committing the offences, the Justice Department insider replied “Yes”.

The Sunday Mail reports :

Lawyer dodges con rap Sunday Mail April 1 2012Lawyer who lied to get a bigger mortgage avoids prosecution

Apr 1 2012 By Russell Findlay, Sunday Mail

A PROPERTY lawyer who lied about his income to get a ­mortgage has avoided ­prosecution for fraud. Alastair Cowan, 37, told the Halifax he earned £130,000 when he made £80,000 at ­Dickson Minto in Edinburgh. Cowan made the claim in a letter signed by an unnamed partner in the firm. He used the loan to buy a £445,000 flat in Edinburgh’s New Town.

Dickson Minto discovered the scam during a probe into another employee but Cowan left the company as a result. They reported him to the Law Society of Scotland, who sent the case to the Scottish ­Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal. Cowan admitted professional misconduct and the SSDT ordered him to work under supervision for three years with his new firm HBJ Gateley.

In 2010, crime clan boss Eddie Lyons was given 300 hours’ community service after admitting two mortgage frauds. The Crown Office said they had no record of Cowan’s case. Neither Dickson Minto nor Cowan returned our calls.


Anonymous said...

Funny his law firm forgot to mention all this on his glowing profile page so any unsuspecting client wont have the foggiest about his previous..


Alastair Cowan
Senior Associate
Alastair Cowan

related services

commercial real estate (real estate)
real estate
real estate finance (real estate)
residential & agricultural property (real estate)
residential development (real estate)


Alastair has been involved in some of the highest profile deals to have taken place in Scotland in the last few years and has a formidable reputation as a deal maker and strategic adviser. Alastair is dual qualified for both Scotland and England/Wales and has helped to drive the department’s expansion plans since joining the firm in 2010.

Alastair has extensive experience of the real estate market, particularly investment acquisitions and disposals, asset management and security work.

The acquisition of various shopping centres, including the Gyle Shopping Centre, Edinburgh; Oak Mall Shopping Centre, Greenock; Westside Plaza, Edinburgh; Shawlands Arcade, Glasgow; and the Sauchiehall Centre, Glasgow, for a variety of clients using a range of purchasing structures including on and off shore entities, SDLT Schemes and corporate acqusitions.

The acquisition and disposal of various hotels, notably The Radisson, Argyle Street, Glasgow, and the Apex and Apex International Hotels, Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

The acquisition and disposal of other notable retail, office and industrial assets, including Buchanan Prospect, Glasgow; Exchange House, Glasgow; Clydesmill Industrial Estate, Cambuslang; and a large mixed use development at City Wharf, Aberdeen.

Ongoing asset management and development work for a number of well known clients owning assets throughout the UK including several shopping centres, trade and industrial units, offices and retail investments.

Alastair enjoys most sports, particularly football, rugby and golf. He also enjoys eating and drinking!


“Valued for his understanding and commercial awareness of the pressures - he is creative at finding a solution rather than a problem”

Chambers UK 2012
(real estate associate to watch)

Anonymous said...

back to that "protection racket" you highlighted in your other posting

anyway what gives lawyers the right to avoid reporting criminal offences?

they come down hard enough on the rest of us so same standards must apply to them as well

Anonymous said...

Judge, Jury - but NEVER Executioner - when it involves their own; that's the Law Society of Scotland motto.

No wonder the organistation laughably known as the Scottish Solicitors 'Discipline' Tribunal follows suit - Salmond and the SNP won't touch them.

Anonymous said...

a Scottish Government Justice Department insider told Diary of Injustice : “It would be reasonable for the public to expect the exact same application of the law to any solicitor who has also engaged in a mortgage fraud.”


Diary of Injustice said...

17 April 2012 13:25

Thanks for pointing this out ...

No warning to clients on his own firm's public profile ... in spite of the Law Society of Scotland claiming it has "ultimate consumer protection" for clients ...

Anonymous said...

No warning to clients on his own firm's public profile ... in spite of the Law Society of Scotland claiming it has "ultimate consumer protection" for clients ...
Yes Peter and do we think they have suspended all of Ross Harper's practicing certificates to protect clients? Not a chance in hell. This Law Society are a lot of bastards, ruthless criminals hiding behine bureaucracy. Yo be honest even if they did report the fraud to the Crown Office they would do the same as the Law Society.

Anonymous said...

How can a sheriff also work for the Law Society?and how can he sit back while a bunch of lawyers cover up criminal acts?He should be sacked AND investigated!

No comment from Lord Hamilton?Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do if the Crown Office do the usual "not enough evidence to prosecute" excuse?

Anonymous said...

Hmm It seems to me Mr Lyons may have grounds to appeal his confiscation order if the Lord Advocate refuses to do same against Mr Cowan..

Anonymous said...

“Following media reporting the Crown was made aware of the allegations against this individual. As the matter is now under consideration it would not be appropriate to speculate on the possibility of any future proceedings.”

No need to guess what will happen after the "consideration" takes place.

Something along the lines of "it is not in the public interest to prosecute one of my buddies in the legal profession" ensured by a fat brown envelope or some other legal favour.

Anonymous said...

If this is the same Paul Reid Fiscal for the Law Society he was the same Fiscal on my complaint against my solicitor and I can tell you I was treated like dirt by the Law Society and the SSDT who refused to take my statement or let me say anything about how my solicitor had led me along for 4 years saying my case was going to the court of session and it was not true.I think you need to do a full investigation of all the cases this Reid is involved in and find out how many criminal acts have been committed by solicitors he has failed to report to the Police or Crown Office.I am very sure my own solicitor at the time was and still is an absolute criminal and I know for a fact he has ruined many other clients and stole from them and nothing has been done about it by anyone.Can I have my experience published by you?

Anonymous said...

Confiscation orders for all lawyers because they are a bunch of thieving rats anyway

Anonymous said...

Good one Peter - get him prosecuted and if the Crown Office f*ck it up make sure you let the world know they did the usual cover up game for lawyers!

Anonymous said...

Gateley should be fined and prosecuted for not updating Cowan's profile with the supervisory 3 year Practising Certificate

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How can a sheriff also work for the Law Society?and how can he sit back while a bunch of lawyers cover up criminal acts?He should be sacked AND investigated!
Yor are right but who would be honest enough to do the investigation? As Peter said they all sit on each others committees to block threats to their power base from outsiders. They are criminal scum.

I do not expect justice from their legal system not, oh we pay for it but they control everything, especially that little rodent Salmond. He should be the First Minister of his beloved Law Society of Scotland.

Anonymous said...

I told a clerk at Hamilton Sheriff Court the legal system is basically a protection racket for lawyers. Now one lawyer got prosecuted for drink driving which was in the Hamilton Advertiser. But look at this guy, the Penman's, O'Donnell's and the rest they are pure scum and can get away with anything. The whole judiciary need jailed in this country, a shocking system that rewards the Penmans who are above the law. We in the know realise the legal system has very littie to do with justice and the Law Society is the cement that holds it all together with immense help from Salmond who is a reprobate, another traitor to this country and its people.

Anonymous said...


Ross Harper are finalists for

Law Firm of the Year (under 50 Fee Earners)

Criminal Law Firm of the Year

Our Partners and Staff are finalists for

Managing Partner of the Year

Criminal Lawyer of the Year

Up and Coming Lawyer of the Year

Paralegal of the Year.
Client funds being fiddled, they must be fiddlers of the year too.

Anonymous said...

Yes without a doubt Mr Cowan made a gain as a result of a criminal enterprise (fraudulently claiming his salary was higher than it was for the purpose of obtaining by deception a mortgage)

but what Police Force will dare charge Mr Cowan and will the gutless Lord Advocate do anything other than 'consider' the details reported in the newspaper?

and what of the Sheriff Reid who stood by and failed to report the crime?

Anonymous said...

Some judge will help him out and get him off since another judge has already covered it all up with a sweet deal and an amended complaint to the SSDT (laughable)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

17 April 2012 21:38

I feel your pain.

The SSDT were completely unlawful in handling my crooked lawyer.

The Law Society's Fiscal was a former colleague of the crooked lawyer he was supposed to be prosecuting...

Yes you guessed it, the crooked lawyer walked away Scot-free

Anonymous said...

It is important for all readers to note that the Law Society of Scotland have a duty under law to report all of their suspected crooked member Scottish lawyers to the POLICE and NOT the Crown Office.

By choosing to report (chat things over) their crooked member lawyers to the Crown Office, they are subverting the rule of law and wilfully defeating the ends of justice.

The SSDT are definitely not independent of the law society of scotland and their job seems to be to give as light a touch as possible to all crooked member lawyers referred to them.

For Example:

In the 2010 end of year SSDT Report (published on the SSDT website), the SSDT described those crooked Scottish lawyers who had fiddled and robbed their Client's money as....


Check it out for yourself at...


They are overtly mocking the Scottish Public and this is just one example of the utter contempt they treat us with and shows that these institutions are 100% against the Scottish Public and as such the Police should move in to protect the Scottish People and to force these mendatious crooks to be subject to the full force of the law?

James Schue

Anonymous said...

You are right to point this out as Reid attends the SSDT in a lot of cases worth looking into.

Anonymous said...

No seperation of powers, the Law Society are Judge, Jury and Executioner but the latter criterion they apply to clients.

We all know about isims, racism, sectarianism, imperialism, here is a new one because it is as real as the others, [Law Society clientism], a radical hatred of any member of the public who dare question one of their LLB Gods.

The evidence is simple by their treatment of clients lawyers hate the very clients they have total power over. So before any of you attempt to repudiate my allegation, the evidence that a victim of a lawyer cannot get legal representation proves I am correct. Transfer the principles of one lawyer hating a client to all lawyers hating clients and you have clientism, a real ideology against the people they can ruin. The Law Society is Clientism alive and kicking a radical hater of clients. Douglas Mill said "it was against a lawyers human rights not to be investigated by other lawyers", emough said.

Anonymous said...

Self regulation is control by oneself or itself, as in an economy, business organization, etc., especially such control as exercised independently of governmental supervision, laws, or the like.

It is therefore outside the legal process and creates a space even in a democratic country for the tyranny of the minority, the Law Society of Scotland and its branches are a perfect example that self interest puts its membership above the laws of Scotland. Given these facts lawyer corruption is certain because there are no sanctions against the them. No wonder they want to keep it this way, they empty their clients bank accounts and the Law Society of Scotland pats them on the back. A corrupt state within a so called democratic state.

Anonymous said...

As you said Peter "they do not want to prosecute lawyers" sums the situation up perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Having a look through 20 of those ssdt reports is bad enough and certainly enough to know they are covering up a lot of criminal activity that anyone else without their own mafia to save them would be put behind bars for..

mafia = Law Society

Anonymous said...

Nice take on the sheriff's involvement in the scam being kept from Crown tossers.Only a real pro would have picked on on that link and presented it in the way you have.

Isnt it good to know our judges refuse to report criminality when they see it with their own eyes?

Anonymous said...


Tighter internet monitoring, no we demand our freedoms of free speech and expression.

Anonymous said...

When Dr Hans Kochler, UN Advisor on Human Riights, compared the Scottish justice System to that of 'a Banana Republic' he knew what he was talking about.

The SNP has done nothing to alter or improve matters since.

Anonymous said...

There is this document about Judicial Ethics I have been reading on the Judiciary of Scotland website however how I've read about the sheriff at the ssdt cover up and your other stuff about the judges with criminal records clearly there are no ethics at all in Scotland's judiciary.Lord Hamilton is a president of a mob system nothing to do with justice more to do with self preservation,the same self preservation that has been used to cover up Cowan's mortgage swindle from a criminal prosecution.

Good work all.

Anonymous said...

Very good but the real question is how much of a bung will the 'independent' Crown Counsel get in a fat brown envelope to come up with "not enough evidence to prosecute" Mr Cowan (even though much of it is referred to in the SSDT's report..

Keep up the pressure!

Anonymous said...

Peter I told you once before a representative from a Hamilton law firm was in the street touting for business and I asked have you ever heard of Peter Cherbi's blog. He said no but his body language said the opposite.

Well it happened today in Motherwell but not the same person. When he tried to interest me in legal services I said have you herad of Peter Cherbi's blog. The man said yes, I told him been there before, I would trust Peter Cherbi and would never trust any lawyer. Yes Peter in a recession people have great financial problems, lawyers should not need to send people into the street to tout for business. Thank you and the Diary of Injustice team for telling people how it is, I was ruined by a lawyer, the usual, we all find there is no help for us. I found your blog by accident and it cheers me up. I have been reading and contributing to the comments section for four years and as long as your blog remains I will be reading it and warning others. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing, trust no lawyer.

Anonymous said...

"He used the loan to buy a £445,000 flat in Edinburgh’s New Town."

So - its a proceeds of crime case and he should suffer a confiscation order just like the others mentioned in your report.

How many more Alistair Cowans out there?

Anonymous said...

So, the Law Society of Scotland are Deliberately Defeating The Ends of Justice?

Where are all of the journalists to report on this criminality?

Where are all of the Police to protect the Scottish People from this?

Have we all been sleep-walking along getting through life (wake up - job - tv - sleep; wake up - kids - bills - chit chat - sleep; wake up - school - homework - eastenders - facebook - sleep etc), whilst being tricked into a criminal State regime?

Anonymous said...

As the Procurator Fiscal said to me at the precognition into the prosecution of the Law Society of Scotland for fraud, 'and why on earth would I ask that question of the Law Society...rather, I am sure it was the position of the Law Society that they had encountered these unforseen eventualities by chance and that upon discovery they took the necessary action to remedy the situation and were themselves victims of having discovered the non payment, rather than any suspicion of impropriety, which of course is ridiculous...'

Anonymous said...

Why is it taking so long for the Crown lackings to do the business when this hearing took place last year? and why is the sheriff allowed to work for the Law Society and sit in a court judging the rest of us and being paid out of public funds?

How much does Reid get for being a Law Society 'fiscal' and why is it not disclosed in his earnings as a sheriff?

Anonymous said...

"not enough evidence to prosecute"

Here is another one, 'It is not in the Public Interest'

and another, 'There is not enough corroborating evidence to prosecute'

What else do we expect from professional liars?

They think they are slick?

They think they are too bright for us?

Or more like they think we are too stupid to notice or care?

The truth is that the Crown Office and the Justice System in Scotland is irrevocably broken and it has decended into a free-for-all clutch at the cash before we say enough is enough and the whole system top-to-bottom is changed?

They are like cash velocerapters. Sniping in to bite out bigger and jucier lumps of the flabby flesh of our dying Judicial System?

They are simply mercenaries, the Law Society would have you believe entrepreneurs?

What we are witnessing is the steady terminal decline of standards in the race to the bottom that is that there are no ethics, responsibilities, duty left?

The Solicitor (Scotland) Act is a long and distant memory?

The SLCC's and SSDT's management speak standards, targets, promises and pleasantries are all just a fiction of their own tiny minds?

We all know you are mostly all crooks and we do not believe one word of the mumbo jumbo lawyers speech you seem to want to wax lyrical about?

We don't care about you?

We all know that the Law Society of SCotland is a private members club that is ONLY interested in two things: keeping their members out of jail and able to send out Fee Notes and to HAMMER the clients into the ground and for the lawyer members to enrich themselves in doing so?

We want our democratic institutions back NOW?

Anonymous said...

I know of a solicitor who used a client's house to secure a mortgage.Are you interested in the details?

Anonymous said...

It is a wonder why the Police have not arrested those actors at the SSDT for their part in criminality over protecting Scottish Solicitors from the Law/Jail?

The SSDT is a criminal organisation being a part of the Law Society of Scotland?

It exists to HAMMER the client victim and to minimise any sanction against the crooked Scottish lawyer?

See for yourself at www.ssdt.org.uk

The Scottish Lawyer fraternity see the SSDT as a kind of sick joke against their clients and it's unbelievably 'soft touch' on Scottish Lawyers only encourages more of them to be crooked?

Anonymous said...

You must be a handy person to know,all this information about lawyers judges and their secrets will be invaluable to well everyone!

Ever thought about joining up with others?You could tear down just about anything you put your mind to!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I know of a solicitor who used a client's house to secure a mortgage.Are you interested in the details?

20 April 2012 19:31

I'd like to hear more about this one please!

Anonymous said...

I now realise I should have listed to the warnings on this website about the SLCC because I received a letter telling me my solicitor did nothing wrong even though he's made off with about 16 thousand in fees for work he never did!Can I do anything about this?

Anonymous said...

Quite a laugh them not changing his profile page to reflect the mortgage fraud..how is anyone to trust a lawyer when they go on like this?

Anonymous said...

As per the earlier comment yes you must be a magnet for all these kinds of scandals now I shudder to think what you have on the judges lawyers and politicians use it to good effect as you do.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I now realise I should have listed to the warnings on this website about the SLCC because I received a letter telling me my solicitor did nothing wrong even though he's made off with about 16 thousand in fees for work he never did!Can I do anything about this?

22 April 2012 19:08


You have done the right thing already by contacting Peter.

Send him a copy of all of your paperwork from the SLCC.

This way Peter will be able to read for himself multiple letters from the SLCC (other peoples cases too) where it will be easy to identify regularly used 'pro forma' answers common to each letter, which will exemplify that the Role of the SLCC is to deminish your legitamate complaint and to give the Scottish Lawyer the lightest sanction they possibly feel they can get away with.

Now. You can go to the Police and report to them that you believe that the SLCC have committed fraud against you (with the Law Society of Scotland's collusion) and that you want them both investigated? You can ask for a Crime Number not an Incident Number (important) and then ask them to keep you informed of the progress of the investigation, as you are a witness to the suspected fraud?

You can explain to the police that the SLCC are just another part of the Law Society of Scotland and that you suspect that they are acting ultra vires (outside of the law) and that accordingly it is no longer possible to complain to them?

If everyone decided to do this after getting shafted by the SLCC the quicker the police will have to move-in to arrest those criminals at the SLCC and the Law Society of Scotland?

Afteral, it is the police who are charged with protecting the public?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I now realise I should have listed to the warnings on this website about the SLCC because I received a letter telling me my solicitor did nothing wrong even though he's made off with about 16 thousand in fees for work he never did!Can I do anything about this?

22 April 2012 19:08

Unfortunately, it sounds as if you are just one of the thousands of victims of criminal fraud by your lawyer, where he has not triple billed you but quadruple billed you?

This is always seen as acceptable by the Law Society of Scotland and you have found that out by mistakenly putting your trust in one of their arms (the SLCC)?

You see, you are viewed by 'them' as a CASH TREE?

Bucking the truth of the saying that cash does not grow on trees?

'They' believe that YOU planted yourself in THEIR office and consequently you became THEIR - CASH TREE?

You are correspondingly tied there for the Scottish lawyers' enrichment until such time as he sees fit to release you or until your cash reserves are depleted?

The role of the Scottish lawyer in this scenario then becomes one of cultivator of his CASH TREE?

He will fastidiously prune the CASH TREE to encourage further new growth of cash (leaves)?

This you may hear as Scottish lawyer lies (e.g. what the 'other side' are doing...) or by inventing stories which unnecessarily complicate the matter or to cause delay - (pruning the CASH TREE)?

Then, there is the fertilisation of the Scottish lawyer's CASH TREE?

This too is intended to promulgate the CASH TREE into producing more cash?

You may see this in the form of risky Scottish lawyer lies where he will lie to you and insult your intelligence with the absurdity of the lies? (They refer to this as 'taking the piss' - or fertilisation of the CASH TREE)?

Then, what you may ask is the purpose of the Law Society of Scotland with it's arms the SLCC & the SSDT?

Well, when the Scottish lawyer has no further need for you (i.e he has depleted his CASH TREE'S resources), this is when you fall under the control of the Law Society of Scotland et al?

Their job (which you will have noticed they take unseemly pleasure in carrying out) is to kill-off that CASH TREE, as the last thing they want is a cash tree that no longer can produce cash for them to enrich themselves with?

However, they must ensure that their dastardly scheme is not discovered so, they throw you onto the compost pile with no hope left in your life, broken and torn?

They leave you to rot and then hope that the cycle keeps on going and they move onto their next CASH TREE victim?

The Law Society of Scotland, it's arms and crooked lawyer members are extremely proficient in this dirty scheme but once in a blue moon one of these depleted CASH TREE'S that is rotting away, broken and torn will sprout a new bud - but no longer will it be a CASH TREE, it will become an omnipotent strangler vine, impervious and all knowing and will see the end of the tyranny of the wicked in Scotland?


Anonymous said...

Scotland is now the most corrupt small country in the world?


Anonymous said...

How come everyone else reports suspected crimes to the police yet the Law Society of Scotland circumvent the police and instead report straight to the crown office?

Surely this is where the criminality starts?

Anonymous said...

Why do the police not step up to the plate and do what it says on the tin?

i.e to protect the public from these criminals?

The police are either part of the problem or part of the solution?


S. Holmes

Anonymous said...

How is it that these criminals keep getting let off with breaking the law?

Are they above the law in Scotland?

It is high time the police stepped in to stop this raping of the public by crooked lawyers?

Anonymous said...

Hmm I saw some of your work today in a certain scandal,didn't realise you were into catching out politicians at Cabinet level.

Anonymous said...

Without doubt the best blog in the internet and one of the most challenging!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Why are the Law Society considered to be 'ABOVE THE LAW'?

Anonymous said...

The fraud unit told me that the Law Society of Scotland had committed fraud against me but when I asked them when or how they would make arrests they told me that they could not arrest any members of the Law Society of Scotland for Fraud, as they were, 'above the law' and as such they could not be arrested or stopped from committing Fraud....?