Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Solicitors from Hell website owner goes after Law Society of England & Wales with representative class action, signatures invited

LSSolicitors from Hell owner is seeking to take on the Law Society of England & Wales in a class action. IF YOU have experienced a rejected complaint at the hands of the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) or Solicitors Regulator Authority (SRA), or even worse, if you have been awarded a fraction of the losses incurred by your legal representatives, you may well wish to join a REPRESENTATIVE CLASS ACTION against the Law Society of England & Wales which is being pursued by Rick Kordowski, the owner of the well known SOLICITORS FROM HELL (SfH) website, itself removed from the internet after the Law Society of England & Wales secured an interdict in the High Court on behalf of itself & other vested interests after concerns clients of ‘rogue lawyers’ had posted too much information about their experiences at the hands of their legal representatives, experiences so horrific they were liable to heavily impact on law firms business.

The website created by Mr Kordowski for the class action requests signatures of those who have not had a fair hearing with regard to their complaints against solicitors. Details follow : website pageHas the Legal Ombudsman or the SRA rejected or ignored your complaint? Have you been awarded a fraction of the losses you incurred?

JOIN ME in a collective ‘representative action’ against the Law Society of England and Wales on behalf of ALL who have suffered a loss as a result of a solicitor’s actions or negligence.

I believe the Law Society’s complaint handlers have failed in their ‘duty of care’ by rejecting valid complaints. Or upholding complaints - but only awarding a fraction of the loses incurred by the legal consumer.

In UK tort law, a ‘duty of care’ is a legal obligation imposed on anyone who has failed to adhere to a standard of reasonable care. I believe the Law Society’s complaint handlers have failed to adhere to this standard in hundreds of cases throughout the UK.

This action is for anyone who has genuinely suffered as a result of a solicitor’s action or negligence and is not, for example, if your solicitor has simply lost your claim or case.

Q. What is a ‘representative action’ or ‘class action’?
A. In law, a ‘representative action’ or a ‘class action’ is a type of lawsuit in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court against a single defendant.

Q. Are you sure? The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR 19.6) only allow persons to be represented in civil proceedings by an other if they all have ‘the same interest’.
A. I intend to use a recent judgment as a precedent. A claim by the Law Society where it was clear that the individual interests of the represented was ‘not the same’.

Q. How are you going to finance this action?
A. I will put this claim out to tender to various Barristers Chambers on a conditional fee arrangement (No win – no fee).

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. I was let down by my solicitor. The Law Society ruled in my favour and fined the solicitor £500 (payable to me). But this was a fraction of the losses I incurred as a result of the solicitor's actions. The only option then is to take direct legal action, which, for most people, the costs of individual litigation of this type is prohibited. Sound familiar? Opt in by using the form on the right.

Q. As all solicitors are insured for negligence, can they not simply make a claim to cover my losses?
A. The cost of indemnity insurance for solicitors is one of the highest, second only to plastic surgeons. A solicitor will fight tooth and nail not to make a claim and face a rise in the annual premium.

Q. If I use the ‘opt in’ form will my details be kept safe?
A. Yes, all collected information will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be circulated, sold or published anywhere at all.

Q. My solicitor let me down by not winning my case. Can I opt in?
A. No. This is a class action claim for all who have suffered loss and want compensation for the anxiety and distress due to the negligence or the actions of a solicitor. Following which, the Law Society’s complaints handlers failed to adhere to a standard of reasonable care.

By submitting your information you understand that there is no guarantee in this action. Full details of the claim will be given to those who have opted in.

If your genuine complaint against a solicitor has been rejected or ignored by the Legal Ombudsman (or the SRA) or if you feel the compensation you were awarded was not sufficient to cover your losses please complete the form on the right. You will be added to the claim and our mailing list with regular updates.

Rick Kordowski


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I have always argued about taking this to a whole new level.

Well done Rick. And well done Peter for running such a great site and highlighting these issues. The only thing these fools understand is action. Stand up to them and you stand half a chance.

Folks - get behind this.

Anonymous said...

By the way Peter. I hope you do not mind me making mention of a law firm which specialises in class actions and you will make an exception about publishing their details.

Anyway - they are called Edwin Coe LLP. Perhaps you might pass on the details to Rick for the proposed class action. Mind you - he may need to smooth things over with them first. Apparently they were also 'targeted' by Rick's former website.

Being serious for a minute they are indeed class action specialists and might be one to invite tender.

From their website:

Press Release

16 November 2011

Owner of 'Solicitors from Hell' ordered to remove website from the internet

The Law Society has today issued a Press Release stating that the High Court has ordered the publisher of the Solicitors from Hell website, Rick Kordowski, to remove the website from the Internet in its entirety.

The High Court yesterday ordered Mr. Kordowski to, “cease, forthwith, to publish the website”

The ruling follows a Law Society court action to secure an injunction against the ‘Solicitors from Hell’ website to protect its members and the best interest of the public, as the site was not a credible source of reliable information about solicitors.

The Society understands Mr Kordowski to have been sued for libel on at least 17 occasions, and over £170,000 in outstanding judgments and orders to have accrued against him.

Edwin Coe is one of a number of law firms which has been targeted by the site.

Anonymous said...

See.This is a perfect example of a Scots man helping out the English once again!If anything the Union needs Scotland more than ever to make sure injustice hits the headlines!

Anonymous said...

Of course we are not allowed class actions in Scotland - despite Lord Gill's recommendation some years ago that this means of prosecution should be introduced here.

Good luck to all those in England who take part in the claim.

Anonymous said...

Rick this is great news. We wish you well and all taking part against these criminals who believe their activities should not come under the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

In UK tort law, a ‘duty of care’ is a legal obligation imposed on anyone who has failed to adhere to a standard of reasonable care. I believe the Law Society’s complaint handlers have failed to adhere to this standard in hundreds of cases throughout the UK.
Yes Rick as you know Delict in Scotland but when they deal with complaints in their secretive offices they cover all up.

If Hudson had been subjected to the treatment his criminal newtork dish out he would want justice, but he is a hypocrite.

Victory to all campainers.

Anonymous said...

According to Mr Hudson of The Law Society these sites are being
monitored but currently ‘pose no danger to the public’. Nonsense Hudson, you cannot close them down, this is the reality.

Hudson there are tens of thousands of people who have complained to the Law Societies out there. Some of them posted their complaints on SFH. So let me tell people why apart from lawyer loyalty they cannot get damages from the Law Society.

Royal Sun Alliance insure, lawyers, the Law Societies, doctors, dentists, accountants so if you go to one of Desmond's lawyers to sue any of the above you will be claiming against the Law Societies insurers. Now this set up ensures no damages are payable, oh the lawyers will represent you for Legal Aid money but you will never get to court. I have maximum no claims bonus for safe driving. Does Des Hudson's Law Society get bonuses for protecting their insurers?

Clearly Hudson is being economical with the truth because the way this system is set up is to protect the professions and insurers, the new sites greatly benefit the public. Monitor all day Hudson the new sites are out of your greasy judicial grasp and you know it.

The Law Societies are the greatest danger to members of the public in the UK today.

Anonymous said...

Indeed - certainly seems that no matter the arguments about who owns what - North Sea oil etc that the Scots are the folks driving this issue forward. This is one issue we can be completely united on.

Anyway - I have set up a 'thread' on the site below with a link to here. It is the most widely read financial forum on the planet (and has a large 'off topic' section for campaigns etc)

Keep the comments coming here but if you get time register (it takes minutes) and post your support for Rick and others on here.

Believe me - it will make a big difference if as much publicity is generated as possible.

Anonymous said...

alternatively - start a kitchen near the courts?

Strange case of lawyers' soup 'spiked with urine'
Evening Standard 20 Jan 2012
Police were called to a London crown court after judges and barristers allegedly had their lunches spiked with urine.

The investigation was launched when lawyers complained the food smelled "a bit off", with urine traces later found in soups, salads and sandwiches.

All kitchen staff at Snaresbrook crown court have been suspended and temporary replacements have been brought in while Scotland Yard detectives and Redbridge council carry out a joint investigation.

Judges, lawyers and court staff have reportedly been sent letters saying the matter is being taken "very seriously", and that anyone feeling unwell after eating the food should contact a doctor.

A dining room, used by lawyers and known as the advocates' lounge, was closed when a worker alerted the authorities on Tuesday.

The court's meals are provided by caterers Eurest Services. A spokeswoman for the company said: "We are aware of a suspected food contamination and are investigating."

A source told The Sun: "Hygiene inspectors started an investigation. People are worried there might be someone working in the kitchens with a serious grudge against the legal system.

"They've suspended the entire catering staff including many old women who have worked there for donkeys' years. New people have been brought in while the police conduct their investigation."

Snaresbrook has seen a number of high-profile cases in recent years. Boy George was jailed there for 15 months in 2009 for falsely imprisoning a male escort.

Anonymous said...

It appears the Legal Ombudsman does not handle complaints made against LS Board Members but will advise you to send your complaint direct to Chancery Lane where Des and John (LS President) will put it in the ‘shredder’ and give you the ‘one-finger-salute’.

Don’t believe it? Check-out: -

This one seems Chancery Lane has had a ‘Make-over’ lol

Charlie Stevens said...

Love the bit on the above mentioned website about ‘Wat Tyler’
“They say in life history has a habit of repeating itself”
Will “history” be repeated as in Rick’s SfH case. Must watch this one!