Thursday, March 09, 2006

Leaflets - part of the now successful campaign to end self-regulation of lawyers in Scotland

I think one of the best successes of my own campaign, together with the media coverage I enjoyed, & continue to, was the leaflets I created, not only for myself, but for other protest organisations & individuals who had similar issues against lawyers etc ....

A selection of organisations & people handed these out, & continue to do so, everywhere from on-the-street, to the lawyers offices themselves ... and informing the public through such means, is one of the best ways of getting the message across ...

Needless to say, the legal profession in Scotland hated me even more for these ... but tough on them ... ripping off clients wholesale, makes them fair game for the spotlight

Go see these leaflets at InjusticeScotland, at

Here's a particularly successful one - the leaflet on making a will - which has led many clients of Scottish lawyers to make much more secure arrangements for legacies to their family after their death ... because the 'wills industry' in Scotland is one of the main money making scams of Scottish lawyers - and there are many media articles on separate cases, to attest to that !

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